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Why We March

We want communities where women can thrive, raise our children without fear, claim our bodies as our own and feel safe in our own skin.

Alternate Realities: The State Of Solar Power In Hawaii

As our political leaders promise a conversion to renewable energy, the state of solar power is in deep decline.

Inaugurating Resistance: A Call to Action

Many of us were simply despondent after the election, but we’re mobilizing now.

When You Think About Civil Rights, Think About Health Care

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman,” said Martin Luther King Jr. in 1966.

Address Teacher Shortage By Developing Educational Assistants

Instead of putting so much effort into recruiting more teachers from the mainland, the DOE should look at people it already has on staff.

It Actually Happened — Now What?

This high school student is left to ponder what the Trump presidency will mean and look for signs of a more hopeful future.

OHA: A ‘Blistering Wart’ That Must Do Better

Instead of sponsoring political division, it should sponsor more programs to help Native Hawaiians become an economic and technological powerhouse.

Nothing Wrong With Map Depicting Events Involving Homeless

Writer defends the Hawaii Kai map that state Rep. Gene Ward published in his newsletter.

Publicizing Locations, Traits Of Homeless People Is Unwise

A Hawaii Kai map that describes someone as a “mentally ill man” who “frequently yells at people” reinforces painful stereotypes.

Tom Yamachika: With ‘Surplus’ Gone, Taxpayers Should Hold Onto Wallets

State lawmakers will be under pressure to come up with a lot of money next session, and they may be coming for more of yours.

Nation Of Hawaii Goes Mainstream

Sharing our story with audiences throughout the world can help raise awareness of Hawaiian issues on a global scale.

Hawaii And Japan: A 75-Year Post-Pearl Harbor Journey of Peace

Tuesday’s events involving President Obama and Prime Minister Abe are just the latest examples of reconciliation on a grand scale.

It’s Time For Hawaii To Approve Medical Aid In Dying

Even if terminally ill patients want to end their suffering, doctors cannot help them do so in Hawaii.

Restore Tax Credits For Low-Income Renters

Lawmakers can fix this injustice in the coming legislative session.

Trump’s Three Rings Of Support

We need to look with a keen eye to the recent past, a past fresh in parallels and fears.

The State’s Latest Pesticide Initiatives Miss the Mark Yet Again

The state’s initiatives address acute exposure to pesticides, but long-term exposure to low levels poses the greater risk.

Are We Just Becoming Better Educated Chimpanzees?

The Thirty Meter Telescope should be embraced as a celebration of Hawaiian exploration.


What Has ‘One China’ Policy Meant for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a barometer for Taiwan because it demonstrates the extent to which Beijing can be trusted to keep its promises.