In case you missed it, last week we asked readers to send in their best shots for our photo contest, “Not Your Typical Beach Scene”.

We got some great photos – here are some that we selected from the first round of submissions.

But many more came in over the past few days and we want to share those, too. So here they are.

The pictures give fresh perspective on places that people in Hawaii treasure. They’re just another way Civil Beat is sharing community perspectives. We’re publishing voices, written articles on topics that matter to people in the community. And we’re sharing videos, as well as photos. The door is open.

Next week, we will choose a winner of the contest and highlight the person and their work on our site. If you have any favorites, let us know in the comments below. We need all the help we can get in choosing one.

Mahalo to all our participants!

Not Your Typical Hawaii Beach Scene

Aloha from 808
“Aloha From 808” by Cory Yap

09.06.2010 002
“Sand Castles” by Mike Sumida

Bali Hai split
“Bali Hai Split” by Dane Grady

Justin climbs the Waimea boulder
“Justin Climbs the Waimea Boulder” by David Chatsuthipahn of Unreal Hawaii

GK-Not Typical Beach1
“Body Boarder” by Greg Knudsen

“Beach-Man” by Valdezign

12.17.2009 07
“Sunset” by Mike Sumida

Kooks Keep Out
“Kooks Keep Out” by Seanna Mikel

GK-Not Typical Beach2
“Barrel Tongue” by Greg Knudsen

“Robots on the Beach” by geewhy

Full Moonrise over Chinaman's Hat
“Full Moonrise over Chinaman’s Hat” by Cory Yap

Baby Turtles
“Baby Turtles” by Seanna Mikel

air splits?
“Air Splits?” Cory Yap

Epic Sunset
“Epic Sunset” by Kerryrm

Full moonrise over Manana Island
“Full Moonrise Over Manana Island” by Cory Yap

Sunset Splash
“Sunset Splash” by Kerryrm

tree ramp
“Tree Ramp” by Valdezign