Independence Day has significant meaning to the Pollard family. We have been part of this “new world” since the 1600’s, when Anne Pollard was the first white woman to step ashore on Boston soil in 1697.

We have always believed in fighting for our country. It was Dr. Amos Pollard who was a physician that died in 1836 at the Battle of the Alamo. My father retired from the Air Force after serving 26 years of active duty. I am currently in the Air Force Reserves, serving as a Critical Care Air Transport physician. Between my active duty and reserve duty, I have a total of 27 years of service to my nation.

My son is currently serving with the Navy in San Diego on the SS Mercy. We are proud to help protect our country. I am also very proud of my family’s contribution to the making of this great country.

As I think of what those first Americans gave for our freedom, I am truly honored to do my part in serving in the military, providing medical care, and yes, even running for the office of governor. I believe I am honor bound to fight for what I believe in, just as Dr. Amos Pollard did.