The Furlough Friday crisis is over.

And our leaders are patting themselves on the back for their accomplishment. And, yes, it’s good that they have put an end to an embarrassment for our state.

But isn’t it about time that they be a tad more honest about their own responsibility for what happened.

The governor says of the way the crisis was resolved: “It took a while, but I think we did it in a good fashion.”

The chairman of the state board of education told Derrick DePledge of The Honolulu Advertiser: “What we did was not wrong. It was the best option we had at the time.”

If this is what passes for leadership, I’m worried about where we’re heading.

Here’s what they’re telling us:

No teachers lost their jobs. Good.

No taxes were increased to pay for education. Good.

Class sizes weren’t increased. Good.

As for the kids, the one group that didn’t have a voice at the table? Oops. Not good. Seventeen days fewer days of school.

Best solution possible.

Isn’t it time for the leaders to be honest with themselves and say they blew it, just this once?

Share your thoughts about how the governor and others presented the ending of Furlough Fridays.

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