Hawaii Community Development Authority

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The Hawaii Community Development Authority is a state agency that was established in 1976 to develop Kakaako, an urban district near downtown Honolulu. While zoning and planning is generally considered a city or county responsibility in Hawaii, the state stepped in and asserted its jurisdiction in Kakaako following a political struggle between then-Gov. George Ariyoshi and then-Mayor Frank Fasi. The agency’s executive director is Jesse K. Souki.

HCDA is charged with coordinating private-public development Kakaako. Its master plan includes up to 30 new buildings in the area.

The HCDA reported in 2016 that it completed 1,625 units in Kakaako with a third of those set aside for affordable housing for families earning  140% less that the median income on Oahu.  Another 1,840 units were planned for 2017 with 36 % set aside as affordable housing. Also in 2017 HCDA announced that developer ArtSpace is planning a $52 million complex of 84 units to rent to artists who meet the affordable housing rule.

Since 2013, the Hawaii Community Development Authority has permitted eight residential buildings in Kakaako, for a total of 1,754 new residential units.

ArtSpace is leasing the land from HCDA, and is required to maintain affordable rents for the duration of the lease, the developer said.

Housing artists in an increasingly affluent area will help the area maintain its character and allow the artists to develop their craft, said Rich Richardson, executive director of the Arts at Marks Garage, a gallery and performance space in Chinatown.

Contact Information

Hawaii Community Development Authority
461 Cooke St.
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 594-0300
Fax: (808) 594-0299
Email: contact@hcdaweb.org
Website: www.hcdaweb.org

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