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Islands’ Nuclear Case Pending

The International Court of Justice will rule on a complaint the Marshall Islands brought against India, Pakistan and Britain for not abandoning nuclear weapons.

Hawaii’s Highways Rank 48th

The Reason Foundation ranked every state’s highway system on pavement condition, traffic congestion, deficient bridges, traffic fatality rates, spending per-mile and more.

Obama ‘Spat’ On Hawaiians

A group of Kanaka Maoli rejects the Interior Department’s rule on Hawaiian self-governance.

Ige Wants Maui Disaster Help

Hawaii’s governor toured the Iao Stream area, which suffered severe damage during last week’s storm.

Gabbard: Halt Saudi Arms Sales

The Hawaii congresswoman says the Middle East nation is the “No. 1 promoter of radical Islamic extremism.”

American Samoa Animals Protected

It’s the first time species in the U.S. territory have received federal protections.

Veteran HPD Officer Arrested

KITV reports that Maulia LaBarre was taken in by FBI officials and charged with five counts of honest services wire fraud.

Hirono, Gabbard Get Death Threats

Federal officials arrested a Tennessee man after he threatened to kill people at the federal building in downtown Honolulu.

Surfing In Micronesia

A video series captures Kelly Slater and John John Florence looking for choice waves in the Marshall Islands.

Hawaii Rent Highest In Nation

Renters in Hawaii are continuing to pay more than anywhere else in the country for their living spaces, according to new Census data.

Trump Still Wrong On Obama

After igniting a controversy by refusing to concede President Obama was born in Hawaii, his campaign rushed in to clean up the mess.

Oahu Dem: Party ‘More Dictatorial’

Rich Halverson quits his post as vice chair of the Oahu County Committee.

Fishing Conditions Alarm Lawmakers

Hawaii’s congressional delegation reacts to the AP report on working conditions for tuna fishermen.

Edward Snowden Wants A Pardon

Good timing. The request comes just as the new movie “Snowden” is about to premier.

Genki Sushi Reopens Stores

All 11 of its restaurants on Oahu and Kauai will soon be back in business following a Hepatitis A outbreak.

Plastic Message In A Bottle

An exhibit at the IUCN World Conservation Congress raises awareness of just how much manufactured crap we toss into the ocean.

Hirono, Schatz Want Zika Action

The Congress has still not reached agreement on funding requests to address the mosquito-borne outbreak.