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Oahu’s Inmates Are Facing Some Seriously ‘Inhumane’ Conditions

The feds stepped in once before. Hawaii needs a mix of expanded facilities and a decrease in prisoners to avoid losing control again.

Fight Over Papahanaumokuakea Expansion Isn’t Over

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council wants a study of the economic impacts of marine monument expansion.

Watch Billy Kenoi’s Trial Live

The Big Island mayor was indicted on two counts of felony theft, among other charges.

Hundreds Wanted A Piece Of The Action In Hawaii Pot Dispensaries

Almost 500 people connected with more than 50 entities sought approval to run dispensaries, including lawyers, lobbyists and politicians.

Hawaii’s Longline Fishermen Pushing To Catch More Tuna

Some have their sights set on doubling or even tripling their annual catch limits through new deals with Pacific Island territories.

Fishery Council Downplays Worker Abuses On Hawaii Ships

Council members say there are no serious issues in Hawaii’s longline tuna fleet, but the industry is taking action to make sure.

The Stage Is Set For Tuesday’s Thirty Meter Telescope Hearing

Hearing officer Riki May Amano, a retired judge, will have her hands full keeping order in this forum.

Our New ‘Offshore’ Podcast: Hawaii’s Not Always Paradise

Civil Beat and PRX explore race and power in the islands in the first season of our new show.

Hawaii Finds Itself Stuck As Others Abandon For-Profit Prisons

Even as the ground shifts nationally away from private prisons, Hawaii Gov. David Ige said he sees no way it will change here anytime soon.

State May Reject Call For Reform After Report Of Fishing Abuses

Petitioners want to stiffen requirements for commercial marine licenses to address mistreatment of foreign crews on U.S. boats.

Report: Vets Faring Better In Hawaii, But There’s Work To Do

Wait times for health care have decreased, but logistical problems still hinder services, according to the VA.

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Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

The 2016 elections are coming at a time that political debates are changing, and not for the better.

Pod Squad: Capitol Debate Series Takes On Pesticides Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Capitol Debate Series Takes On Pesticides

Want to learn more about pesticide buffer zones? Go to the debate on Friday between college debate teams.
Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

Pod Squad: Race And Ethnicity In Hawaii Politics

"You have to make alliances across ethnicities, and that is wonderful," says retired UH history professor Dan Boylan.

Feds: Foreign Fishermen Have No Complaints Working On US Boats

Law enforcement officers are continuing to investigate allegations of human trafficking but say they have not found a case yet.

Lawmakers: Hawaii Can Do More For Foreign Crews On US Boats

Amid allegations of abuse, legislators express surprise that the state doesn’t collect more information when it licenses fishermen.

Hawaii May Finally Get An Accurate Count Of Its Bottomfish

Researchers prepare to deploy a new underwater camera system. Ultimately, the results could raise or lower catch limits.

How Hawaii Companies Pay To Party It Up With Public Officials

A conference held last month on Kauai shows how Hawaii’s business elite pay money to help wine and dine influential public officials.

Jill Stein On Hawaii Ballot

The Green Party candidate is also running against Clinton and Trump, as well as Johnson and a fifth presidential candidate.

Overfishing? Hawaii Longliners Want Even More Tuna

Critics say the fisheries council is ignoring the reality of overfishing if it allows longliners to continue current practices.

This Group Is Looking For Better Ways Hawaii Can Limit Painkillers

Once a leader, Hawaii has fallen behind on ways to identify doctors who overprescribe as well as patients who shop around for opioid pain pills.

Marines May Add Aircraft Training On Forbidden Island And Kauai

The military is studying the possibility of creating places for pilots to train with Ospreys, aircraft that have been contentious elsewhere in Hawaii.