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  • Astronaut John Glenn Dies

    The first American to orbit the Earth was 95. He was the last surviving member of the original Mercury astronauts and would later serve as a U.S. senator.

  • Tsunami Watch Canceled

    A tsunami watch for Hawaii has been canceled following a magnitude 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the Solomon Islands.

  • Judge Halts Michigan Recount

    A federal judge has ordered Michigan’s Board of Elections to stop the state’s vote recount in the presidential race. Recount efforts continue in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Should Union Members Be Able To Disobey Law’s Smoking Ban? Chad Blair/Civil Beat

Should Union Members Be Able To Disobey Law’s Smoking Ban?

A union says hospital administrators started following the law without consulting its members, thus violating collective bargaining agreements.


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Fisheries Commission Takes Steps To Keep Observers Safer

The last-minute agreement represented one of the week’s few accomplishments, but more action on tuna is expected next year.

Dole Street Called ‘A Big Slap In The Face’ For Hawaiian Students

The road name is a painful reminder for Native Hawaiians of the monarchy’s overthrow, according to a student group.

Delays, Denials Plague Hawaii’s Program To Help Injured Workers

The state is trying to streamline its workers’ compensation system, but critics say wholesale changes are needed.

Tuna Commission’s ‘Glacial’ Pace Suits Some In Industry Just Fine

Diverse interests always seem to stymie a global organization charged with saving bluefin and bigeye tuna from overfishing.

Neal Milner: If TMT Foes Are Filibustering, Good For Them

They’re employing a tactic typically used by the rich and powerful as the justice system becomes increasingly inaccessible to average people.

Environmentalists Urge Land Board To Deny A&B Water Use Permits

Alexander & Baldwin wants a one-year renewal of its use of East Maui streams. The Sierra Club argues it doesn’t need the water.

State Hides Work History Of Former Cop Charged With Sex Assault

But state law requires disclosure of detailed information about a public employee’s job qualifications.

The Projector: Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later

The Projector: Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later

On a pier within view of the USS Arizona Memorial, a ceremony honors those who died Dec. 7, 1941, and those who survived.

Feds Extend Deadline for Honolulu Rail Recovery Plan

The new deadline of April 30 is not as late as officials wanted, but avoids a due date later this month

Activist: Officials Care More About Fish Than People Aboard Ships

Critics say the longline fleet’s tuna catch can be a “product of slavery,” but an industry leader said most crews are managed humanely.

Project Preserves The Voices And Stories Of Pearl Harbor Survivors

The Veterans History Project is still seeking oral histories produce by friends and relatives of service members who survived the attack.

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Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces

Civil Beat is one of five nonprofit news organizations that are joining together to share ideas and resources.

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach

Jose Fajardo, HPR’s president and general manager, wants to expand the two stations’ local content.

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

The 2016 elections are coming at a time that political debates are changing, and not for the better.

Sylvia Dahlby

The TMT Is Nothing Like The Dakota Access Pipeline

The issues raised by both projects are significant when it comes to indigenous peoples, but the differences are many.

Stephen O'Harrow

Who Voted For Donald Trump — And Why

Is racism a deeply hidden theme among Trump supporters?

Jamila Coronado

A Possible Solution To Dwindling Voter Turnout

Hawaii should move to a full vote by mail system to increase the number of ballots cast. And it will save money.

Tom Yamachika

Tom Yamachika: To Aid Homeless, Only A Coordinated Effort Will Do

But government coordination is hard to find. Just look at our tax system’s efforts to fight poverty.

Uncertainty Over Trump Won’t Derail Palau’s Marine Reserve Plans

The Pacific island nation partners with The Nature Conservancy to boost accountability and looks for lessons elsewhere — but not Hawaii.

Peter Apo: Can Hawaiians Keep Their Aloha In A New Global Order?

The election proved we live in unpredictable times, and that stereotyping certain groups of people is no way to figure out what’s going on.

Board Of Education OKs A Strategic Plan That Leaves Details To Schools

Its emphasis on empowering students, professional development and innovation seems to align with the governor’s task force plan.

Board Of Education Discusses How To Find New Superintendent

Some critics want a more transparent search process, others want the board to reconsider its decision to replace Matayoshi.

Gabbard Faced Tough Questions In Dakota About Hawaiian Issues

The congresswoman was challenged when she said the Thirty Meter Telescope issue was resolved. She later said she personally opposes the project.

Bula! Pacific Tuna Commission Gets To Work On Fishing Policies

A Civil Beat reporter catches a red-eye flight to Fiji, where hundreds of people are discussing the health of tuna populations.