News junkies had a lot to like about this week.

It was the final week of the 2012 Legislature and there were some cliffhangers. Last Saturday, lawmakers worked until 3 in the morning to finalize a budget so the rest of the session could fall into place during the week. Some controversial bills then failed and others passed as legislators sorted through nearly 50 bills that remained alive up until the final days.

We also unveiled a new poll that drilled into the differences between voters and non-voters, who were questioned about themselves as well as their stands on a handful of key issues. We are mindful this important election year of Hawaii’s dismal voter turnout, and, in a variety of ways, are exploring the reasons behind that trend. This poll is one attempt to understand the phenomenon and whether there are consequences to low voter turnout. For instance, if non-voters would only get out and vote, could they change the outcome on issues?

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