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State Says Number Of Available Shelter Beds Will Go Up In 2017

Hawaii nonprofits also promise to double the number of homeless people who enter permanent housing.

New Kakaako Park Rules Could Keep Homeless Away

The HCDA says the changes mostly clarify rules that already existed. Recent problems have involved vandalism and homelessness.

Kakaako Shelters Work To Move Homeless Into Housing Faster

With new rules looming, state-run facilities look to expedite the shelter-to-housing process.

Homeless Count Volunteers Sought

Organizers are gearing up for the annual count of homeless people, but they are facing a serious shortage of volunteers.

Don’t Like The Homeless In Our Backyards? Then Fix The Problem

The concerns of Chinatown business owners are understandable, but we can’t keep forcing our homeless citizens elsewhere.

Services For The Needy Generate Hope, Complaints In Chinatown

Can the area pull off the balancing act of helping the homeless while still allowing businesses to thrive?

City To House Over 100 Homeless

U.S. VETS has received a $2.2 million contract from the City & County of Honolulu to launch a Housing First program.

Can Homeless Families Really Find Housing Within 90 Days?

The just-opened Kakaako Family Assessment Center is the latest Oahu shelter to adopt the rapid rehousing model.

Denby Fawcett: Advice For The Next Mayor On Homelessness

People who are actually helping Honolulu's homeless population have a few ideas for Kirk Caldwell or Charles Djou.

Lawsuit Against Homeless Sweeps Could Cost Taxpayers $1M

The city agreed to stop destroying homeless peoples' belongings during sweeps but not before the legal fees piled up.

A Full-Year Homeless Emergency

Gov. David Ige signed a supplemental proclamation to extend the state of emergency for two more months.

Lawsuit Over Homeless Sweeps A Step Closer To Settlement

In the proposed deal, the city agrees to pay $48,500 to 21 plaintiffs whose property was destroyed.

Ige Looks To Reduce Unsheltered Homeless To ‘Functional Zero’

The Hawaii governor unveils a four-year plan that calls for building 10,000 affordable housing units.

Why Honolulu Can’t Be Sure How Many Homeless Veterans It Has

At least 200 veterans still need permanent housing, but two recent efforts to count them generated significantly different results.

As Hawaii Homelessness Grows, Shelters Say Bill May Cut 200 Beds

The measure that will take effect next year is designed to make shelters more desirable, but operators say it'll come at a cost.
The Projector: Showing Off Hale Mauliola, A New Type Of Shelter

The Projector: Showing Off Hale Mauliola, A New Type Of Shelter

Legislators, nonprofit organizers and residents gather for a blessing of a transitional facility that has been helping people find housing since last November.

Hawaii’s Homeless Population Still On The Rise

The annual “point in time” count finds a modest increase despite the concerted efforts of the state and its counties.

Homeless Emergency Extended, Again

Gov. Ige has signed a fifth supplemental proclamation on homelessness, meaning conditions remain in effect until August.