The Hannemann for Congress campaign issued the following statement Monday (July 23) condemning the use of “push polls” among voters of Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

Press release statement from campaign manager Justin Gruenstein:

“Push polls” are a deceptive campaign strategy operating under the guise of objective, legitimate polling. In fact, their intention is solely to create doubt and negative impressions of one or more candidates through skewed questioning and outright falsehoods, but their results are then released publicly as unbiased. We’re all for polls conducted by well-regarded, professional survey firms, but voters should be aware that these highly biased “push polls” have no place in campaigning and have been condemned by the National Council on Public Polls, American Association for Public Opinion Research, and American Association of Political Consultants. Our campaign does not sponsor nor engage in “push polls.”

The campaign also called for other Democrats in the race “to also condemn and decry this negative tactic.”