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Secret No More: Rail Subcontractors Received $235M In One Year Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Secret No More: Rail Subcontractors Received $235M In One Year

For years, HART officials refused to release how much money subcontractors were being paid on the biggest infrastructure project in state history. Until now.

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Hawaii Democrats To Challenge Kaaihue’s Candidacy

The Republican running for the 2nd Congressional District has filed to run as a Democrat in the special election to fill the 1st District seat.

The Street: Downtown Honolulu At Midday

The Street: Downtown Honolulu At Midday

The photographer spends his lunch hours in the Ala Moana area watching others working, walking and enjoying a siesta.

There’s One Obvious Solution To Hawaii’s Feral Cat Problem

More data-driven discussion is important. But a decision needs to be made soon before endangered animal populations suffer further harm.

Civil Geeks: Feeling The Vog? This Tool Can Help You Deal

Scientists from several agencies launch a slate of tools to help residents prepare for hazy days of “vog” downwind of Kilauea.

Health Beat: Relax, Prescription Coverage Changes Are No Big Deal

Having to switch drugs is a pain, but the alternative should be just as effective and the system keeps costs down.

Obama Creates World’s Largest Protected Marine Area Off Hawaii

UPDATED: The expanded Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument will be 600,000 square miles — nearly the size of Alaska.

Hawaii Judge Mulls Legality Of Governor’s PUC Appointment

It likely won’t affect the NextEra deal, but the ruling could affect the governor’s power to make interim appointments in certain cases.

Just 2 Lobbyists Have Donated $650K To Hawaii Candidates In The Past 10 Years

UPDATED Lobbyists gave about $2.5 million to state and local candidates over the last decade, and the two owners of the state’s biggest firm doled out about $650,000 themselves.

War Of Words Escalates As Monument Decision Nears

Supporters of expanding Papahanaumokuakea unveil an ad countering one by opponents of the proposal for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Peter Apo: Why Hawaii’s Old Gods Live On

The Battle of Kuamo’o was intended to stamp out the kapu system. But a semblance remains, like the battlefield itself.

Range Anxiety? Today’s Electric Cars Usually Go Far Enough

Most Americans’ driving needs can be met with low-cost electric vehicles. They just need options for the occasional long road trips.

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft? Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft?

Civil Beat reporter Jessica Terrell’s dad really dreamed big. But, as she explains in this podcast, sometimes, it’s up to the child, not the parent, to draw the line.

Hawaii Storytellers: When You Always Have The Travel Bug, Ask Yourself Why Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: When You Always Have The Travel Bug, Ask Yourself Why

Colby Lawton loved heading abroad and leaving the constraints of home behind. He just had to learn how to be happy to come home again.

Hawaii Storytellers: An Escape From New York To A Clean Slate In Hawaii Oleo

Hawaii Storytellers: An Escape From New York To A Clean Slate In Hawaii

When Anthony Quintano’s dream job in the Big Apple turned out to be a trap, he had a big decision to make.

Warren Iwasa

Pick A New President But Don’t Choose A Lemon

Trump is ignorant, bigoted, Clinton shifty, untrustworthy. What’s a voter to do? This one is supporting Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Kat Brady

Hawaii’s Use Of Striped Uniforms For Prisoners Is Downright Inhumane

Reinforcing the criminal mindset through uniforms that degrade prisoners doesn’t help prepare inmates to re-enter society.

Adrian Tam

State GOP Disavows Kaaihue, But What About Trump?

The state Republican Party chair’s criticism of his party’s congressional nominee ignores the realities of the GOP that allowed her to win.

Todd Steiner

Expanding Monument Would Set Smart Conservation Precedent

It would protect biodiversity, including more than 7,000 marine species, from the tiny Regal Parrotfish to the Hawaiian black grouper.

Bullying Of Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders ‘On The Rise’

A new White House report underscores Hawaii statistics that show mistreatment of students by their peers.

Ian Lind: Behind The Democrats’ Failed Push To Close The Primary

The party sued to keep non-Democrats from voting in its primary races, but federal judges are having none of it.

Hawaii Should Pay Attention To Feds’ Decision On Private Prisons

The state just signed a deal with a private prison firm, but the federal government is walking away from those facilities.

Star-Advertiser Rescinds Buyout Offer For Newsroom Employees

The company blames the employees union and is now likely to proceed with an unknown number of involuntary job cuts.

Will Hawaii Dems’ Progressive Movement Have Staying Power?

UPDATED: Energized by the Sanders presidential campaign and hot-button local issues, a handful of newcomers spiced up primary races.

Denby Fawcett: When The Law Allows Overbuilding For The Rich

A proposal to build six luxury condos on a single oceanfront lot is the type of project that’s more likely to benefit out-of-staters than locals.