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  • AG: Progress On ‘Rape’ Kits

    The Hawaii attorney general said Thursday that the Maui, Kauai and Hawaii county police departments successfully inventoried their untested sexual assault evidence collection kits. Oahu expected to follow soon.

  • Feds: $1.1B To Fight Zika

    Late Wednesday, both houses of Congress finally approved the much-needed aid as part of the short-term government funding bill. Hawaii’s three delegates voted with the majority.

  • Congress Overrides Obama Veto

    The bill would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Hirono and Schatz voted “yea” in the Senate with only Reid voting “nay.” The House vote was 348-77, where Gabbard voted “yea.”

HART Raises Estimate For Total Cost Of Rail Project To $8.6 Billion Ryan Ozawa

HART Raises Estimate For Total Cost Of Rail Project To $8.6 Billion

At that price, there’s a funding gap of $1.8 billion. Meanwhile, the completion date has been moved back to December 2015.

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9/11 Becomes Boiling Point In Honolulu Mayoral Debate

The city faces major contemporary challenges, but Caldwell and Djou battled over the response to the 2001 terror attacks.

Hawaii Candidates Are Sick Of Answering So Many Questions

As special interest groups, labor unions and the media try to nail them down on issues, office-seekers decide which groups to respond to.

Not So Public: What Happens When A Cop Goes On Desk Duty?

The department refuses to disclose portions of many of its policies to the public, including the one on use of force.

Neal Milner: To Thrive In Hawaii, Haoles Must Balance Cultures

They should become informed outsiders by learning about the culture of the islands while holding onto their own heritage.

Djou To Skip PBS Honolulu Mayoral Debate With Caldwell

The challenger’s campaign said it never confirmed it would participate, but the station said otherwise.

Some See Danger As Honolulu’s Yellow Streetlights Turn White

The new lights are supposed to be more efficient and last longer, but groups are warning of visual blight and medical problems.

Laid-Back, Aging Manoa Is No Longer A Haven For Young Families

The community near the University of Hawaii is still friendly, quiet and rainy, but rising housing prices bring changes.

Todd Simmons: Why Clinton’s Big Win Might Grow Even Bigger

An emphatic win before an audience of historic size, and Trump blaming the moderator and his microphone, may reset the race.

Luke Evslin: Excessive Tourism Seems To Be A Taboo Topic

Just one person — and not who you might expect — seemed willing to address the issue at the World Conservation Congress.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser To Cut 15 Newsroom Jobs

The state’s largest newspaper trims its news staff by more than 10 percent as part of a cost-cutting initiative.

Denby Fawcett: Advice For The Next Mayor On Homelessness

People who are actually helping Honolulu’s homeless population have a few ideas for Kirk Caldwell or Charles Djou.

Only 215 Hawaii Inmates Were Tested For Valley Fever In Arizona

About 1,400 Hawaii prisoners are incarcerated in Arizona, but only a fraction have been tested for a disease common in the Southwest.

Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

“You have to make alliances across ethnicities, and that is wonderful,” says retired UH history professor Dan Boylan.

Hawaii Storytellers: How A Fishing Trip Hooked Me On Out-Of-The-Way Places Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: How A Fishing Trip Hooked Me On Out-Of-The-Way Places

A childhood fishing trip with his uncle leads Chris D’Angelo to make a cascade of life-changing decisions.

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft? Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft?

Civil Beat reporter Jessica Terrell’s dad really dreamed big. But, as she explains in this podcast, sometimes, it’s up to the child, not the parent, to draw the line.

Charles P. Wathen

Hard Realities Of Making A Difference In Affordable Housing

We can make a difference in the least affordable market in America. Do we have the political will to do it?

Zuri Aki

Making Things Right For All Native Hawaiians

Queen Liliuokalani’s charge to the Hawaiian Kingdom is reflected in the Interior Department’s new government-to-government rule.

Tina Ngata

Maui ‘Skin Suit’ Isn’t The End Of ‘Moana’ Trouble

Disney shouldn’t be colonizing Pacific storytelling and marketing plastic merchandise for a film named after the ocean.

Walter Ritte

The Law And The Truth Behind The US-Hawaii Relationship

How can Native Hawaiians establish a relationship with a country they contend has illegally occupied these islands since 1893?

Hawaii Should Heed Charlotte’s Police Body Cam Lessons

Had an officer’s camera been used properly, the results might have added clarity rather than confusion. We need a clear, statewide policy.

Group Wants To Suspend Hawaii’s Effort To Build A New Jail

An environmental review for replacing the Oahu Community Correctional Center is challenged for not offering alternatives to two proposed sites.

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Mason Chock

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Mason Chock

“Allowing an increase in density where projected growth is expected and has been planned is an important feature to control sprawl.”

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Gary Hooser

Candidate Q&A: Kauai County Council — Gary Hooser

“The infrastructure in many/most areas of Kauai is maxed out, especially the main state highway between Kapaa and Lihue.”

Honolulu Misuses Hanauma Bay Funds, Nonprofit Group Claims

Updated. Despite a court order and pledges from city officials, admission fee revenue is still used improperly, says Friends of Hanauma Bay.

Hawaii ‘Worst’ State For Teachers

WalletHub analyzed metrics ranging from “average starting salary” to “pupil-teacher ratio.” Teachers union says, “It’s time that the leaders of Hawaii make education a priority.”