Ige Promises Skeptical Lawmakers He’ll Supply More Budget Details Nathan Eagle/Civil Beat

The Hawaii governor pushes for progress on education and economic development despite the fiscal uncertainty facing state government.

Inauguration Highlights

Special Report: Pacific Outpost

Will a military buildup in far-flung Pacific island territories destroy their unique environment? An in-depth report on military plans and how isolated communities are responding.

CIA Nominee Confirmed

The U.S. Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo as CIA director Monday night. The vote was 66-32, with Pompeo picking up some Democratic backing. The only Republican opponent was Sen. Rand Paul.

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Let The Terminally Ill Exercise Personal Freedom

Hawaii has been grappling with this issue for 20 years. It’s time to lay it to rest.

Police Commission Clarifies Terms Of HPD Chief’s $250K Deal

Louis Kealoha will have to pay back his settlement if he’s found guilty of a felony within six years. Documents released last week said it was seven years.

Reader Rep: Stand Up To Stop Police Chief-Style Deals

Unless the public fights for transparency along with journalists the important public business will continue to be done in secret.

Pod Squad: Meet OHA’s Newest Trustee

Kelii Akina heads the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and was elected to the OHA board in November.

Thousands Defy Rain And Trump During Rally In Honolulu

The disputed presidential election of 2016 has mobilized many to fight his administration every step of the way.

Massive March On DC: Fear, Fun, Animosity And A Touch Of Aloha

A Hawaii contingent joined a huge but disorganized demonstration that was part carnival and part crowd-control nightmare.

Community Voices

Addressing The Root Cause Of Homelessness Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Addressing The Root Cause Of Homelessness

We must change our attitudes from negative to helpful. When we see the homeless as needing medical attention, we as a community can make a difference.

Why We March Women’s March Facebook page

Why We March

We want communities where women can thrive, raise our children without fear, claim our bodies as our own and feel safe in our own skin.

Alternate Realities: The State Of Solar Power In Hawaii Jon Callas/Flickr.com

Alternate Realities: The State Of Solar Power In Hawaii

As our political leaders promise a conversion to renewable energy, the state of solar power is in deep decline.

Inaugurating Resistance: A Call to Action Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Inaugurating Resistance: A Call to Action

Many of us were simply despondent after the election, but we’re mobilizing now.