This week our Elections page is overflowing with candidates talking about themselves.

Civil Beat asked every candidate in a contested primary race to answer a series of questions about where they stand on issues important in their races. That means we are publishing dozens of questionnaires from candidates — both major and minor — in all three federal races, the Honolulu mayor and city council race and state legislative races.

It’s a lot of information and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a lot of work. Our staff tracked down contact info and emails for dozens of candidates, sent out the questionnaires and then followed up with those folks who were a bit slacking in returning them. We made sure everyone had a photo and short bio topping their Q & As.

I’m pretty sure Civil Beat is the only place that has collected this kind of information and made it available at the click of a mouse. Call us crazy. But this is an important election year and we figured you might be interested in knowing what the people asking for your vote had to say, whether it’s on the war in Iraq or gambling in Waikiki.

If you missed one you can always go to our Archive section and find the stories we’ve published. But stay tuned — there are plenty more to come between now and the Aug. 11 primary.

Meanwhile, our home page this week saw a steady flow of stories you shouldn’t have missed. A $1 million fence repair job on the Big Island, Democratic leaks, disappearing reef sharks, contaminated beaches, the potential merger of the Honolulu fire and medic departments and yes, politics and more politics.

Here are 10 you can catch up on over the weekend:

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