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Health Beat: Licensing Doctors Nationally Makes A Lot Of Sense

State-by-state certification thwarts telemedicine and exacerbates physician shortages in Hawaii and other remote areas.

Ian Lind: HPD Needs To Stop Shooting At Cars

What should police officers do when threatened by a moving car? New national policy says: Don’t shoot, move!


Neal Milner: Politics Works When We Embrace Right Kind Of Ignorance

Like cholesterol, there are good and bad forms of ignorance. Know-it-all politicians have the bad kind, but we still vote for them all the time.

Denby Fawcett: Waimanalo Seeks Relief From Tour Bus Invasions

Police say a technicality prevents them from citing those who use the beaches commercially. The City Council may change that.

Reader Rep: Damage Done By Internet Trolls Can Still Be Repaired

Eventually, out of the muck will emerge new standards of what is legitimate news and what is mere mean-spirited propaganda.

Tad Bartimus: Woman Who Started March On DC Is A Real Trailblazer

The tenacity that pulled her through breast cancer and near-blindness led a Maui woman to issue a call to action heard around the world.

Tad Bartimus: How A Maui Woman Launched A Global Movement

They call her “The Firestarter.” From a keyboard in Hana, Teresa Shook ignited the upcoming Women’s March On Washington.

Ian Lind: Police May Be Blocked From Aerial Surveillance In Hawaii

The Hawaii Supreme Court is considering whether privacy expectations preclude the police from gathering evidence of a crime by flying over your house.

Denby Fawcett: What Women Fear Losing In A Trump Presidency

As the alarm grows, marches are planned in more than 200 American cities on the day after the inauguration.

Reader Rep: Don’t Let Public’s Business Be Done Behind Our Backs

What we value here is  an idea, at the core of our democracy, that we should know what’s happening in our government and have every right to ask about it.

Neal Milner: Don’t Let Trump Years Become One Endless Complaint

Progressive states like Hawaii must fight when necessary, but also figure out how and when to resist in less confrontational ways.

Luke Evslin: Think All Is Lost? Listen To The Hope In A Child’s Laugh

We worship the past because it’s easier to understand what we’ve lost than to contemplate what’s next. But the future holds hope.

Denby Fawcett: Hawaii’s Filthy Airport Bathrooms Are Embarrassing

The unwelcoming sights that sometimes await people arriving in the islands are indicative of the need for better-run airports.

Reader Rep: Exploring The Media — Where Do We Go From Here?

After a year of praising and criticizing Hawaii journalists, this columnist is looking to ratchet up the public discourse.

Chloe Fox: How 2016 Shook The Pedestal Of Old White Men

After a year of very bad publicity, the “brand” of old white men is suffering like never before in American culture.

Health Beat: 2017 Should Be The Year For A Death With Dignity Law

Listen up legislators: It’s time to quit forcing unnecessary suffering and expense on terminally ill people who want a different option.

Denby Fawcett: Village Idiot Award Goes To Park Restroom Vandals

“They are not even rationalizing when they are in the park bathroom that ‘this bathroom is mine and my family’s.'”

Reader Rep: News Consumers Must Pitch In To Improve The Product

Share what you like, criticize what you don’t. Media outlets pay close attention to the desires of their potential audiences.