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Denby Fawcett: Hawaii State Senate May Soon Be All Democrats

Hawaii’s only Republican senator faces a formidable challenge, and some Democrats are already saying how much they’d miss him.

TV Spots — And One Big Print Ad — Spice Up Mayor’s Race

Incumbent Kirk Caldwell lets others do the talking, while challenger Charles Djou appears with his wife — and in uniform.

From Now Through Nov. 8, Every Day Is Election Day In Hawaii

Plenty of people have their ballots in hand, but there are a lot of decisions to make. Check out our coverage so far and what’s still to come.

Djou Says Caldwell Lied About Bank Compensation

But the mayor’s political advisers say the ethics complaint is just a campaign ploy.

Candidate Q&A: State Senate District 1 — Kaialiʻi Kahele

Candidate Q&A: State Senate District 1 — Kaialiʻi Kahele

“Hawaii Island has the highest unemployment rate in the state at almost 5.0 percent … I am committed to growing my island’s economy.”

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Council — Shane Sinenci

Candidate Q&A: Maui County Council — Shane Sinenci

“County government needs to support the state’s affordable housing initiatives and fast-track those projects that will put families in homes.”

Honolulu Voters Don’t Love Rail, But They Still Want The Job Done

Supporters of building the train’s route all the way to Ala Moana Center far outnumber people who want to cut the rail line short.

Caldwell Up 7 Points Over Djou In Honolulu Mayor’s Race

Trump is far behind Clinton among Oahu voters. That may hurt Republican Djou even though the mayor’s race is nonpartisan.

Judge: Angela Kaaihue’s Name To Remain On Ballot — Twice

She is running as a Democrat for one congressional seat and as a Republican for another — to the chagrin of both parties.

Denby Fawcett: Why Some Hawaii Women Still Like Donald Trump

Despite his creepy sexual remarks and alleged groping, some female voters still think he should be president.

Both Mayoral Candidates Ask: Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Mayor Kirk Caldwell steals challenger Charles Djou’s frequently asked question, but supplies very different answers.

Djou, Caldwell Make Pitches To Native Hawaiian Audience

The Honolulu mayoral candidates appeared before the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement.

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Why It’s So Hard To Find Serious Candidates For City Prosecutor

Even one of Honolulu's former top prosecutors won't be eligible to run for his old job because of city rules that limit who can run.

What Will Anosh Yaqoob Do If He’s Elected? He Has No Idea

The only challenger in the race for Honolulu prosecutor says he'd learn on the job and couldn't name a single law enforcement initiative he'd pursue.

Hawaii Is Getting Help From The Feds To Fend Off Election Hackers

The Office of Elections has been in contact with the FBI and Homeland Security to ensure security recommendation are followed locally.

Caldwell Aide Works Campaign For Free But Gets City Contracts

Glenna Wong doesn’t seem to get paid for campaign work, but she has received city contracts worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Hawaii Candidates Are Sick Of Answering So Many Questions

As special interest groups, labor unions and the media try to nail them down on issues, office-seekers decide which groups to respond to.

Djou To Skip PBS Honolulu Mayoral Debate With Caldwell

The challenger's campaign said it never confirmed it would participate, but the station said otherwise.