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Who Is Betsy DeVos?

Trump’s choice for education secretary supports redistributing public school funds to allow parents to choose private or charter schools.

Momentum Grows For Ocean Preserves, But Do They Work?

Marine protected areas such as Papahanaumokuakea are important to saving special places in the ocean, but more are needed.

Why Stories Matter For Children’s Learning

Stories convey values, beliefs, attitudes and social norms which, in turn, shape children’s perceptions of reality.

Why Children Believe (Or Not) That Santa Claus Exists

Kids actually are thoughtful consumers of information. In fact, they use many of the same tools as adults to decide what to believe.

Seeds Of The Alt-Right, America’s Right-Wing Populist Movement

Its origins can be traced to various American white nationalist movements that have endured for decades.

Election Rage Shows Why America Needs A New Social Contract

The gap between wage growth and productivity, which started to appear in the 1980s, spawned the frustrations we saw on the campaign trail.

Managing Climate Risk In Trump’s America

The rest of the world, and some individual states, may have to forge ahead on reducing emissions without U.S. leadership.

How Overfishing, Shark-Finning May Worsen Climate Change

Predator removal can result in increased production of biological carbon dioxide in the ocean.

What If Nature Had The Rights And Protections Of A Person?

Corporations do have those rights, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled. But even American places held sacred do not.

How The American Online Sex Trade Continues To Thrive

Advertisements and recruitment through social media sites greatly expand the reach and enhance the elusiveness of pimps.

Range Anxiety? Today’s Electric Cars Usually Go Far Enough

Most Americans' driving needs can be met with low-cost electric vehicles. They just need options for the occasional long road trips.

From Wine To Weed: Keeping The Marijuana Farm Small And Local

As marijuana prohibition comes to a close, states should consider ways of encouraging small farms to continue playing a role.

GMOs Lead Fight Against Zika, Ebola And Next Unknown Pandemic

Public health experts turn to what may seem like an unlikely ally in the fight against dangerous viruses.

Why The GMO Food Labeling Debate Is Not Over

Vermont becomes the first state to require GMO food labeling Friday, but a U.S. Senate bill could extend the requirement nationwide.

Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized?

There's a growing belief that until the trade is completely legal among consenting adults, sex workers will continue to be unjustifiably punished.

Octopus, Squid And Cuttlefish Populations Booming — Here’s Why

Extreme climate changes and overfishing are creating expansion opportunities for cephalopods.

Troubled Waters: Conflict In The South China Sea Explained

An upcoming ruling on island sovereignty disputes by the United Nations will do little to lessen the tension between China and its rivals.