The first community-based Makery, an invention from the University of Hawaii that we have written about before, has made its debut at the Palolo Community Learning Center on Oahu.

A few dozen young people from the neighborhood got their first exposure to what The Makery can do at Saturday’s Steel Guitar Festival. (See the photos below for examples of items created with it.)

Developer Neil Scott says Makery shops are modeled after the Kinko’s copy shop model, where members of the public could bring their own designs and materials to create objects without having to invest in the expensive equipment.

He envisions the Makery replacing the old-fashioned metal shops and wood shops. It’s more high-tech, more compact and has the capacity to network with other Makeries throughout the state once they get up and running.

The Palolo Makery will be fully installed and operational by the end of the year. It will be available to older children and adults under supervision after school hours.

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