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Only 215 Hawaii Inmates Were Tested For Valley Fever In Arizona

About 1,400 Hawaii prisoners are incarcerated in Arizona, but only a fraction have been tested for a disease common in the Southwest.

Group Wants To Suspend Hawaii’s Effort To Build A New Jail

An environmental review for replacing the Oahu Community Correctional Center is challenged for not offering alternatives to two proposed sites.

What Quota? Hawaii Longliners Are Fishing For Ahi Again

For the fourth straight year, fishermen reach their limit early, then buy the chance for more from the Northern Marianas.

Feds Lay Out ‘Pathway’ To Native Hawaiian Self-Governance

The Interior Department calls for re-establishing a formal relationship between the U.S. and a Hawaiian “governing entity.”

Profanity-Laced Video Shows Mayor Partying Hard At Conference Party

The mayor of Hawaii County, who is accused of buying booze and other items with taxpayer money, appears to be heavily intoxicated.

State’s Fecal-Bacteria Testing To Close Kauai Beach

The Department of Health wants to identify the source of the pollution that’s causing some south shore waters to be unsafe for swimming.

How Foreign Crews Are Able To Work Aboard US Fishing Boats

An exemption in federal law changed who catches tuna for Hawaii’s longliners. Now some crew members are allegedly exploited.

Kirstin Downey: Here’s What Hawaii’s Housing Crisis Looks Like

Hawaii opened up its Section 8 housing applications for the first time in 10 years. The response was overwhelming.

Another Special Ed Aide Says Reporting Abuse Got Her Banned

Her employer, Hawaii Behavioral Health, says a thorough investigation found the allegations were untrue.

Fishing Industry Says It’s Working To Stop Abuse Of Foreign Crews

Hawaii longline tuna fishermen have created a task force to respond to allegations of human trafficking and poor working conditions.

The Hawaii Symphony: A Public Crescendo Builds

As the symphony continues to grow, it’s coming up with creative ways to make ends meet, especially for musicians.

State Investigating Placement Of Human Remains At TMT Site

The Department of Land and Natural Resources acknowledged the probe in response to a public records request but won’t say more

Between now and the Aug. 13 primary, we’ll be publishing articles about the candidates and issues, as well as videos about how the voting process works.
We’ve also reached out to every candidate to explain in their own words why they should be elected, and their responses are rolling in. Let’s go to the links:

Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

“You have to make alliances across ethnicities, and that is wonderful,” says retired UH history professor Dan Boylan.

Hawaii Storytellers: How A Fishing Trip Hooked Me On Out-Of-The-Way Places Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: How A Fishing Trip Hooked Me On Out-Of-The-Way Places

A childhood fishing trip with his uncle leads Chris D’Angelo to make a cascade of life-changing decisions.

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft? Olelo

Hawaii Storytellers: Am I Going To Cross The Atlantic On This Homemade Raft?

Civil Beat reporter Jessica Terrell’s dad really dreamed big. But, as she explains in this podcast, sometimes, it’s up to the child, not the parent, to draw the line.

Hirono, Gabbard Get Death Threats

Federal officials arrested a Tennessee man after he threatened to kill people at the federal building in downtown Honolulu.

Civil Beat Sues Hawaii Attorney General Over Secret Auditor Report

The state is refusing to release its findings from its investigation of alleged wrongdoing inside Hawaii government’s top watchdog agency.

Civil Rights Complaint: Pesticides Are Harming Native Hawaiians

Two local groups want the EPA to force state agriculture agencies to better regulate pesticide drift.

Hawaii Prison Reform Efforts Look To Be On Conflicting Paths

Lawmakers want a plan for a new prison finished before a task force decides what sort of new prison is needed.

Fish Council Votes Against Ocean Protection Measure

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Council was one of only two U.S. organizations to oppose a broad new conservation measure.

Hawaii Is A Paradise For Pay Phones

For reasons that remain somewhat obscure, Hawaii has more pay phones per capita than any other state.