Makana, the local singer whose pro-Occupy protest song before world leaders at an APEC dinner became global news, performed at the Occupy Honolulu encampment Tuesday evening.

About 60 people, including a few children, gathered to listen to Makana’s renowned protest song, “We are the Many.”

Occupy Honolulu protesters said they were inspired by Makana’s song and called him a hero.

The song has more than 130,000 views and thousands of comments on YouTube. The song has already been translated into many foreign languages, Makana said. He said he’s overwhelmed by the response, and happy he’s been able to inspire people with his song.

The 33-year-old singer, who said he doesn’t own a TV, has been busy giving interviews to national and international news agencies since his Saturday night performance.

A strong believer in kindness, Makana said it’s important for people to be kind and fearless for the Occupy movement to be successful.

“Remember, if you don’t participate in your own governance, your interest will not be heard,” he said. “Democracy is only a theory until people participate, get involved and care.”

“There’s nothing greater than people talking about how to bring about positive social change,” he said. “It’s not about socialism or ending capitalism, it’s about ending corporatism.”