Across our screens today:

  • US on the way to recovery, though the immediate may be challenging, says the President’s top economic adviser.
  • Are foreclosures racist? One Reuters blogger asks.
  • From the same blogger: How to avoid a fiscal panic!
  • The disparity between college spending on academics and athletics grows more vast. Schools spent a media of $84,446 per athlete in 2008 and a median of $13,349 per student in academic spending. (In Hawaii, the University of Hawaii’s athletics program is still $10 million in the hole.)
  • How dangerous is U.S. government debt?
  • Myths and realities of China’s high saving rate.
  • Biggest national fails: Foreign Policy’s Failed States Index 2010, a sixth annual look at the world’s most struggling countries.
  • Hawaii’s tow truck economics.
  • A new report on state defined contribution and hybrid pension plans.
  • Tax credits get Hawaii firms hiring again.
  • How the Fed struggles to save homeowners.

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