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Hawaii Picks New Leader For Agency That Sent False Missile Alert

Thomas Travis has commanded a submarine squadron and was deputy commander of an aircraft carrier strike group.

Bill Would Set 6-Year Term For Office Of Information Practices Chief

The measure would increase the job security of the director charged with ensuring adherence to Hawaii’s open government laws.

Judge: Hawaiian Heiress Abuse Investigation Must Continue

Abigail Kawananakoa’s former lawyer claims she was abused by her wife. It’s all part of a battle over control of her $215 million trust.

Vatican Exiles Guam Archbishop After Trial Involving Sexual Abuse Claims

UPDATED: Anthony Apuron’s sentence was relatively light and amounts to an early retirement anywhere but Guam.

Hawaii Teacher: The Walkout As A Teachable Moment

Students in my “Participation in Democracy” class have to tackle a project to change their community. This time the choice was simple.

Community Voices

The Dirt On ‘Clean’ Natural Gas Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The Dirt On ‘Clean’ Natural Gas

Hawaii Gas is banking on our collective short-term memory when it comes to LNG approval.

Preparing For Nuclear War Is Useless Flickr: Gabriel Rodríguez

Preparing For Nuclear War Is Useless

A blast would render Honolulu to rubble. Let’s work instead to prevent war.

Help Olelo Keep Its Voice Olelo Community Media

Help Olelo Keep Its Voice

Spectrum must not be permitted to displace Oahu’s public access channels.

Let’s Finally Ban Styrofoam

Let’s Finally Ban Styrofoam

Why the death of polystyrene means life for Hawaii.