Statement from Bob Lee, campaign manager for Linda Lingle, regarding this attack by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

The D.C. political operatives from inside the beltway are again trying to manufacture news here at home by distorting serious discussions with charged and misleading headlines.

By refusing to think deeply about the important issues facing our country and blindly aligning with their national Party leadership, the Democrat candidates for Hawaii’s U.S. Senate seat are advocating for policies that will hurt our state and our nation. It is clear that Mazie Hirono and Ed Case are focused on only one goal: personal political gain. And, as evidenced by their support of tax increases on Hawaii’s hard working small business owners, they are willing to pursue that goal at the expense of the people of Hawaii.

Unlike her ineffective opponents, Governor Linda Lingle has thought through and clearly articulated her personal reasoning for opposing a tax increase on small businesses in Hawaii and across the country. In her own words, “while people may want to call it a ‘millionaire’s tax,’ in fact, it’s a tax on small business.” 

Governor Lingle’s thoughtful review of these critical economic issues has earned her the endorsements of key business organizations here at home, including the Hawaii Restaurant Association and the Association of Builders and Contractors, as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that represents more than 3 million businesses nationwide. The small businesses that form the membership rolls of these organizations, employ millions of Americans and they recognize the importance of electing leaders like Linda Lingle, who have a deep understanding of the issues and will give each issue the healthy analysis it deserves.  

Even though the national political parties attempt to skew voters’ understanding by using crafty names and headlines, we can count on Governor Lingle to drill down on the issues to the levels where they truly impact the lives of the people of Hawaii. She has always, and will always, put “people first.”

—Chad Blair