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Fisheries Commission Takes Steps To Keep Observers Safer

The last-minute agreement represented one of the week’s few accomplishments, but more action on tuna is expected next year.

Should Union Members Be Able To Disobey Law’s Smoking Ban?

A union says hospital administrators started following the law without consulting its members, thus violating collective bargaining agreements.

Delays, Denials Plague Hawaii’s Program To Help Injured Workers

The state is trying to streamline its workers’ compensation system, but critics say wholesale changes are needed.

Tuna Commission’s ‘Glacial’ Pace Suits Some In Industry Just Fine

Diverse interests always seem to stymie a global organization charged with saving bluefin and bigeye tuna from overfishing.

Environmentalists Urge Land Board To Deny A&B Water Use Permits

Alexander & Baldwin wants a one-year renewal of its use of East Maui streams. The Sierra Club argues it doesn’t need the water.

State Hides Work History Of Former Cop Charged With Sex Assault

But state law requires disclosure of detailed information about a public employee’s job qualifications.

Activist: Officials Care More About Fish Than People Aboard Ships

Critics say the longline fleet’s tuna catch can be a “product of slavery,” but an industry leader said most crews are managed humanely.

Project Preserves The Voices And Stories Of Pearl Harbor Survivors

The Veterans History Project is still seeking oral histories produce by friends and relatives of service members who survived the attack.

Uncertainty Over Trump Won’t Derail Palau’s Marine Reserve Plans

The Pacific island nation partners with The Nature Conservancy to boost accountability and looks for lessons elsewhere — but not Hawaii.

Gabbard Faced Tough Questions In Dakota About Hawaiian Issues

The congresswoman was challenged when she said the Thirty Meter Telescope issue was resolved. She later said she personally opposes the project.

Bula! Pacific Tuna Commission Gets To Work On Fishing Policies

A Civil Beat reporter catches a red-eye flight to Fiji, where hundreds of people are discussing the health of tuna populations.

Abe, Obama To Showcase ‘Power Of Reconciliation’ At Pearl Harbor

The Dec. 27 visit will be the first by a Japanese head of state to the site of the attack that pulled the U.S. into World War II.


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Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces

Civil Beat is one of five nonprofit news organizations that are joining together to share ideas and resources.

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach

Jose Fajardo, HPR’s president and general manager, wants to expand the two stations’ local content.

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

The 2016 elections are coming at a time that political debates are changing, and not for the better.

Good News For Standing Rock: Feds Say No To Pipeline Route

New studies will be done to find an alternative route for the oil pipeline.

Hula Dancer Who Served In Iraq Joins Vets Protesting Pipeline

Hundreds of veterans swell the ranks of demonstrators near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

Protesters Give Water To Sheriff Who Wants To Cut Their Supplies

A Native Hawaiian helps stage the event designed to deliver a message — and perhaps relieve tensions at Standing Rock.

Aloha, Standing Rock: Islanders Brave Cold, Snow In Solidarity

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s fight to stop an oil pipeline has drawn hundreds of supporters to a frozen landscape in North Dakota.

Micronesia Expert Blasts ‘Flawed’ US Approach To Foreign Aid

Micronesia has become heavily reliant on U.S. aid for its gross domestic product and jobs — not a model for sustainability.

Hawaii’s Probation Program Is Often Copied, But Does It Work?

A new study finds the islands’ approach doesn’t necessarily reduce recidivism and save taxpayer money.