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How We’re Hurting Endangered Monk Seals

This North Shore monk seal mom had a tough week fighting off things that could harm her weeks-old pup.

Should A Syngenta Spokeswoman Serve On Kauai’s Water Board?

The seed company has been in the middle of debate over pesticide use on the island, an issue that has ramifications for water quality.

Former Governor, Chefs Protest Marine Monument Expansion

A rally at a Honolulu pier draws 200 who oppose a proposal to expand Papahanaumokuakea in the Norwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Feds Want Public Input On Marine Monument Expansion

Public meetings are set for next month on Oahu and Kauai to let fishermen, conservationists and others air their concerns.

Longliners Have Nearly Pulled In Their 2016 Limit Of Bigeye Tuna

Hawaii’s longline fleet had caught 98 percent of its ahi quota for the year by Wednesday.

How Social Media Is Used To Fight Aloha Abuse

Volunteer groups go on Facebook and other platforms to organize cleanups and let the public know how some natural areas are trashed.

Who’s Behind A Stealth Ad Against The Marine Monument Expansion?

With no disclosure laws applicable, it can be hard to track what’s going on with the campaigns opposing and supporting the Papahanaumokuakea proposal.

Can 1,500 Scientists All Be Wrong?

They sent President Obama a letter urging him to expand Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

People Are Trashing Hawaii’s Public Places

Law enforcement officers were kept busy dealing with everything from the Waikiki flotilla to camping at Makua Beach over the holiday weekend.

Why The GMO Food Labeling Debate Is Not Over

Vermont becomes the first state to require GMO food labeling Friday, but a U.S. Senate bill could extend the requirement nationwide.

Three More Monitoring Wells To Be Built Near Red Hill Fuel Spill Site

The wells will be built on U.S. Navy and Honolulu Board of Water Supply land near where 27,000 gallons of fuel spilled.

Why You Should Check Your Sunscreen Label Right Now

Scientists say oxybenzone, an active ingredient in many sunscreens and other personal care products, is killing coral reefs.

Corals Are The Sad Story That Can Change The World

The ongoing coral carnage may be what makes climate change real for many of us.

Offshore Energy: Could Wind And Waves Power Oahu?

Federal officials are seeking information and proposals that could help Hawaii achieve its 100 percent renewable mandate.

Should Scientists Researching Oceans Also Help Save Them?

Aulani Wilhelm, who helped create a massive marine national monument, calls for expanding protections.