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HPD Chief’s Secret Payoff: It’s The Principle That Should Count

Retire, fire or keep Chief Louis Kealoha on leave. But don’t reward him for what could turn out to be very serious criminal wrongdoing.

48 States Have An Airport Authority — Why Not Hawaii?

Everyday operations are hampered by our archaic management of 15 airports that are the lifeblood of the tourism industry.

The Only Cure For Our Police Blues: Put Chief On Permanent Leave

The alleged conspiracy involving Louis Kealoha’s stolen mailbox is only one reason he should not be allowed back on the job.

Navy Should Think Twice Before Dropping Bombs On Pagan

As it looks to expand in the Marianas, the U.S. military owes the affected residents a full and accurate assessment of the possible impacts.

Don’t Like The Homeless In Our Backyards? Then Fix The Problem

The concerns of Chinatown business owners are understandable, but we can’t keep forcing our homeless citizens elsewhere.

Hawaii Needs To Act Now On New Day Care Rules

The state needs to push through on requirements for safe sleeping practices at day cares more quickly.

Get Out And Vote, But Remember, Our Work Is Just Beginning

A maddening election season culminates today in the silence of the voting booth. But we can’t turn away after that.

In Kenoi Case, Don’t Confuse ‘Not Guilty’ With ‘Innocent’

The Hawaii County mayor was repeatedly warned about his misuse of a government credit card.

End The Public Records Runaround On Saguaro Prison

Is it incompetence or a cynical political calculus that led officials to move slowly on a public records request and then demand $23,000 to fulfill it?

HART’s New Appointees Must Hit The Ground Running

A new interim director and board member will have to join with colleagues quickly to meet heavy needs in the coming weeks and months.

Extend Term Limits For Mayor, Council? No, 8 Years Is Enough

A charter amendment that would allow the mayor, City Council members and the prosecutor to serve three terms would do voters no favors.

Pass Amendment 20 In Support Of Public Records Access

The proposal promises greater legal uniformity and gives voters a chance to have their voices heard on police and prosecutorial records.

Poll Shows Public Consensus Is Still Possible — At Least On Oahu

In a sharply divided election season, surprising majorities of Honolulu respondents were in agreement on even contentious, difficult issues.

Caldwell Did The Right Thing With Police Commission Pick

The former longtime Hawaii Supreme Court justice brings a respected legal resume and a reputation for bold thinking to the position.

Hawaii Needs This Three-Step Plan To Fight Opioid Addiction

The islands aren’t immune to the epidemic of painkiller overdoses on parts of the mainland, but there are things we can do to minimize the damage.

The Feds Should Give Hawaii More Time To Figure Out A Rail Plan

Giving Hawaii until mid-2017 to come up with a new plan for rail may be the only way to force a full public accounting of the project's expenses.

Voters Can Bolster Police Oversight By Passing Honolulu Ballot Measure

The Honolulu Police Commission desperately needs the additional authority that Charter Amendment 1 would provide.

Honolulu Should Audit Hanauma Bay Fund, Repay Any Misused Cash

Charges that the city routinely — and perhaps illegally — misappropriated funds meant for Hanauma Bay demand immediate attention.