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Why One Police Commissioner Wanted To Fire The Chief

Commissioner Loretta Sheehan was outvoted by the other commissioners but presented them with a detailed plan for moving to fire the chief.

Honolulu Police Chief Gets $250,000 In Retirement Deal

Agreement calls for Louis Kealoha to pay back the money if he is convicted of a felony.

Senator: ‘Silent’ Police Commission Should Stay Quiet A Bit Longer

Will Espero urges the commission to wait until a federal investigation is finished before making a deal for Chief Louis Kealoha’s departure.

HPD Chief’s Secret Payoff: It’s The Principle That Should Count

Retire, fire or keep Chief Louis Kealoha on leave. But don’t reward him for what could turn out to be very serious criminal wrongdoing.

Honolulu Police Commission To City Council: Stay Out Of It

The chairman of the commission says it alone will finalize a secret deal likely to include a buyout for retiring Police Chief Louis Kealoha.

FBI Serves Search Warrant At Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecuting Attorney Keith Kaneshiro has been combative over allegations that one of his top deputies is involved in corruption and conspiracy.

Caldwell: There’s Likely No Deal Yet On Police Chief’s Departure

The mayor said there’s no big hurry, but he’d still like to see a departure agreement finalized “as expeditiously as possible.”

City Council Members ‘Leery’ Of HPD Chief’s Retirement Deal

Police Commission Chairman Max Sword refuses to answer questions from council members who want to know if they get final say on any payout.

HPD Chief Could Get A Lucrative Cash Payout Along With Pension

The fact that the Honolulu Police Commission is negotiating a deal in secret is raising concerns.

Is HPD Chief’s Departure Just The Beginning Of An ‘Ugly’ Mess?

Chief Louis Kealoha’s retirement package is being worked out and approved in secret before it’s known whether he committed serious wrongdoing.

Embattled Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha To Retire

The chief has maintained his innocence after being named by the FBI as a suspect in a federal corruption investigation.

Police Commission Remains Mum About HPD Chief Situation

The commission wrapped up an hours-long meeting without making a decision but plans to take up the issue again on Friday.

Police Commission: HPD Chief’s Future Will Be Discussed In Secret

But public-interest attorneys say the matter is far too important to be handled behind closed doors.

City Prosecutor Under Corruption Probe Will Run Criminal Intel Unit

Katherine Kealoha has been picked to help with a new intelligence-driven prosecution strategy.

The Plot Thickens In The Honolulu Police Chief Conspiracy Case

An investigation into a broken taillight at Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha’s house raises more questions about alleged corruption.

The Only Cure For Our Police Blues: Put Chief On Permanent Leave

The alleged conspiracy involving Louis Kealoha’s stolen mailbox is only one reason he should not be allowed back on the job.

Was Acting HPD Chief In On The Theft Conspiracy?

A police commissioner and a federal public defender raise concerns that Cary Okimoto is part of Kealoha’s inner circle.

Honolulu Police Chief Placed On Leave During Corruption Probe

UPDATED: At least four other officers have also been notified that they are suspects in a federal investigation stemming from a mailbox theft case.