Here are the tables and questionnaire behind the articles on the Civil Beat poll on the Hawaii Democratic primary for governor and the Honolulu mayoral election.

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The tables below provide greater information about the Civil Beat poll results by showing how the candidates fared among a variety of groups. In the tables, you will see a candidate’s strength by gender, race, age, and political orientation. You can even see who the Abercrombie and Hannemann supporters on Oahu are supporting for mayor, and who the supporters of each mayoral candidate are supporting for governor.

Honolulu CIvil Beat and Merriman River Group sampled 1226 likely voters for Governor and 769 likely voters for Mayor on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 7-8, 2010. The surveys used automated “IVR” responses and were randomized by response to treat each candidate fairly. The margin of error for the governor poll was +/- 2.75 percent and the margin of error for the mayoral poll was +/- 3.5 percent.

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