Every day, I’m scouring the Internet for land use and environmental news from around the state and around the world that means something for us here in Hawaii. Noteworthy today: Lingle’s potential veto list and a lawsuit for Maui’s water.

  • Gov. Lingle yesterday announced her list of 39 potential vetoes. None of the juiciest ones were related to land use or the environment, but there were a couple of lesser bills that could be vetoed:
  • House Bill 921 was put on the list because it “complicates the transfer of 999-year homestead leases.”
  • House Bill 1015 could be vetoed because it “creates ambiguities in the law” related to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.
  • House Bill 2583 because it “violates the Hawaii State Constitution” by allowing the state to seize shark-feeding tour vessels.
  • Senate Bill 2001 because it “revers(es) the state’s commitments to job creating businesses and their investors” by repealing the High-Tech Tax Credit eight months early.
  • Senate Bill 2951 because it “discourages the use of public land for valid and necessary public purposes” by providing compensation for agricultural lessees who are kicked out.

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