The Environmental Protection Agency has green-lighted a new pesticide despite criticism from environmentalists, the Hill reported.

The herbicide known as Enlist Duo is intended to be used in conjunction with pesticide-resistant genetically modified corn and soybeans created by Dow AgroSciences, which the Department of Agriculture approved last month.

The EPA found that the herbicide is safe and not linked to Agent Orange, as some critics claimed.

Still, the environmental group Earthjustice lambasted the approval.

“It’s very disappointing that EPA is giving the green light to a massive increase in use of 2, 4-D, which has been linked to some very serious illnesses, without adequately assessing the impacts on public health,” Paul Achitoff, an Earthjustice attorney, told The Hill in a statement.

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Kauai pesticides, mana march, protective equipment

A Kauai protestor opposes pesticide use by chemical companies.

Sophie Cocke/Civil Beat

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