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Fight Over Papahanaumokuakea Expansion Isn’t Over

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council wants a study of the economic impacts of marine monument expansion.

Hawaii’s Longline Fishermen Pushing To Catch More Tuna

Some have their sights set on doubling or even tripling their annual catch limits through new deals with Pacific Island territories.

The Stage Is Set For Tuesday’s Thirty Meter Telescope Hearing

Hearing officer Riki May Amano, a retired judge, will have her hands full keeping order in this forum.

Hawaii May Finally Get An Accurate Count Of Its Bottomfish

Researchers prepare to deploy a new underwater camera system. Ultimately, the results could raise or lower catch limits.

There’s A Big Mess At The Papahanaumokuakea Monument

State and federal officials are working to clean up leaking fuel, heavy equipment and other debris spilled into the water at Kure Atoll.

Luke Evslin: Excessive Tourism Seems To Be A Taboo Topic

Just one person — and not who you might expect — seemed willing to address the issue at the World Conservation Congress.

What Quota? Hawaii Longliners Are Fishing For Ahi Again

For the fourth straight year, fishermen reach their limit early, then buy the chance for more from the Northern Marianas.

State’s Fecal-Bacteria Testing To Close Kauai Beach

The Department of Health wants to identify the source of the pollution that's causing some south shore waters to be unsafe for swimming.

Hawaii’s Honeycreeper May Get Federal Protection

The iiwi, a bird once commonly found in the islands' forests, may be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The Military Tries To Sell Itself As Positive Environmental Force

The U.S. Army, Navy and Marines made a pitch to conservationists from around the world that they share the same goals. Not everyone is buying it.

Civil Rights Complaint: Pesticides Are Harming Native Hawaiians

Two local groups want the EPA to force state agriculture agencies to better regulate pesticide drift.

How Hawaii Plans To Make Sure It Doesn’t Run Out Of Water

The goal is to come up with an extra 100 million gallons of potable water a day in Hawaii.

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How Fishing Interests Infiltrated Conservation’s Biggest Event

The Western Pacific Fishery Management Council advocates most often for Hawaii's fishing industry, but yet it managed to become a voting member of the World Conservation Congress.

Here Are The Actions The IUCN Is Considering Taking

The IUCN kicked off its Members' Assembly deliberations this week in which more than 1,300 members will debate issues like wildlife trafficking and protecting the rights of indigenous people.

An All-Star Panel Talks Big Ideas About The Future Of Oceans

A distinguished panel at IUCN's World Conservation Congress in Honolulu talked about what's ailing the Earth's oceans and what needs to be done.

IUCN: Extinction Threatens 87 Percent Of Hawaii’s Native Plants

A major announcement of the world's largest conservation organization could spur new efforts to curb endangered species on the islands.

Two Things The ‘Father Of Biodiversity’ Fears Most: Trump And Nuclear War

Famed conservationist E.O. Wilson says climate change is a threat. But he also worries about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and people with nuclear codes.

Jane Goodall Says Aloha

The renowned primatologist was a star among stars at the world's largest symposium of conservationists.