Editor’s Note: In June 2012, Civil Beat sent 10 questions to each of the candidates registered to run in the Aug. 11 primary for U.S. Representative Congressional District 2. Seven of the eight responded, including Kawika Crowley. The questions and answers are reproduced below in full. Read responses by Mufi Hannemann, Tulsi Gabbard, Esther Kiaaina and Bob Marx to see how Crowley’s positions compare to those of his main competitors. Click on each topic listed below to read Civil Beat’s question and Crowley’s response.

1. President Obama has significantly increased the use of drones to assassinate terrorist targets. The policy has been criticized for denying due process rights for at least one American target, and for the collateral killing of civilians. Do you support this policy — why or why not?

You damn right I support this policy. Due Process? We’re in a WAR for cryin’ out loud! Collateral Damage to civilians? I swear, had we fought WWII in the Politically Correct manner we fight our enemies today, we’d all be speaking German, Japanese, or Italian!!! BTW, only 2 things Obama has done right in his entire presidency is taking out the scumbag Ben Laden, and increasing the use of Drones. ↩ back to top

2. Transportation and infrastructure are critical to an island state — especially the neighbor islands. How would you work to increase federal support for Hawaii’s roads, airports and harbors?

We have the highest gas prices/gas taxes in the nation, AND the worst roads. I know of 3rd World nations with better paved roads. Don’t give me this crap about weather, sun, and moisture. The State owes me THREE front-ends on 3 vehicles that have gone down in the last 15 years of driving Oahu roads. Those incredible taxes are supposed to go toward maintaining and upgrading our roads. Instead they go to fat-ass salaries and benefits of Bureaucrats in Honolulu. The funds for the improvement of our infrastructure start HERE. We must first fix the problem of funding statewide before we seek Federal loans and funds. A massive over-haul/audit/house-cleaning must be conducted on the DOT, as with their county affiliates. Something smells fishy here. ↩ back to top

3. A divided U.S. Congress has not been able to come to agreement on how to lower the federal debt, in spite of bipartisan recommendations from the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission and others. What is your evaluation of those recommendations, which include hard decisions regarding entitlement programs, defense spending and taxes?

The reason why Simpson Bowles plan was voted down by the House is because of the same ol Priority Dysfunction Syndrome affecting Congress. The tax increases were deemed too excessive and the spending cuts not enough, or in the wrong places. Entitlement programs need to be slashed, but the military budget should not be touched. ↩ back to top

4. The major issue for most candidates is jobs and the economy. Can you identify a concrete example of how you as representative would go about stimulating growth both nationally and in Hawaii?

First, I will introduce legislation cutting the Corporate Tax rate down to a stunning 18% or even 16% (down from current 37%). I realize it is bold and audacious, but critical times require critical measures. I can guarantee anyone that in almost a heart beat corporations will return to America. Foreign corporations will immediately invest into America, and we will have an economic explosion like never before witnessed. Our unemployment rate would plummet to between 1 to 2%, the lowest in the world. Also I will introduce legislation calling for a goal for Hawaii to be 90% Self Sufficient by 2025. Everything will be done to convert state and Federal lands to agriculture, as well as providing Federal Funds to give incentive programs for Ag start-ups across the state, thereby increasing jobs in that sector by the thousands. The Slogan will be, “Not One More Cucumber From Mexico By 2025”. Also an Island Ferry System must be established. We must start a new with different strategies with the expressed goal to better connect each isle economy. If every state in the union were each divided by oceans, USA would never have been formed, and would never have achieved the Economic Power House that it became over the last 100 years. Connectability is the key here for a stronger Economic Union for Hawaii. ↩ back to top

5. Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, what would your goals be in terms of health care policy as a representative? Would you support universal health care?

Well, the Supreme Court made its decision. Wrongly, Unjustifiably, and Unconstitutionally. Welcome America to the largest Tax Increase in the history of Mankind. Only STATES have the constitutional power to mandate anything. And only the House of Representatives can create and pass laws deemed a “TAX”, NOT the Federal government. That power is not vested in it. I will do everything I can to help repeal this Obese Beast of Burden to our economy. ↩ back to top

6. Global warming is real, and rising sea levels will certainly impact Hawaii. What steps would you take as a U.S. Representative to mitigate the effects of global warming?

First, I have my doubts with the statement that “Global Warming is Real”. Yes, the temperature of the atmosphere has increased a fraction of a percentage point in the last 100 years. Yes, there are glaciers melting at a faster rate, as well as a few flat islands in the Pacific dealing with a slowly rising ocean level. But this has been a natural process of warming and cooling that our mother earth has been undertaking with precision and purpose for ions. The issue of CO2 (just a mere 2% of the atmosphere) causing global warming is an insane idiotic hoax. America’s water is now the cleanest water on earth. Our air quality is as well (compared to 75 years ago). We have come a long way as a nation cleaning up its act. We have done our share. Now let’s demand the REAL Gas Boozers of the world to clean up THEIR acts. Ever seen that “Dark Cloud” hovering over all of South East Asia, parts of India, and most of southern China? Photos from space show nothing over the U.S. You can barely see the land masses of the previously mentioned areas. Get a grip, you Environmental Whack Jobs!!! ↩ back to top

7. Longtime D.C. observers say the inability of the two major parties to work with each other has never been worse, especially in the U.S. House. Many experienced leaders are leaving office rather than continue in such a hostile climate. Is compromise necessary to governance — and if so, how would you reach out to your colleagues to craft and pass legislation?

Let them leave. If you can’t stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen. Compromising has done nothing for the conservative movement across America over the last 50 years. In fact it is the conservative Right who have caved and “compromised” over the years leading to many destructive laws and regs, drastically and negatively affecting our culture, our founding, our economy, our values, and our beloved constitution. It’s McCainism that has brought us thus far. That has to stop. This is a battle between Liberty and Big Government Tyranny, between Excessive Government Control/Intrusion, and Individualism and Personal Freedom. It is a battle between Big Government and Limited Government. As Conservatives we must stand strong for our conservative principles. There is always room for compromising and giving and taking depending upon the issue. But NO LONGER at the expense of our beloved constitution. It is NOT a “living breathing document”. Rather, it is etched in STONE. ↩ back to top

8. How is the 2nd Congressional District different from the 1st Congressional District? Or are their issues largely the same?

As I inferred in a previous statement, the 2nd District is not a contiguous land mass, obviously. I believe it is the toughest district in the nation to properly and effectively represent. The commonality is exceptional, however the diversity is immense. You’ve got 3 separate counties and part of another (Oahu), all lumped into one district, each separated by miles of ocean. To make matters more intricate and difficult, each island/county has their own distinctive history, likes, dislikes, wants, priorities, yes even culture. Us folks in Hilo for decades would always have a different view, sometimes negative, as per Kona-side people. They ARE different from from Hilo folk, just like Hilo folk are different from Maui folk. Another example is the distinct difference between Honolulu folk and Windward Side folk on Oahu. Look what happened with the island ferry. Every island wanted it, but one, Kauai. In a larger sense, there is much commonality between the 1st and 2nd districts, but with the closer look there is a big difference in lifestyle, needs, and expectations, not to mention the keen difference between each island community. Another example is that folks on the Big Island don’t give a rat’s ass about Rail, but they are upset big time because they still have to pay to help build it and subsidize it. At the same token, the folks in the same district in the Eva area may very well be in strong support of it. It’s a tough district. ↩ back to top

9. What is the best thing the 112th Congress did, and why? What’s the worst thing, and why?

The worst thing it did was pass Obama Care without ONE Republican voting for it…some bipartisan efforts by the Democrats! It was “Deep Throat” in the most despicable manner. Down our throats, take it or leave it. The best thing? After the paramount 2010 elections the new Republican force in Congress was able to slow down this massive Liberal Titanic, helping to thwart and hold to the line any further decimation of our Liberty, way of life, and the sanctity of our constitution. We will win in a landslide in November. ↩ back to top

10. What is an issue you think is important to address as a U.S. House candidate — one that perhaps has not been given sufficient attention during the campaign?

There are many issues that need to be placed on the front burner. I am a strong advocate for a TRUE AND MEANINGFUL Reconciliation as per the 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The unfathomable de-throning of a monarch and its kingdom of nearly 100 years is and was inexcusable and a regrettable filthy blemish on the integrity of our great nation, just as slavery was. Small bits and favors and paybacks for reconciliation purposes have been instituted over the years, such as Hawaiian Homesteading etc, but nothing comes near and never will for making that wrong a right. BUT my proposal is a dynamic step towards a more sincere and workable solution to rectifying the issue. I propose the Federal government to grant an out-right handing over of the entire island of Kahoolawe to a designated entity. That entity will be in charge of creating the beginnings of the rebirth of the Nation of Hawaii to be designed and built on that island. Once the new constitution is written and a new form of government is decided upon, the entity will officially step foot on the island, thereby claiming to the world the beginning of the New Nation of Hawaii. With this official claim of ownership, the new nation will now have the ability to secure and access treaties with every nation on earth, especially financial loan agreements of which they will need to begin layout, planning, design, construction and maintaining of the infrastructure needed to sustain a vibrant economy. To back up this flow of investment/funds, the U.S. will commit to the new nation $20 Billion a year for ten years. The island has been trashed from years of shelling, but the basic integrity and beauty of the island still remains. It will be a super complex process, but it can be done, with time and patience. I predict that by the year 2040, a vibrant Nation of Hawaii with some of the finest airports, harbors, hotels, palaces, beaches, super highways, etc etc etc in the world will be located for all of mankind to visit, witness, and enjoy. Their trade and economy will be huge with dozens of nations. There will be a huge economic ripple effect with every state in the union, most especially its neighbor, the state of Hawaii. May the Nation of Hawaii rise up again, and may the U.S. and this nation co-exist in peace and prosperity for generations to come. ↩ back to top