Retail Shops On Hawaii Farmland: Kauai Dispute Could Set A Precedent

A company points to a 2012 state law as it sues for the right to sell its coffee beans and cigars on agricultural land.

Honolulu Police Commissioner Resigns Over Chief Selection Process

Luella Costales complained about a lack of diversity among members of a panel that scored the written exams of candidates.

Brittany Lyte: The Deadliest Beach On Kauai Might Surprise You

A researcher analyzed drownings over 42 years. The beach with the most fatalities isn’t considered the most hazardous.

Reader Rep: When Journalists Join The Sales Team, Credibility Suffers

Even KITV’s news director acknowledged ethical concerns about having the station’s journalists take part in sponsored cruises.

Vietnam On Our Minds

The war reminds us that American leaders have lied to the people over and over again.

Hawaii Must Prepare As Trump And Kim Continue Their Dangerous Game

It’s hard to take Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un seriously. Still, the state is right to add a nuclear attack to the lists of disasters we must plan for.

Kaimuki: Sprucing Up A Business District That ‘Totally Depends On Local’

Merchants in this east Honolulu community figure if they want to make the neighborhood more attractive, they’ll have to do it themselves.

Controversial Pesticide Remains Unregulated In Hawaii

The chemical dicamba appears to have caused widespread crop damage on the mainland but in Hawaii you can’t even find out whether it’s being used or where.

Chad Blair: Schatz On Wrong Side Of Vote To Debate Endless War

The Hawaii senator opposed legislation that could have led to halting military force not specifically authorized by Congress.

Hawaii Would Lose Big If Obamacare Repealed

The congressional delegation condemns the GOP plan, and isn’t impressed by reports that Hawaii might be exempted along with Alaska.

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