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Trump Gives Hawaii Republicans A Rare Chance To Celebrate

About 400 people attended a gala dinner — and some of them plan to journey to Washington for the inauguration.

Hawaii Electors Want Obama To Release CIA Report On Russia

The islands’ four delegates to the Electoral College say it’s essential for all electors to know the extent of foreign interference in the election.

Caldwell Outspent Djou Nearly 4-To-1 In Honolulu Mayor’s Race

The mayor raised $3.6 million, and a super PAC kicked in nearly $1 million more to support his re-election bid.

Will Trump Be Able To Undo Papahanaumokuakea?

The president lacks the express authority to revoke a national monument designation but Congress can do it.

Who Voted For Donald Trump In Hawaii?

A lot of his support came from mostly white, affluent tourism areas. He did especially well on parts of the North Shore.

Hawaii Union Works To Overthrow State House Leaders

Through endorsements and contributions, United Public Workers backed old-guard candidates and others who challenged current leadership.

Native Hawaiians Don’t Know What To Expect From Trump

Some leaders say competing movements for federal recognition and complete independence will continue no matter who is president.

Hawaii Hasn’t Been This Short On Congressional Clout In Awhile

“I don’t think Hawaii can expect any favors from the federal government anytime soon,” says one analyst.

Kirstin Downey: Ignore The Working Class At Your Own Peril

So many people are employed but still struggling financially, and Trump was the only one loudly promising to shake things up.

Reader Rep: Was It Fair To Turn Kirk Caldwell Into A Cardboard Cutout?

Credit Civil Beat for coming up with a creative approach to candidate videos. But the resulting coverage could have been more balanced.

Luke Evslin: What Trump And Hitler Have In Common

Our president-elect isn’t like the Hitler of the 1940s, but his rhetoric has a lot in common with the Hitler of the 1920s.

Health Beat: What America Looks Like Without Obamacare

It’s hard to find winners if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, but there would be no shortage of losers.

Anti-Trump Protest In Waikiki: Peace, Aloha And ‘Rebellion’

Motorists honked in support and some of the onlookers joined the procession from Kapiolani Park to a Trump hotel.

Schatz: Remember Sanders’ Passion When Looking To 2018 Vote

“We need a progressive counter-revolution,” says the Hawaii senator, who was elected to a full six-year term Tuesday.

Denby Fawcett: Can Trump Settle Down And Learn How To Govern?

The presidential transition team might want to study the case of a political neophyte who was elected mayor of Hawaii Island in 1988.

Kirstin Downey: Welcome To TrumpWorld

Donald Trump’s presidency could be both good news and bad news for Hawaii.

Chad Blair: Wednesday-Morning Quarterbacking Hawaii’s Election

Everyone’s talking about you-know-who, but there were outcomes in local politics also worth keeping top of mind.

Neal Milner: What The Chicago Cubs Can Teach Us About Civility

The election showed our dark side while the World Series was a glimmer of light about how things ought to be.