Luke Evslin

Luke Evslin is the co-owner of the Kailua-based outrigger canoe manufacturing company, Kamanu Composites. Follow him on Twitter @LukeEvslin.

January 2017

Wednesday, January 4

Luke Evslin: Think All Is Lost? Listen To The Hope In A Child’s Laugh

November 2016

Wednesday, November 30

Luke Evslin: Now The Climate Change Battle Belongs To All Of Us

Friday, November 18

Luke Evslin: Don’t Ignore The Latest Version of Kauai’s ‘Bible’

Monday, November 14

Luke Evslin: What Trump And Hitler Have In Common

Wednesday, November 9

Luke Evslin: Yes, Trump Is A Disaster, So What Do We Do Now?

Wednesday, November 2

Luke Evslin: How Rampant Distrust Derails Good Government

October 2016

Friday, October 14

Luke Evslin: Planning Conference Wasn’t About Freebies And Booze

Friday, October 7

Luke Evslin: Time To Put The Brakes On Tourism

September 2016

Wednesday, September 28

Luke Evslin: Excessive Tourism Seems To Be A Taboo Topic

Thursday, September 15

Luke Evslin: Reflections On The World Conservation Congress

Friday, September 9

Luke Evslin: Managing Growth Isn’t As Simple As It Seems

August 2016

Thursday, August 18

Luke Evslin: The Living Victims Of Kauai’s Tourism Economy

July 2016

Wednesday, July 20

Luke Evslin: GOP Draws Trump, Overplays Its Cards

Thursday, July 7

Luke Evslin: We Can’t Accept Political Failure As Normal

June 2016

Tuesday, June 28

Luke Evslin: Single-Family Homes Are Not Our Future

Thursday, June 9

Luke Evslin: To Stop the Sprawl, We Need A Big Toolbox

May 2016

Thursday, May 26

Luke Evslin: A New Approach To Zoning Could Save Kauai’s Character

Thursday, May 12

Luke Evslin: To Cut Emissions And Car Use, We Need Better Planning

Tuesday, May 3

Luke Evslin: Bernie Already Has Won, And So Have We

April 2016

Wednesday, April 20

Luke Evslin: My Millennial Choice For President

Friday, April 15

Luke Evslin: Detours On The Way To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Friday, April 8

Luke Evslin: The Long And Winding Road To Renewable Energy

Friday, April 1

Luke Evslin: Going Off The Grid In Hawaii

March 2016

Friday, March 25

Luke Evslin: The Dark Side Of Renewable Energy

Friday, March 18

Luke Evslin: Can We Grow Our Economy, Not Our Population?

Friday, March 11

Luke Evslin: Let’s Cap And Trade Carbon Dioxide Emissions Here

February 2016

Wednesday, February 24

Luke Evslin: Don’t Punish The Poor By Raising Excise Taxes

January 2016

Tuesday, January 26

In Kauai, Let’s Not Go Down The Same Old Road

December 2015

Sunday, December 20

Fear: Separating The Rational From The Irrational

Tuesday, December 15

While We Fixate On Trump, We Ignore Or Attack Efforts To Save The World

Tuesday, December 1

Syrian Refugees: We’re Making The Same Obscene Mistake Again