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Hawaii First State To Link Firearms Owners To FBI Database

Gov. Ige signed legislation authorizing county police departments to enroll firearms applicants and individuals registering firearms in a federal service that monitors criminal records.

Hawaii Lawmakers: No Guns For Stalkers

A House bill would ban sales of firearms and ammunition to those convicted of misdemeanor stalking or sexual assault.

‘Smart Gun’ Technology Is Gaining Traction

Personalized weapons technology can make a contribution to reducing death and injury from accidental or unauthorized weapons use.

Hawaii Ranks Low In Firearm Dependence

A new analysis by WalletHub shows Hawaii ranks near the bottom among all states in most gun-related measures.

Lowest Gun Death Rates? Yep, Hawaii

A new study says Hawaii still enjoys that distinction, along with Rhode Island. Alaska and Louisiana have highest gun-death rates.

Hawaii: 2nd Fewest Gun Dealers Per Capita

Latest federal data finds 68,000 dealers nationwide, but just 140 in the islands.

Should Hawaii’s DLNR Cops Carry Semi-Automatic Weapons?

Citing an increased risk of terrorism, conservation officers want more semi-automatic rifles and shotguns to protect the state's vast natural resources.

16 Gun Deaths: What’d Hawaii Reps Do?

Hawaii's congressional delegation is in sync when it comes to gun control, which may be part of why the Aloha State has so few gun-related deaths.

Hawaii, A Model For Gun Control?

Gun smuggling is kind of hard when you're on an island in the middle of the ocean.

How Many People Have Police Killed So Far This Year?

Since January, police in the United States have killed 745 and are on track to kill around 1,200 by the end of the year.

Study: Low Injury Rate Shows Gun-Control Laws Work

Study: Low Injury Rate Shows Gun-Control Laws Work

States like Hawaii with strict gun-control legislation saw fewer gunshot wounds in 2010 than those with more relaxed laws.
Cory Lum/Civil Beat


Are There More Guns Than People in Hawaii?

Gun ownership has grown by 300 percent in the last 15 years with more than 400,000 guns registered in Hawaii.

The Projector: Civil Beat Checks Out a Gun Show as the Legislature Continues

Gun ownership in Hawaii has been growing for the past few years which prompted us to take a break from the Legislature and attend a gun show at the Blaisdell.

Hawaii Gun Control Measure Ticks Off Firearms Fan

UPDATED Permit forms would need "affirmation" that applicants and their household members do not have mental disorders.

Which State Has the Lowest Gun Death Rate? Hawaii

Massachusetts and New York are not far behind, while Alaska has the highest gun death rate.

Hawaii Police Killed At Least 36 People in 20 Years

Thousands more have gone to emergency rooms after encounters with officers, costing millions of dollars.

The New Battlefield Over Guns Is About Access

Gun control groups have made a tactical shift away from an assault weapons ban.

Hawaii Has 2nd Lowest Gun Death Rate

Not coincidentally, less than 10 percent of island households have firearms.