The footage is grainy, but, yes, that really is Neil Abercrombie in fedora and sunglasses, belting out “Stormy Monday.”

It’s 1986, and the future Hawaii governor’s beard is brown. He’s still got that ponytail he sported for decades. And the occasion is a Hawaii Easter Seals telethon.

But Abercrombie looks a lot like John Belushi during his Blues Brothers phase, dancing across the stage like James Brown.

“Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on me,” he sings. “I’m on my knees, Lord have mercy on me.”

Who knew the guy had it in him?

The YouTube clip was uploaded last year. It’s titled, “‘The Guv’ Abercrombie Bluzes It with Nick Masters, Tbone Kelly, and the DUCK SOUP Blues Band.”

The musicians are identified as James Heath, Patrick Waring, Seth Markow and “the amazing Dr. D.”

Easter Seals telethons are usually held in April. That would mean Abercrombie was a state senator at the time.

By that summer, Abercrombie was running for the U.S. Congress. He won the special election to temporarily replace Cec Heftel, who had resigned to run for governor, but Abercrombie lost the primary election to Mufi Hannemann, who would go on to lose the general election to Republican Pat Saiki.

Abercrombie was elected outright to Congress in 1990 and served 20 years before being elected governor.

Abercrombie loves music; he often has jazz playing in his fifth floor office at the state Capitol.

And, he likes to dance. As demonstrated in the YouTube clip, the governor might make an excellent competitor on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Maybe we’ll see the gov busting a move or two on election night Saturday, eh?