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$9.5 Billion For Honolulu Rail?

It’s the financial terms of the project that could drive the cost up. Those elements are still unknown.

Activists Fear Thomas Square Could Become A ‘Revenue Cow’

The downtown Honolulu park has long been the site for political and cultural events, as well as free services for the needy.

City Gets Authority To Condemn Private Kakaako Streets

The City Council approves a resolution that provides an option for clearing obstructed roadways.

Council Approves $150K To Pay Lawyers For Police Chief

Because Kealoha is suing the city for investigating him, city attorneys can’t represent the chief in other cases.

Angela Kaaihue Removed From City Council Meeting After Disruptions

She said renaming an aquatic center after the late Mark Takai was a “disgrace,” and suggested naming it for Donald Trump instead.

Baby Death Lawsuit Cites A Hospital Language Barrier

A Chuukese couple’s child died after a series of visits to the emergency room at Kapiolani Medical Center, their lawyer says.

The Projector: Rain Can’t Stop A Search For The Perfect Tree

The Projector: Rain Can’t Stop A Search For The Perfect Tree

Not all of Hawaii’s Christmas trees arrive by ship. Since 2002, a tree farm near Wahiawa has been growing its own.

City Still Misuses Hanauma Bay Funds, Advocacy Group Says

Honolulu officials have agreed to an independent financial audit of revenue from Oahu’s prime snorkeling venue.

Services For The Needy Generate Hope, Complaints In Chinatown

Can the area pull off the balancing act of helping the homeless while still allowing businesses to thrive?

Denby Fawcett: Neighbors Say No To Doris Duke Swimming Hole Changes

Should an historic breakwater be destroyed because some people are too stupid to quit jumping off the rocks?

Councilwoman Wants To Stop Manoa Flooding Before It Returns

Honolulu Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi hopes better cooperation among property owners will help alleviate a pricey problem.

Hoping For A Queen Theater Comeback In Kaimuki

Community members yearn for the venue’s revival. Now two artist/restauranteurs may have the inside track to getting it done.


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Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Nonprofit News Sites Join Forces

Civil Beat is one of five nonprofit news organizations that are joining together to share ideas and resources.

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Hawaii Public Radio Looks To Extend Its Reach

Jose Fajardo, HPR’s president and general manager, wants to expand the two stations’ local content.

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

The 2016 elections are coming at a time that political debates are changing, and not for the better.

Denby Fawcett: City Officials Didn’t Tell Voters Zoo Director Had Quit

Mayor Kirk Caldwell and others knew of Baird Fleming’s intention to leave before the critical vote to give the zoo stable funding.

Why Keith Kaneshiro Is Standing Behind Katherine Kealoha

Honolulu’s top prosecutor has been a harsh critic of a Justice Department investigation into Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his prosecutor wife.

Kakaako Food Pantry To Close — At Least For Now

After giving away 3 million pounds of food per year, Feeding Hawaii Together has not been able to find a new site so far.

This Kalihi Bike Shop Is Helping Kids Learn Life Lessons

A small shop provides a sanctuary for the community’s youths, including residents of nearby public housing projects.

Will Residents Ever Feel Safe In This Downtown Honolulu Park?

In a scenario that plays out in many parts of downtown and Chinatown, nearby residents are afraid to go to Kamalii Park.

Amid The Buzz Of Waikiki, 21,000 People Who Call It Home

“It is a regular neighborhood, just like any other urban neighborhood in any other city in the world.”