A decade in the making, the 2010 U.S. Census has finally made it to Hawaii.

State government leadership on Wednesday received FedEx deliveries from the Census Bureau. Now is the time when years of projection, estimation and speculation become a reality.

With a big assist from Hawaii Senate Majority Leader Brickwood Galuteria‘s office, Civil Beat is proud to give you the first look at official population counts and race, ethnicity and occupancy data for the state as a whole as well as Hawaii’s four counties and two Congressional districts.

The full data tables, all in PDF form:

A quick look at the data shows that the annual population estimates for the four counties were moving in the right general direction, but were far from perfect. Even the most recent estimate — July 1, 2009 was only nine months before the official “Census Day” of April 1, 2010 — was more than 45,000 off on the Oahu population.

It did, however, hit the counties’ respective proportions on the head. Island-by-island population shares — which we explored previously as we tried to figure out if the Big Island would gain a Hawaii House district this year — remained steady:

Census 2000

County Population Target Target Districts Actual Districts
Honolulu 876,156 23,753 36.89 35
Hawaii 148,677 23,753 6.26 7
Maui 128,094 23,753 5.39 6
Kauai 58,463 23,753 2.46 3
Total 1,211,390 23,753 51 51

July 1, 2009 Estimate

County Population Target Target Districts Actual Districts
Honolulu 907,574 25,394 35.74 ?
Hawaii 177,835 25,394 7.00 ?
Maui 145,157 25,394 5.72 ?
Kauai 64,529 25,394 2.54 ?
Total 1,295,095 25,394 51 51

Census 2010

County Population Target Target Districts Actual Districts
Honolulu 953,207 26,671 35.74 ?
Hawaii 185,079 26,671 6.94 ?
Maui 154,834 26,671 5.81 ?
Kauai 67,091 26,671 2.52 ?
Total 1,360,211 26,671 51 51

We hope you’ll check out Civil Beat’s earlier coverage of Hawaii’s shifting demographics, produced from the American Community Survey results. While that survey has replaced the long-form Census of yesteryear, today is still a big day.

Full data will be widely available Thursday after the Census Bureau updates its maps and American FactFinder tool. We’ll share what we find as soon as we find it.

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