Politico had a lengthy story about Karl Rove’s Republican “fight club” on Tuesday. Reporter Kenneth Vogel explored the Rove-led coalition of GOP leaders and groups that helped steer the GOP to victory in 2010, and is prepared to pour money into the 2012 races.  

Now, national Democrats are drawing a link between the group and former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Here’s the alleged connection: One of the groups involved in Rove’s “club” is the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), and Lingle is on the RJC’s board of directors. According to Vogel, the RJC plans to spend “more than $6 million directly on ‘the largest, most expensive, most sophisticated outreach effort ever under taken in the Jewish community.’”

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Spokesman Matt Canter says the RJC’s role in the 2012 races makes Lingle’s U.S. Senate campaign message about bipartisanship ring hollow. 

“The fact that Linda Lingle’s organization is teaming up with Karl Rove to spend millions on negative, partisan attacks against President Obama and other Democrats shows just how empty Lingle’s rhetoric about ‘partisanship’ really is,” Canter said in a statement emailed to DC808. “Even before Lingle became a member of Karl Rove’s Fight Club, she relished her role as Republican partisan warrior, making attacks against President Obama and nominating Sarah Palin to be Vice President at the Republican convention in 2008.”

The Lingle campaign has not yet responded to DC808’s questions about how the former governor fits into Rove’s group. 

Photo from 2010 Twitter posting by @Americanwoman00