Over the past 11 months, Civil Beat has made it a priority to promote civil engagement. We believe people can disagree without being disagreeable.

We remind our members to “be civil” every time they comment in our discussions. We mention it as often as we can when we share our articles on Facebook or Twitter with our #becivil tag.

We think this attention to civility has heightened the quality of our discussions and strengthened the connection between our readers and our staff.

I was inspired this week when I saw the “be civil” mentality spreading to other ends of the web.

After we published our interview with Senator Daniel K. Inouye, two Civil Beat readers shared their opposing views on the senator and his politics. The conversation was a stimulating debate that got “hot” at certain points – but in the end the two agreed to respect each other’s opinions in a civil manner.

It was great to see – and I hope more examples of civil discussions over important issues continue to surface.