UPDATED Monday 4/30/2012 11:30 a.m.

In Lazarus-like fashion, the Hawaii Legislature on Sunday resurrected 47 measures that had failed to meet a Friday deadline.

They include bills to reform the state’s crowded criminal justice system, help seniors and the homeless, eradicate the coffee berry borer beetle, develop space tourism and stimulate international travel to the islands.

The measures will be voted on quickly and en masse at a joint House and Senate meeting Monday morning.

The 47 bills had technically died because legislators did not agree to them by a 6 p.m. deadline Friday. That’s because the House and Senate could not first agree on the supplemental budget.

That agreement finally came about 3 a.m. Saturday. And lawmakers said they recognized they had to give more time to important bills.

But they also set restrictions on what they would exempt. For example, the revived bills had to have already had general agreement among House and Senate conferees.

What’s not included is Senate Bill 755, the one granting some state and county projects exemptions from environmental review — Speaker Calvin Say‘s top priority. It was never heard during conference committee.

Also dead is a plan to extend the increased daily rental-car surcharge to help fund rental car facilities at Honolulu and Kahului airports but also direct some money into state coffers.

Nor did lawmakers agree to the governor’s plan for replenishing the state’s Hurricane Relief and Rainy Day reserve funds.

Another big measure, the undersea cable bill which would put in place a framework to connect Oahu to neighbor islands to share electric power, did not pass by Friday’s deadline and was not on the list of revived bills. But the measure could still move if the Senate agrees to House amendments.

What remains? House and Senate floor votes on Tuesday and Thursday, the day the 2012 session is scheduled to adjourn.

Here is a list of measures that Civil Beat was tracking through conference committee week. For a complete list of the 47 bills revived by the Legislature, click here.

Bills That Were Revived

SB 2776 Justice Reinvestment Initiative on probation and parole.

HB 2599 Justice Reinvestment Initiative on defining how pretrial assessments are generated.

SB 490 Giving $2 million to the Hawaii Tourism Authority to attract more international visitors.

HB 283 Funding to eradicate the coffee berry borer.

HB 1755 Allowing for online voter registration.

SB 2116 Implementing task force recommendations for charter schools.

SB 2236 Issuing of special purpose revenue bonds so that Clearcom can set up broadband infrastructure throughout the state.

SB 2320 Establishing the Kupuna Program to care for the elderly.

SB 2804 Establishing the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness under the Department of Human Services for administrative purposes.

SB 112 Appropriating funds for a Hawaii spaceport license.

HB 2873 Transferring the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems from the University of Hawaii to DBEDT’s Office of Aerospace Development.

Bills That Passed Deadline

HB 2175 Exempting task force members from the State Ethics Code.

SB 2341 Allowing vacation rentals on agricultural lands.

SB 2873 Granting environmental exemptions for secondary projects.


SB 2927 Establishing planning districts, creating an application process to apply for residential and commercial qualified projects, and establishing the transit-oriented or main-street redevelopment district program.1

SB 2858 Office of Information Practices plan for judicial review of Sunshine Law and open-records decisions.

HB 2515 Justice Reinvestment measure allowing for probation for some drug offenses.

HB 2078 Requiring off-island owners of vacation rentals to retain local contacts where units are located.

SB 1269 and HB 2487 Regarding employee’s retirement benefits and overtime, and spiking pensions.

Bill That Did Not Pass

SB 2784 Replenishing the Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund.

HB 2703 Creating new state law on food sustainability to promote local produce.

HB 2869 Making tax credits and appropriations for digital media and film production.

HB 2417 Regarding renewable energy tax credits.

HB 2524 Establishing a regulatory framework for broadband expansion.

SB 2946 Extending daily surcharge on rental cars to pay for construction of new rental facilities.

HB 2174 Creating a searchable database for campaign spending disclosures.

HB 2819 Permitting high-rises on two Kakaako Makai parcels.

SB 2568 Paying to fly homeless people back to their homes.

HB 2798 Establishing a veterans’ court.

SB 755 Allowing environmental exemptions for state and county projects.

HB 2681 Easing Taser training for DLNR officers.

SB 2750 Preventing unexpected increases in pension benefits. (See related measures SB 1269 and HB 2487 above.)

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