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Will GOP Punish Hawaii Because We’re Democrats?

Schatz and Hirono are already making stands on Trump’s environmental nominees. But the state’s GOP chair warns against going too far.

Potholes, Lost Inmate Property, Falling Ceiling Cost Taxpayers

The state approved nearly $200,000 in small claims to cover a wide range of incidents reported by residents, prisoners and others.

Hawaii Residents Journey To DC For Very Different Reasons

Some are here to celebrate a new direction for the country. Others will march for the preservation of women’s rights.

Rail Project’s Huge Shortfall Looms Over Legislature’s Opening Day

The Senate president said lawmakers are not united on a plan, even as the House speaker reiterated his ideas to fund the troubled project.

Gabbard In Syria, Hanabusa In Honolulu As DC Fills Up

Hundreds of Hawaii residents are converging on the nation’s capital for inauguration-related events, but so far their congresswomen aren’t there.

Counselor Involved In School Sex Case Now Works For State

Scott O’Neal didn’t admit liability but paid $750,000 to settle. The Department of Health said it could find no reason not to hire him.

Report: Native Hawaiians Face A ‘Public Health Crisis’

That’s the conclusion of a task force that wants help from the state. But lawmakers demand to see specific proposals, and quickly.

Counties Again Seek Greater Share Of Hotel Tax, Lifeguard Immunity

Protection from civil litigation expires July 1 unless lawmakers act. Counties want lifeguards treated the same as some state workers.

Fiji Is Showing Off Its Sharks — Should Hawaii Do The Same?

The apex predators are more than just a tourist attraction. Their protection in a marine park helps other fish thrive as well.

Do Condo Owners Need Some Help From Hawaii’s Legislature?

Potential condo-related proposals run the gamut from establishing an ombudsman to merely clarifying existing laws.

Death And Taxes: Two Certainties For This Year’s Hawaii Legislature

Lawmakers will consider medical aid in dying legislation while also weighing how to fund transportation projects such as Honolulu rail.

No Quick Fixes For Prison Overcrowding In Governor’s Budget

The Department of Public Safety has not started on expansion of three jails, a $37.5 million project approved by lawmakers last year.

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Pod Squad: Nine Years of Staking Out Obama

Pod Squad: Nine Years of Staking Out Obama

A small group of protesters stood a mostly silent vigil to the vacationing president’s comings and goings.

Pod Squad: Meet Civil Beat’s DC Reporter Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Meet Civil Beat’s DC Reporter

Kirstin Downey talks about how looming changes in Washington, D.C., could affect Hawaii.

Pod Squad: How Trump Won And What Comes Next For Journalism Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: How Trump Won And What Comes Next For Journalism

Only one of the candidates — and it wasn’t Clinton — offered what voters clearly wanted: “This overarching call to action.”

State Says Number Of Available Shelter Beds Will Go Up In 2017

Hawaii nonprofits also promise to double the number of homeless people who enter permanent housing.

Hirono Takes Stand Against Attorney General Nominee

The Hawaii senator, who moved to the United States as a child, chided Sen. Jeff Sessions for his stances on immigration reform.

Hawaii Sued By Supporters Of Medical Aid In Dying

The plaintiffs, including terminally ill lobbyist John Radcliffe, are also hoping to convince the Legislature to take action this session.

OHA Trustees Walk Out After Chair Squelches Public Testimony

Rowena Akana unilaterally ruled that oral testimony regarding the embattled CEO would not be permitted at a public meeting.

Schatz Gets Key Role On Military Panel

Hawaii senator hopeful that new post will bring money to the state.

How Hawaii’s Prisoners Are Ending Up In Facilities All Over The Country

But, citing privacy and security reasons, state prison officials won’t say why prisoners are being transferred or where they have gone.