The University of Hawaii at Hilo’s College of Pharmacy is back in good standing with its national accreditation body now that it’s secured state funding for a permanent building on campus.

In a recent report to UH Hilo, the American Council for Pharmacy Education notified the school that it’s now in compliance with all of the 30 standards that it uses to evaluate pharmacy colleges.

The accrediting agency declared the school out of compliance  in 2013 in large part because it lacked appropriate physical facilities. The college, which was established in 2007, has been holding classes in modular portables on campus and at two off-campus locations.

Officials warned that the noncompliance issue could lead to probation and, ultimately, the college’s closure.

But the Legislature this May agreed to fund a permanent building for $33 million total, including $28 million in general obligation bonds and $5 million in revenue bonds.

mockup of uh hilo pharmacy school building

A mockup of the UH Hilo pharmacy college’s new building.

UH Hilo

The accrediting council is slated to visit the site in October.

“If we had followed the path we were on just a year ago, I could be saying that we have been placed on probation, which would’ve been disastrous for the future of the College,” said the college’s Founding Dean John Pezzuto in a statement. “It is heartening that our accreditation is once again secure, but we all must remain diligent and prepare for the next steps.”

(Pezzuto is leaving UH Hilo at the end of this year to assume a new position at a pharmacy school in Brooklyn.)

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