Political Action has endorsed Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown and Mazie Hirono for U.S. Senate.

Press release:

Citing the candidates’ strong records fighting for the 99%, MoveOn members commit to aggressive grassroots effort to propel them to victory

In a year when Americans are looking for leaders in Washington who will stand up for the middle class, MoveOn’s members in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Hawaii voted decisively to endorse Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown, and Mazie Hirono. Noting the candidates’ progressive track records, MoveOn members made it clear that Baldwin, Brown, and Hirono are some of the best candidates nationally to look out for the 99% in Washington, D.C.

MoveOn members “believe in the power of grassroots action to make our country a more progressive place and elect candidates who will fight to put the American Dream back within reach for all Americans.”

—Chad Blair