Just a few days ago, Civil Beat asked readers to send us submissions for a photo contest around the theme, “Not Your Typical Hawaii Beach Scene.” We are still taking submissions here, but we got so many great shots that we wanted to showcase some of our favorites.

The pictures give fresh perspective on places that people in Hawaii treasure. They’re just one way Civil Beat is sharing community perspectives. We’re publishing voices, written articles on topics that matter to people in the community. And we’re sharing videos, as well as photos. The door is open.

In the coming weeks, we will choose a winner of the contest and highlight them and their work on our site.

A big mahalo to all our participants!

Not Your Typical Hawaii Beach Scene

Nighttime BBQ at the beach park.
“Nighttime BBQ at the Beach Park” by David Chatsuthiphan Unreal Hawaii

“SouthPoint” by Ashley Kaono ashley.kaono@gmail.com

Sandy Toes
“Sandy Toes” by Brian Boltz Island Shell

The Sacred Shores of Kua'loa
“The Sacred Shores of Kua’loa” by Makamae Clute makamae45@gmail.com.

The Cove @ Baldwin "Uncovered"
“The Cove @ Baldwin Uncovered” by Flora coconutflow@hotmail.com

Napping in Paradise
“Napping in Paradise” by Makamae Clute makamae45@gmail.com

Waimanalo Beach
“Waimanalo Beach” by Ryan Ozawa Hawaii Web Blog

Halau Ku Mana students at Pu'u Pehe, Lana'i
“Halau Ku Mana students at Pu’u Pehe, Lana’i” by Makamae Clute makamae45@gmail.com

Drown Your Sorrows
“Drown Your Sorrows” Mauna Lahilahi Beach Park Mākaha, O‘ahu, HI by Liberty Peralta

West Side Beaches Warm My Soul
“West Side Beaches Warm My Soul” by Makamae Clute makamae45@gmail.com

From Ka'ena Point
“From Ka’ena Point” by Hal Wilkerson

Climbing the Waimea boulder.
“Climbing the Waimea Boulder” by David Chatsuthiphan Unreal Hawaii

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