If headlines are a newspaper’s priorities writ large, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser cares more about Honolulu rail than it does about earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear radiation and air strikes in Libya.

“Have A Seat,” announced Tuesday’s edition of the newspaper, in a huge, bold headline.

The headline — which takes up almost the entire space above the fold of the paper — barely even alludes to the story’s subject matter: Honolulu’s new rail transit system.

Worse, its size dwarfs recent headlines declaring “8.9 Quake, Tsunami Hit Japan” (March 11), “Devastation” (March 12), “Nuclear Calamity” (March 15), “Radiation Surge” (March 16) and “U.S., Allies pound Libya” (March 20), making them look like mere footnotes in history.

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