Every day, I’m scouring the Internet for land use and environmental news from around the state and around the world that means something for us here in Hawaii. Noteworthy today: media coverage of the Maui water decision and a Kauai councilman’s change of heart.

  • Civil Beat had a short update yesterday and today multiple media outlets flesh out the Na Wai Eha decision for West Maui’s streams. The Maui News’ coverage features quite a bit of the dissenting opinion written by hearings officer Lawrence Miike, while the Associated Press account focuses on reaction from Earthjustice’s Isaac Moriwake, the lead attorney seeking stream restoration. The Star-Advertiser story is the shortest of the three and dutifully includes one comment apiece from all of the major players — except Moriwake.

  • Check out this cute two-minute video about creating smarter water systems, something that I found interesting today in light of the above. Bonus: I love Australian accents. (h/t Treehugger)

  • The Star-Advertiser has another story on something Civil Beat published a day earlier: The Supreme Court’s decision to not hear a case on beach ownership. Paul Alston, the lead attorney for the oceanfront landowners, tells the paper that the next step is a lawsuit to obtain compensation for land — possibly in the tens of millions of dollars.

  • A Kauai councilman’s vivid dream reminds him of his family’s agricultural roots and leads to a jarring change of heart on a controversial farm worker housing bill he had previously opposed, according to The Garden Island.

  • On the Big Island, residents are asking if a condo complex should obtain a new certified shoreline before it resumes construction on a seawall, West Hawaii Today reports.

  • Earlier this week, Jesse over at the Hawaii Land Use Law and Policy blog revealed that Kaheawa Wind Power has filed a Final Environmental Impact Statement for its plans to expand its 30 megawatt windfarm by adding 14 more windmills totaling 21 more megawatts near Maalaea, Maui.

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