As a state legislator in the 1970’s I recognized the need and fought to preserve and protect our environment. I will work with those members of the House and Senate that are elected.

I will be collegial and effective as I was when, as a Minority House and Senate member, I was able to obtain passage of the FIRST Green Sea Turtle and Monk Seal Protection Resolution. I worked with Tadao Beppu, Jean King, Richard Kawakami, Jimmy Wakatsuki and many others to get the first Shoreline Protection, Clean Water, Solar, Wind, Ocean Thermal Exchange and Geothermal Alternative Energy Source uses AND REGULATIONS recognized in State Law. My “Sunshine” Bill was adopted as well. Referendum, Recall and Initiative were offered but failed. I will effect positive, ethical, well-planned change in the management of government by utilizing skills and experience from past legislative involvement. I have worked in recent years with Senator Inouye to get passed a bill which was helpful to Aviation.

Common sense, accountability, and results will be our watchwords..

I earned a Degree in Education, studied for Masters in Far Eastern Studies, Professional Teaching Certificate, and was a school teacher.
I practice law in association with Chris Dias, Tom Dunn and Gerald Kurushima.

My Military Service INCLUDED the United States Army, Korea, Air force Fighter Pilot. Graduate USAF Air Command and Staff and USAF War College. My military career spanned from enlisted small weapons infantry, Armored OCS, through Combat ready Fighter Pilot, Operations Planner and Flight Commander, and finally thirteen years as Join Staff Judge Advocate for Hawaii Army and Air National Guard.

I am a retired Hawaiian Airline pilot, a former member of the House of Representatives, State Senate, past Chairman of the State Republican Party, farmer, founder and former Chairman of Hawaiian Aviation Contract Services.

I recognize the reasons for and the problems which face the next Governor. I have the skills and knowledge to “cure” our economic ills.
Our economy is sick because of failed leadership in both Parties. The “New Beginning” of the current administration is a farce. Current attempts to play “catch up” for initiatives that I started with respect to alternative energy source use in the seventies is commendable. The fact it took thirty years for current leaders in both Parties to realize what needed to be done in this area is appalling.

The shipping restrictions imposed on Hawaii by Federal Law, a law that Mr. Abercrombie has been defending for the last twenty years. is the single most damaging factor hurting our economy. Agricultural costs, DAIRY, POULTRY PRODUCTION, the cost of shipping cattle or fruit have become so expensive that agriculture is not a significant component of our economy.

I intend to file a class action law suit as governor to get immediate relief from these restrictions. I will also be working with US Congress to eliminate the restrictions by legislation.

With open ports, free trade and a business friendly environment we will propel Hawaii into a totally new, exciting, profitable and stable way of economic survival in these very troubled times. We will strive to have an Entropote Economy similar to that enjoyed by Singapore and Hong Kong. Their GDPs exceed $200 Billion per year compared to $64 Billion in Hawaii. The difference effective, knowledgeable leadership.

Homelessness, Education and Joblessness are top priorities that require immediate action in my first term as governor. Both are symptoms of an extraordinarily poor economy. Hawaii will be a free trade state. I will cure our economy and open t our ports to worldwide shipping.

Wisdom, age, experience combined qualify me as BEST. ALOHA!!