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Obama Creates World’s Largest Protected Marine Area Off Hawaii

UPDATED: The expanded Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument will be 600,000 square miles — nearly the size of Alaska.

War Of Words Escalates As Monument Decision Nears

Supporters of expanding Papahanaumokuakea unveil an ad countering one by opponents of the proposal for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii’s State Of The Environment: Good, Bad And Ugly

A new report highlights challenges and opportunities.

How Cat Poop Is Killing Endangered Seals

Scientists and Hawaiian Humane Society officials don’t agree on how to address feral cat colonies and their spread of toxoplasmosis.

Fighting To Save A Remote Okinawan Forest

As helipad construction stokes tensions, a new wave of demonstrations flares up in Okinawa’s remote northern forests.


Does This Big Island Community Really Need 30,000 Solar Panels?

Residents of the Ocean View Ranchos subdivision are hoping state regulators reject an overhead power line, effectively killing the project.

Hawaii Seed Crops Worth $151M

It’s the first time that the industry’s value has grown since 2011-2012.

Should Hawaii Lose Its Pesticide Enforcement Power?

UPDATED: Earthjustice claims the Department of Agriculture isn’t doing enough to protect the public from misuse of pesticides.

Complaint: Top Federal Fisheries Official Shouldn’t Be Meddling In Marine Monument Debate

UPDATED A Hawaii conservation organization says Kitty Simonds of Wespac is violating federal law by taking a leadership role in opposing the monument expansion.

EPA Directs Hawaii To Warn Public About Polluted Beaches

High levels of a bacteria widely used as an indicator of fecal contamination have been found on the south shore of Kauai.

Suit Challenges US Military Plans To Bomb Islands In Marianas

The Navy and Marines are violating environmental laws, several organizations claim.

‘That Ocean Belongs To Us,’ Former Governor Tells Feds

Several of Hawaii’s former top leaders join a rally opposing Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument expansion.

Feds Finalize $175 Million Plan To Protect Waikiki From Flooding

Tropical Storm Darby was a reminder that a much bigger 100-year flood could devastate Honolulu’s economic engine.

How We’re Hurting Endangered Monk Seals

This North Shore monk seal mom had a tough week fighting off things that could harm her weeks-old pup.

Should A Syngenta Spokeswoman Serve On Kauai’s Water Board?

The seed company has been in the middle of debate over pesticide use on the island, an issue that has ramifications for water quality.

Former Governor, Chefs Protest Marine Monument Expansion

A rally at a Honolulu pier draws 200 who oppose a proposal to expand Papahanaumokuakea in the Norwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Feds Want Public Input On Marine Monument Expansion

Public meetings are set for next month on Oahu and Kauai to let fishermen, conservationists and others air their concerns.

Longliners Have Nearly Pulled In Their 2016 Limit Of Bigeye Tuna

Hawaii’s longline fleet had caught 98 percent of its ahi quota for the year by Wednesday.