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Board Of Education OKs A Strategic Plan That Leaves Details To Schools

Its emphasis on empowering students, professional development and innovation seems to align with the governor’s task force plan.

Board Of Education Discusses How To Find New Superintendent

Some critics want a more transparent search process, others want the board to reconsider its decision to replace Matayoshi.

Principals Push For A Louder Voice In Public Education Reform Efforts

The state school board plans to discuss education reform Tuesday, but principals have held their own talks.

Hawaii Teacher: Election Shocked Them In The Classroom, Too

Like the rest of the country, students and educators didn’t see a Trump victory coming. What changes are coming to schools nationwide?

Fee Plan Along Rail Line Pits Schools Against Affordable Housing

About 39,000 additional residential units are expected along a 4-mile stretch of the Honolulu rail route, requiring more schools.

Hawaii Teacher: Why Teachers Won’t Miss Kathryn Matayoshi

A new superintendent needs to be much more proactive and transparent in supporting teachers.

2 Finalists For Manoa Chancellor

The two finalists will visit the campus in November to meet with constituents and undergo a final round of interviews.

Matayoshi To Be Replaced

Kathryn Matayoshi is apparently on her way out as superintendent of Hawaii’s public school system. The state Board of Education…

Hawaii Teacher: We Can Fix Schools Without Gazing Beyond The Islands

Sure, Finland has a great education system. But this isn’t Finland. It’s time to figure this out for ourselves.

Hawaii Teacher: New Moms In Our Schools Deserve Maternity Leave

The state doesn't offer paid maternity leave for teachers, and the union isn't pushing to get it into our next labor contract.

BOE Member Quits; Raps Ige

In a resignation letter, Jim Williams complains about the governor's "lack of faith in and support of the Board."

Hawaii ‘Worst’ State For Teachers

WalletHub analyzed metrics ranging from “average starting salary” to “pupil-teacher ratio." Teachers union says, "It’s time that the leaders of Hawaii make education a priority."


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Another Special Ed Aide Says Reporting Abuse Got Her Banned

Her employer, Hawaii Behavioral Health, says a thorough investigation found the allegations were untrue.

Hawaii School Aide Said He Saw Abuse, Then He Got Fired

The Department of Education is silent about a claim that an educational assistant poured iced coffee over the head of a student

Bullying Of Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders ‘On The Rise’

A new White House report underscores Hawaii statistics that show mistreatment of students by their peers.

Hawaii Charter School Commission Is Under The Microscope

School leaders' complaints have the Board of Education considering a special performance review of the state's charter school authorizer.

Rebidding Classroom AC Work

The Department of Education rejected steep bids for its air conditioning project in hopes of getting better prices and cooling more classrooms.

Another Hot School Year Looms As Air Conditioning Initiative Delayed

The Hawaii Department of Education says it won't fulfill its goal of cooling the air in 1,000 classrooms by the end of 2016 because of increased construction costs.