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  • Acquittals In Refuge Standoff

    Oregon jurors find seven defendants not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs during the 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

  • North Korea’s Missile Capabilities

    The U.S. believes North Korea has the “capability to launch a missile and have a weapon on it that could reach parts of the United States, Alaska and Hawaii,” said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Tuesday.

  • Russian Warships To Syria?

    The fleet at sea includes Russia’s only aircraft carrier as well as a nuclear-powered battle cruiser and two destroyers.

OHA Races Offer Stark Choices, But How Many Voters Will Care? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

OHA Races Offer Stark Choices, But How Many Voters Will Care?

Incumbents Robert Lindsey Jr. and Haunani Apoliona are squaring off against a pair of outspoken critics, Mililani Trask and Kelii Akina.



In Season 1, “A Killing in Waikiki,” Offshore investigates the violent deaths of two young Native Hawaiians — one in 1932, the other in 2011.

The 10-episode series explores issues of race, federal power and policing in America’s most diverse state. If Hawaii can’t figure it out, what hope is there for the rest of America? The answer might surprise you.

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Extend Term Limits For Mayor, Council? No, 8 Years Is Enough

A charter amendment that would allow the mayor, City Council members and the prosecutor to serve three terms would do voters no favors.

AG Offers A Shortcut To Acquire Troublesome Kakaako Roads

Roads that were considered privately owned actually belong to the state, which is offering them to the city, the AG’s office said.

Competitive Races Are The Exceptions In Hawaii Legislature

The Capitol won’t lose its blue hue, as 25 candidates are unopposed and six Democrats have no Republican challenger.

Caldwell Campaign: We May Have Been Duped With Newspaper Ad

A campaign ad in the Star-Advertiser listed “Dennis Francis” — the name of the paper’s publisher — as one of the mayor’s supporters.

HART Hires Former LA Official As Interim Director For Rail Project

Krishniah Murthy will be paid $400,000 for his year of service while HART continues to search for a permanent director.

Shoo-In Candidates For Congress Raise Nearly $1M, Spend More

Brian Schatz, Tulsi Gabbard and Colleen Hanabusa are not worried about losing this year, but they are making moves for their future.

Neal Milner: Silence Of The Elephants Deadens Hawaii Politics

Hawaii is likely the only place where Republicans should be criticized for not talking about Trump — or any issues of significance.

Proposal Asks Voters To End Council Earmarks For Nonprofits

The Honolulu City Council approves millions in extra funding for nonprofits, but the mayor frequently holds back the money.

Pass Amendment 20 In Support Of Public Records Access

The proposal promises greater legal uniformity and gives voters a chance to have their voices heard on police and prosecutorial records.

Fishermen Catch 11% More Bigeye Tuna Despite Overfishing Status

Federal officials have released their annual report on U.S. fisheries, which shows Americans are eating more seafood.

Are Oahu’s Bridges Better Off Than They Were 4 Years Ago?

Kirk Caldwell promised to improve them. But while work has continued, there haven’t been any new repair initiatives.

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Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach

Jose Fajardo, HPR’s president and general manager, wants to expand the two stations’ local content.

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

The 2016 elections are coming at a time that political debates are changing, and not for the better.

Pod Squad: Capitol Debate Series Takes On Pesticides Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Capitol Debate Series Takes On Pesticides

Want to learn more about pesticide buffer zones? Go to the debate on Friday between college debate teams.
Michael Chun

Return Lindsey To The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs

The writer draws on years of experience with the OHA chair in recommending he be re-elected.

Larry Tool

Donald Trump: The Celebrity Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Trump promises to bring back the good old days in exchange for unlimited power — the very definition of tyranny.

Tam Hunt

A Future Letter To The President: Can Love Be A Foreign Policy?

Looking past the election to next spring, this writer poses a policy change for our likely next president — a change with global implications.

Danette Wong Tomiyasu

Hawaii Must Move On Oral Health Programs For Keiki

It would be irresponsible not to intervene on behalf of Hawaii’s children, who are suffering from a lack of fluoride.

Do We Need New Agencies For Climate Change And Public Lands?

Proposed Honolulu charter amendments would create two more departments. Supporters cite efficiency, opponents lament bureaucracy.

This Clear Water Has Been Flowing Under Kakaako Since The 1920s

An auwai has been discovered underground, and Howard Hughes wants to find a way to bring it to the surface.

Hawaii Teacher: We Can Fix Schools Without Gazing Beyond The Islands

Sure, Finland has a great education system. But this isn’t Finland. It’s time to figure this out for ourselves.

Poll Shows Public Consensus Is Still Possible — At Least On Oahu

In a sharply divided election season, surprising majorities of Honolulu respondents were in agreement on even contentious, difficult issues.

Pilot Error, Lack Of Training Blamed For Deadly Marine Helicopter Crash

UPDATED: The full report has been publicly released. The collision that claimed 12 lives in Hawaii highlights systemic problems that have plagued the Marine Corps’ heavy-lift helicopter program in recent years.

Defining Downtown Honolulu Isn’t As Easy As You’d Think

Historic charm, urban bustle, convenience and homelessness in a place of uncertain borders.