The Pacific Resource Partnership Political Action Committee spent more than $1 million during the first seven months of the year.

Where did the money come from? From PRP, of course.

Filings available on the Campaign Spending Commission website Tuesday night confirm our hypothesis from earlier this week that the first glimpse into Hawaii’s most active Super PAC wouldn’t reveal much about where the money comes from.

Every last penny of the $1,032,822.68 the PAC spent between Jan. 1 and July 27 — almost all of it on advertising in the Honolulu mayor’s race — came from the Hawaii Carpenters Market Recovery Program Fund.

That money comes exclusively from union dues, PRP says. But a separate advertising campaign called Imua Rail wasn’t covered by the filing because it’s not campaign speech. Pro-rail folks who gave money to support that effort wouldn’t have their identities revealed in the filings.

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Michael Levine