Hawaii Gov. David Ige Talks Schools With Civil Beat Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The governor is pleased with the selection of the new superintendent, but says he played no role in her selection or the ouster of her predecessor.

New Video Of Translocated Hawaiian Monk Seal Pup Kaimana

Trump Defends ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues

Trump Defends ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues Flickr: Eli Christman

The Hill reported Thursday that President Trump “lamented the loss of Confederate statues and monuments” in a series of tweets “likely to fuel the controversy surrounding his handling of violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.”

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Search Area Expands For Missing Army Helicopter Off Hawaii

The Coast Guard is now searching up to 50 miles off Hawaii.

How A Princess’s Embattled Fortune Could Become A Massive Native Hawaiian Charity

Four other trusts, derived from the wealth of Native Hawaiian royalty, support a wide range of philanthropies and hold vast business interests.

Neal Milner: Two Movements That Are Transforming Conservative Thought

American greatness aligned itself with Trump. The socially conservative Benedict Option pretty much rejects conventional politics.

New Hawaii Salary Database: How Much Do We Pay Our Public Servants?

Here’s the first installment of our new Hawaii public employee salary database for fiscal year 2018.

Census To Count Micronesians In Hawaii, US Territories

The number of  COFA migrants will determine how much the money the regions receive to compensate for health care, education and other costs. 

Community Voices

The Resistance Is Here To Stay Indivisible Hawaii

The Resistance Is Here To Stay

It’s time to have a real conversation. Because status quo is no longer an option.

Tom Yamachika: The Grand Skim Of Things, Part 2 Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Tom Yamachika: The Grand Skim Of Things, Part 2

There are more loopholes in Central Services Skim obligations than a Swiss cheese.

Can War With Korea Be Avoided? Flickr.com

Can War With Korea Be Avoided?

Even Kim Jong Un is not so foolish as to suppose he can get away with a first strike without it leading to instant calamity for his regime.

Trump Doesn’t Have A Clue About Cuba Flickr: Pedro Szekely

Trump Doesn’t Have A Clue About Cuba

A recent visitor to the island confesses his love and admiration of his hosts and their homeland — and his anger at the president.