Guns And Gun Violence

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Guns And Gun Violence

October 2017

Tuesday, October 3

Congress Must ‘Get Off Its Ass’ And Move To Stop Gun Violence

July 2016

Monday, July 11

Police Are Shooting And Killing More People In Hawaii This Year

June 2016

Sunday, June 12

‘I’m Going To Live For Those 50 People’

March 2016

Thursday, March 10

Lawmakers Lauded For Gun Bills

Tuesday, March 1

Bill To Expand Gun Restrictions Is Headed For Full House

February 2016

Wednesday, February 24

Hawaii Lawmakers: No Guns For Stalkers

January 2016

Monday, January 4

Lowest Gun Death Rates? Yep, Hawaii

December 2015

Wednesday, December 16

Hawaii: 2nd Fewest Gun Dealers Per Capita

Should Hawaii’s DLNR Cops Carry Semi-Automatic Weapons?

Monday, December 14

16 Gun Deaths: What’d Hawaii Reps Do?

November 2015

Tuesday, November 24

Hawaii, A Model For Gun Control?

September 2015

Thursday, September 3

How Many People Have Police Killed So Far This Year?

August 2015

Wednesday, August 19

Study: Low Injury Rate Shows Gun-Control Laws Work

Sunday, August 16

Hawaii Movie Theaters Inspecting Bags, Packages

June 2015

Friday, June 26

Hawaii: Sun, Surf and Suicides

April 2015

Wednesday, April 1

Are There More Guns Than People in Hawaii?

March 2015

Friday, March 27

The Projector: Civil Beat Checks Out a Gun Show as the Legislature Continues

February 2015

Wednesday, February 11

Hawaii Gun Control Measure Ticks Off Firearms Fan

January 2015

Thursday, January 29

Which State Has the Lowest Gun Death Rate? Hawaii

Wednesday, January 21

Hawaii Police Killed At Least 36 People in 20 Years

October 2014

Friday, October 3

The New Battlefield Over Guns Is About Access

June 2014

Thursday, June 19

Hawaii Has 2nd Lowest Gun Death Rate

Wednesday, June 18

Gun Shops Versus Museums and Libraries: How Does Hawaii Stack Up?

Monday, June 16

Attorney General Touts Supreme Court Decision on Firearms

Monday, June 9

ATF Releases New 2013 Gun Trace Statistics For US, Hawaii

Friday, June 6

Nearly Half of Guns Traced in Hawaii Come From Out of State

May 2014

Wednesday, May 28

HPD Use of Force Report: A Blurred Snapshot Lacking Context

Saturday, May 17

Honolulu Prosescutor Agrees More Transparency Better In Police Shootings

Wednesday, May 14

Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

April 2014

Thursday, April 24

A Doctor Gave $1 Million of His Own Money to Keep His Gun Research Going

March 2014

Wednesday, March 26

Months After Deedy Mistrial, Hawaii Residents Seek Reparations for Elderts Family

January 2014

Tuesday, January 28

Hawaii Senator Wants to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Drunk Cops

December 2013

Tuesday, December 10

Senate Extends Undetectable Guns Ban, Sans Schatz Amendments

Sunday, December 8

Schatz Wants 10-Year Ban On Undetectable Guns

August 2013

Thursday, August 8

Deedy Trial — Should A Federal Agent Have Left Before Violence Erupted?

June 2013

Friday, June 28

Civil Beat Poll – Let’s Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons in Hawaii

May 2013

Tuesday, May 14

Honolulu Seeks Ways To Cut Down Wait For Firearm Permits

April 2013

Wednesday, April 17

Schatz, Hirono Disappointed By Failure Of Gun Bill

March 2013

Thursday, March 21

Why Is Hawaii The Only State Without A Statewide Police Standards Board?

Friday, March 8

HPD Officer Shoots Man In Kalihi Valley

Are Stronger Gun Laws Out Of Reach Politically?

Hawaii Gun Culture Attracts Tourists

February 2013

Tuesday, February 26

Police Investigating Gunshots At Punahou School

Monday, February 11

Is Hawaii Sharing Enough Info With Feds for Gun Background Checks?

Monday, February 4

Where Hawaii’s Mayors Stand on Gun Violence

January 2013

Friday, January 25

Hawaii Gun Bills Target Ammo, High-Powered Weapons, Mental Health

December 2012

Saturday, December 15

A Civil Beat Guide To Guns in Hawaii

November 2012

Friday, November 30

Hawaii AG Opposes Conceal And Carry Legislation

Wednesday, November 14

Is the NRA Gaining Ground in Hawaii? National President Visits

September 2012

Thursday, September 6

Gun Rights Dominate Hearing On Non-Violence

June 2012

Thursday, June 28

Waikiki Shooting Video Remains Shrouded

Monday, June 18

Can a White Federal Agent Who Killed a Hawaii Local Get a Fair Trial?

June 2011

Saturday, June 18

Do Hawaii’s Strict Gun Laws Fuel a Black Market?

Thursday, June 9

Legal Gun Permit Was Never an Option for Stangel

May 2011

Friday, May 27

Feds Unlikely to Prosecute Hawaii Teen With Gun

April 2011

Monday, April 4

Hawaii Gun Permits Reach Record High