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Chad Blair

Discussion: Civil Unions

What do you think of the governor’s decision to veto HB 444? Do you support her call for a vote…

UPDATE: Legislature To Hold Hearing On Homelessness, Public Housing

Lawmakers will hear from government agencies and service providers on Hawaii's chronic homeless crisis.

UPDATE: Tourism Secrecy Bill Becomes Law

Keeping strategies to lure visitors under wraps but at the expense of transparency?

Discussion: 1st Congressional District Special Election

Case, Djou Or Hanabusa? Should We Have Instant Runoff? ARTICLES Majority Of 1st District Voters Likely To Be Unrepresented…
Djou: ‘National Attention Is On This Race’

Djou: ‘National Attention Is On This Race’

A Q&A with the Republican front-runner in the 1st Congressional District
Majority of 1st District Voters Likely To Be Unrepresented

Majority of 1st District Voters Likely To Be Unrepresented

Opinion polls suggest the winner of the 1st Congressional District race will not have a majority of the vote. Is that representation?

UPDATE: The Four Bs On Hawaii Politics

Excerpts from a panel discussion with Dan Boylan, Richard Borreca, Jerry Burris and Chad Blair

UPDATE: State Homeless Programs Will Move To DHS

A new law transfers the Homeless Programs Branch of the Hawaii Public Housing Authority to the Department of Human Services.

UPDATE: Special Elections Past and Present

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is taking its marbles and going back to the mainland, but it's a pretty good bet we'll see them and their money again before long.

UPDATE: Honolulu Homeless Flock To New Shelters

Five months after converting tour buses into sleeping quarters for downtown homeless people, the facilities now serve dozens of men, women and children.
Sunday In The Park With ‘Uncle’

Sunday In The Park With ‘Uncle’

Kapiolani Park is a more welcoming place since Honolulu began enforcing new rules against homeless camps. But the homeless who remain say the park is still their home.