Governor Knew 2 Minutes After Missile Alert That It Was False

But it took his office 15 minutes to announce the news in a Twitter post, legislators were told Friday.

Hirono: Congress Must Resolve Shutdown Issues Without Trump’s Help

The Hawaii senator says the White House is vacillating, so the solution needs to come from the Capitol building.

County Mayors: We Want More Power To Tax

They also want a larger share of the state hotel tax revenues and immunity for lifeguards at state beaches.

Republicans Want Lower Taxes And Better Public Access To Legislature

Bills to expand public record laws and exempt food items from taxes are endorsed by the minority caucus.

Tom Yamachika: Will The Legislature Enact Tax Relief?

Hawaii lawmakers will have to decide whether to conform to central provisions of the Trump Tax bill.

Partisan Gridlock Leads To Federal Shutdown

UPDATED: The shutdown is having varying effects on the operations of Hawaii’s national parks and the Pearl Harbor monument.

Ian Lind: Make Peace, Not War

Hawaii’s false missile alert proves we need to work harder to eliminate the tensions that could lead to an unthinkable end.

Complaint Filed Over Use Of Late Congressman’s Campaign Funds

The Campaign Legal Center says Dylan Beesley illegally converted funds to his own use after death of U.S. Rep. Mark Takai.

The Long Vacation: Missile Alarm Felt In LA

Trying to make sense of last Saturday’s chaos in the islands from 2,500 miles away.

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