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Want To Be On Hawaii’s 2020 Presidential Ballot? Show Us Your Taxes

An Oahu lawmaker plans legislation that would require all presidential candidates to release their returns.

Your Guide To Tracking The 2017 Hawaii Legislature

The islands’ 25 senators and 51 representatives will back in action before you know it. Keeping up with them is everybody’s business.

Trump Gives Hawaii Republicans A Rare Chance To Celebrate

About 400 people attended a gala dinner — and some of them plan to journey to Washington for the inauguration.

Trump Blurring The Line Between Reality And Reality TV

In “The Apprentice,” contestants fawned over the billionaire as they curried his favor. Now, potential Cabinet members play those roles.

Hawaii Electors Want Obama To Release CIA Report On Russia

The islands’ four delegates to the Electoral College say it’s essential for all electors to know the extent of foreign interference in the election.

Caldwell Outspent Djou Nearly 4-To-1 In Honolulu Mayor’s Race

The mayor raised $3.6 million, and a super PAC kicked in nearly $1 million more to support his re-election bid.

Gabbard To Join Veterans In Protest Of North Dakota Oil Pipeline

Hawaii’s congresswoman says she will attend demonstrations near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Sunday.

Tulsi Gabbard Talks With Trump About Syria And Terrorism

Although some media are reporting she’s under consideration for posts in the new administration, Gabbard says she just wanted to talk about foreign policy concerns.

Who Voted For Donald Trump In Hawaii?

A lot of his support came from mostly white, affluent tourism areas. He did especially well on parts of the North Shore.

Hawaii Union Works To Overthrow State House Leaders

Through endorsements and contributions, United Public Workers backed old-guard candidates and others who challenged current leadership.

Hawaii Hasn’t Been This Short On Congressional Clout In Awhile

“I don’t think Hawaii can expect any favors from the federal government anytime soon,” says one analyst.

Schatz: Remember Sanders’ Passion When Looking To 2018 Vote

“We need a progressive counter-revolution,” says the Hawaii senator, who was elected to a full six-year term Tuesday.

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Hawaii’s General Election Turnout Dipped To 58.3 Percent This Year

The last presidential election in 2012 attracted a 61.9 percent turnout, but that ballot included Hawaii-born Barack Obama.

The Projector: General Election — The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Projector: General Election — The Day The Earth Stood Still

Tuesday began with the usual polling place rituals. By late that night, change had come to America, overshadowing local races.

Honolulu Council Members, Prosecutor Fend Off Challengers

Kobayashi, Manahan, Menor and Kaneshiro won re-election by wide margins.

Honolulu Voters Say No To Longer Terms For Mayor, Council

But most of the other charter amendments were passing handily, including more police oversight and money for the Honolulu Zoo.

Chang Tops Slom In Race To Unseat Hawaii’s Only GOP Senator

Other than Slom and Pouha, incumbents fared well in legislative races. Rhoads, Gates, Holt and Nakamura won open seats.

OHA Chair Lindsey Holds On To Seat, Akina Edges Past Apoliona

Longtime incumbent trustees faced tough challengers.