Hawaii Beach Erosion

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Hawaii Beach Erosion

June 2017

Wednesday, June 7

Ian Lind: The Kahala Hotel’s New Shoreline Plan Could Reduce Public Beach Access

May 2015

Monday, May 18

Honolulu Mayor Signs Two Bills Aimed at Restoring Waikiki Beach

Friday, May 8

Local Engineers Explore Protecting Infrastructure From Climate Change

April 2015

Thursday, April 9

Oahu Faces a Future With Far Fewer Beaches

Tuesday, April 7

Samsung Billionaire Allowed to Build New Seawall in Kahala

March 2015

Tuesday, March 31

Why Did the City Approve a New Seawall for a Kahala Property After the State Ordered It Removed?

Monday, March 9

Saving Waikiki Beach — At Least for Now

September 2014

Wednesday, September 3

Inch by Sandy Inch, Hawaii’s Loss of Beaches Worries Tourism Industry

March 2014

Friday, March 21

Honolulu City Council: Make It Easier To Build Shoreline Retaining Walls

Monday, March 3

What Bills Are Still Alive at the Halfway Point of Hawaii’s Legislature?

February 2014

Wednesday, February 26

Hawaii Senate Panel Advances Bills Addressing North Shore Erosion

January 2014

Friday, January 31

Rising Sea Level Taking Toll on Maui’s Shoreline

Sunday, January 26

Bill Would Create a Park on North Shore to Address Erosion, Traffic Woes

Thursday, January 23

Rep. Cynthia Thielen: Saving Sand Dunes

Saturday, January 4

Honolulu Forgoes Federal Funds to Manage Coastal Development

Wednesday, January 1

Hawaii Monitor: It Is Time to Plan an Orderly Retreat From the Beach

December 2013

Tuesday, December 31

Washed Away: Huge North Shore Waves Reveal Hawaii’s Public Policy Gaps

Saturday, December 28

Sunset Beach Homes Falling Into Ocean, Public Warned to Stay Out of Water

October 2013

Saturday, October 19

‘Tidal Bulge’ Stopping Work on Kuhio Beach

Thursday, October 17

Waikiki Erosion Control To Temporarily Shut Down Kalakaua

City Pledges to Act as Erosion Threatens Waikiki, Hawaii’s Tourism Mecca

September 2013

Monday, September 9

Erosion Eating Away at Maui Beaches

June 2013

Friday, June 21

Waikiki’s Venetian Nightmare: Natural Disasters in Paradise?

May 2012

Monday, May 7

70 Percent of Hawaii’s Beaches Eroding

January 2012

Wednesday, January 18

Spending and Market-Based Tools to Address Sea-Level Rise in Hawaii

Hawaii Planning and Regulatory Tools To Adapt to Sea-Level Rise

Tuesday, January 17

How Hawaii Should Address Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise

May 2011

Monday, May 9

Waikiki Beach Is Shrinking, But Hotel Tower Is Rising