Linda Lingle, a Republican running for the U.S. Senate, has 13 paid staff working on her 2012 campaign, and most are longtime Lingle associates.

Lingle has twice the number of employed staff as compared with Mazie Hirono, though the Democrat’s campaign manager, Betsy Lin, is the most well compensated of either campaign.

Democrat Ed Case, meantime, appears to be paying just one campaign staff member, coordinator Sarah Kaopuiki.

Those are some of the details that emerge from the three candidates’ most recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.

They show Lingle relying on familiar friends, Hirono on experienced hands like Lin, who has worked on a number of mainland campaigns as well as Sen. Daniel Akaka‘s 2006 re-election, and Case depending on a lot of volunteer kokua.

Lingle’s Familiar Team

The former Hawaii governor has hired many of the same people who have helped her with past campaigns and with her eight years in office.

They include Lenny and Marcia Klompus, and Bob Lee, the former adjutant general.

The highest-paid staff member, Miriam Hellreich, serves as finance director.

All told, Lingle spent $74,194 to pay for 13 staff during the Jan. 1 through March 31 period. That’s out of total campaign expenditures of $487,392 for the period:

Robert Lee, campaign manager, $4,306
Lenny Klompus, communications director, $4,198
Marcia Klompus, scheduler, $4,198
Roland Lagareta, deputy political director, $3,632
Miriam Hellreich, finance director, $16,302
Kari Hofer, deputy finance director, $10,422
Corrie Heck, deputy communications director, $4,282
Matthew Caires, research director, $5,200
Sheri Sakamoto, political director, $7,964
Andrew Smith, Hawaii island regional manager, $2,610
Stephanie Aveiro, Maui regional manager, $5,364
Lloyd Yonenaka, special assistant to the candidate, $3,462
Pamela Dodson, coalition director, $2,254

Read Lingle’s full quarterly report here.

Hirono and Case

Hirono, the U.S. representative for the 2nd Congressional District, spent $54,028 to pay for six people in her campaign during the first quarter. Her total expenditures for the period were $376,206.

Messages were left with Lin, the campaign manger, to learn the titles of the employees. We’ll update this article when we hear from the campaign:

Betsy Lin, $21,276
Joshua Handelman, $13,092
Claire Harris, $4,008
Robert Olker, $6,282
Patrick Devney, $5,290
Patrick Hu, $4,080

Hirono’s figures do not include recent hires like Carolyn Tanaka, who will become deputy campaign manager in charge of communications next week.

Read Hirono’s full quarterly report here.

Case, Hirono’s primary opponent, lists three montly payments of $3,141 to The Kaopuiki Group, which is registered to Sarah Kaopuiki, according to the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Read Case’s full quarterly report here.

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