Hawaii Elections

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On June 27, 1959, voters in Hawaii ratified a congressional bill making Hawaii the 50th state in the union. “Yes forstatehood” took 94.3 percent of the vote and in August of the same year, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a proclamation to make it official.

Since then, Hawaii has held elections in every even-numbered year. The state has a primary on the second Saturday in August and a general election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Hawaii has also held special elections due to deaths and resignations of officials.

Hawaii elects six individuals for federal positions: the President, Vice President, two members of the U.S. Senate and two members of the U.S. House of Representatives. This gives the state a total of four electoral votes. You can read more about Hawaii’s federal representation here.

For state elections, the office of Governor, Lt. Governor, Senate and House seats are on the ballot. Trustees for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs are also elected.

A 1978 amendment to the state Constitution says, “Any elected public officer shall resign from that office before being eligible as a candidate for another public office, if the term of the office sought begins before the end of the term of the office held.”

There are four counties in Hawaii: the City and County of Honolulu, the County of Hawaii, the County of Kauai, and the County of Maui. For each, the office of Mayor and Council members are on the ballot.

Hawaii elections have historically seen low voter turnout and state officials continue to look for ways to boost voter participation.

Hawaii elections are headed by a chief election officer. The chief election officer is appointed by an Elections Commission, which consists of eight members and a chairperson. Hawaii differs from most states in that it doesn’t have a secretary of state, who usually supervises the election process. Alaska and Utah are the only other states without a secretary of state.

The chief election officer has a series of obligations to fulfill prior to, during and after an election. The most important of these duties is the registration of voters. Chief election officers are instructed to, “Make an effort to equalize registration between districts, with particular effort in those districts in which the chief election officer determines registration is lower than desirable.” Among their other duties, chief election officers must also keep statistics regarding voters, elections and districting. They are responsible for all public education on voter information and act as the engine for every Hawaii election.

The Office of Elections in Honolulu is the home of the chief election officer. The office has a full-time staff as well as seasonal employees.

In Hawaii, voters do not have to pick a party when they register. This means that voters can choose which primary to participate in. However, they may only vote in one primary and not switch between parties for various offices.

Hawaii requires that candidates for statewide and federal offices obtain signatures from 25 registered voters and pay a filing fee to get on the ballot. County elective positions and seats in the Hawaii Legislature require 15 signatures and a filing fee. Filing fees vary depending on the office sought.

Hawaii election law makes it difficult for nonpartisan or independent candidates to move on to the general election. They must secure 10 percent of the total votes cast in all primaries for their race or secure as many votes as one of the nominated party candidates.

On Election Day, Hawaii is split into more than 200 precincts that report back to a central location. Precincts count each ballot cast and record the number for a collection team. Polling places open at 7 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. on the day of the election. To find out more about volunteering for one of these positions, click here.

Once ballots reach the counting center, a receiving team signs for each sealed ballot box from each precinct. The boxes are opened in the presence of two officials, not belonging to the same political party.

Initial results are reported on election night. But ultimately, the chief election officer must prepare a certified statement of the results.

Hawaii Elections

October 2017

Monday, October 16

Maui Mayor In Political Hot Water Over Money To Nonprofits

August 2017

Friday, August 11

Gov. Ige’s Campaign Cash As Low As His Poll Numbers

January 2017

Wednesday, January 11

Want To Be On Hawaii’s 2020 Presidential Ballot? Show Us Your Taxes

November 2016

Friday, November 18

Who Voted For Donald Trump In Hawaii?

Thursday, November 17

Hawaii Union Works To Overthrow State House Leaders

Monday, November 14

Reader Rep: Was It Fair To Turn Kirk Caldwell Into A Cardboard Cutout?

Friday, November 11

Schatz: Remember Sanders’ Passion When Looking To 2018 Vote

Thursday, November 10

Chad Blair: Wednesday-Morning Quarterbacking Hawaii’s Election

Neal Milner: What The Chicago Cubs Can Teach Us About Civility

Wednesday, November 9

Hawaii’s General Election Turnout Dipped To 58.3 Percent This Year

The Projector: General Election — The Day The Earth Stood Still

Tuesday, November 8

Voters Split On Making Changes To State Constitution

Chang Tops Slom In Race To Unseat Hawaii’s Only GOP Senator

Schatz, Gabbard, Hanabusa Win Big In Congressional Races

LIVE BLOG: Hawaii Polling Places Stay Open Late

Monday, November 7

Clinton, Trump Donors Include Some Familiar Hawaii Names

Friday, November 4

Chang Raises, Spends 3 Times More Than Slom In Senate Race

Clinton And Trump Supporters Make Some Noise In Hawaii

3 Civil Questions For Kirk Caldwell And Charles Djou — Episode 4

Wednesday, November 2

Anti-Caldwell Super PAC May Have Broken Campaign Laws

What Should The State Do With Any Surplus Funds?

Tuesday, November 1

Does Party Preference Matter On Council’s Reapportionment Panel?

October 2016

Friday, October 28

Competitive Races Are The Exceptions In Hawaii Legislature

Thursday, October 27

Shoo-In Candidates For Congress Raise Nearly $1M, Spend More

Monday, October 24

From Now Through Nov. 8, Every Day Is Election Day In Hawaii

Tuesday, October 18

Denby Fawcett: Why Some Hawaii Women Still Like Donald Trump

Friday, October 14

Both Mayoral Candidates Ask: Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

Monday, October 10

Pod Squad: What’s Up With The Lack of Mayoral Debates?

Saturday, October 1

Honolulu Mayoral Candidates Vie For Coveted Kupuna Vote

September 2016

Thursday, September 29

9/11 Becomes Boiling Point In Honolulu Mayoral Debate

Hawaii Candidates Are Sick Of Answering So Many Questions

Thursday, September 8

Bernie Delegate May Get Booted From Party Over Flipping The Bird

Monday, September 5

Djou Rakes In Campaign Cash, Caldwell Spends Heavily

Thursday, September 1

Three Fundraisers For Caldwell

August 2016

Wednesday, August 31

Djou: No Tax Increase For Honolulu Rail — Yet

Hawaii Elections Guide 2016

Friday, August 26

Hawaii Democrats To Challenge Kaaihue’s Candidacy

Wednesday, August 24

Hawaii Elections 2016: General Election Ballot

Monday, August 22

Hawaii GOP Appears Stuck With Angela Aulani Kaaihue

Saturday, August 20

Hawaii GOP Chair Denounces His Own Party’s US House Nominee

Wednesday, August 17

Special Election Filing Period

Monday, August 15

Open Primary System Upheld

Sunday, August 14

Hawaii Democrats Gather For Continuity As Much As Unity

Saturday, August 13

Two OHA Seats Will Head To A Nov. 8 Runoff

Voters Returning Most Incumbents To The Legislature

Caldwell, Djou Headed For Runoff In Honolulu Mayor’s Race

Harry Kim Wins Big Island Mayor Race

LIVE BLOG: Hawaii Primary Election 2016

Thursday, August 11

Incumbents Look To Hold Off Reformers In OHA Trustee Elections

Wednesday, August 10

Congressional Candidates Try To Stave Off A Hanabusa ‘Coronation’

Monday, August 8

Caldwell Touts Democratic Support

Wednesday, August 3

Manoa Legislator Says He’s Being ‘Carpet-Bombed’ By Challenger

Tuesday, August 2

Election For Vacant House Seat

Monday, August 1

Djou, Caldwell Lob Ethics Charges

Can Door Knocking Overcome Name Recognition And Money?

July 2016

Thursday, July 28

Can Late Senator’s Heir Hold Off Challengers In Big Island Race?

Wednesday, July 27

Convention Delegate Doesn’t Regret Flipping The Bird In Philly

Monday, July 25

Voters Have Options, For A Change, In Race For Open Kauai Seat

Wednesday, July 20

How Two Different People Could Win The Same US House Seat

Tributes Pour In After Death of Congressman Mark Takai

Tuesday, July 19

Court Rules Against Elections Office In Ballot Shortage Case

Sunday, July 17

Gabbard: $1.9M Cash On Hand

Thursday, July 14

Djou’s First TV Ad Attacks Mayor Caldwell As Untrustworthy

Sunday, July 10

Mayoral Candidates Raising Cash

EMILY’s List Supports Hanabusa

Thursday, July 7

Honolulu Mayoral Candidates Trade Barbs Over Canceled Debate

Wednesday, July 6

Honolulu Mayor’s Six-Figure Compensation From Bank Draws Fire

June 2016

Tuesday, June 28

In Latest Campaign Spot, Caldwell Accentuates The Positive

Monday, June 20

HGEA’s Election Endorsements

Thursday, June 16

Hawaii GOP Chair Wants Democratic Senator Removed From The Ballot

Wednesday, June 15

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Backs GOP Candidate Against Hanabusa

Tuesday, June 7

Djou Jumps Into Mayor’s Race; Aiona Opts Not To Run At All

Thursday, June 2

Hanabusa: ‘I Am A Legislator At Heart’

May 2016

Sunday, May 29

Bernie’s Backers Prevail At Democratic State Convention

Takai Indicates Support For Hanabusa

Saturday, May 28

David Ige On Hawaii Democrats: ‘We Embrace Diversity’

Wednesday, May 25

No Martin Mayoral Decision Yet

4 Vie For Democratic Party Chair

Tuesday, May 24

Hanabusa To Run For Takai’s Seat In Congress?

Monday, May 23

Kim Coco Iwamoto For Senate

Saturday, May 21

Hawaii Republicans Unite Behind Donald Trump, But Not Unanimously

Wednesday, May 18

Slom Sorry For Campaign Error

Two More Unions Back Caldwell

Monday, May 16

Ward Seeks Re-Election And Looks To Put GOP Rumors To Rest

Thursday, May 12

Schatz’s Hawaii PAC Has Brought In $220K In Two Years

Wednesday, May 11

Hirono’s Pineapple PAC Seeks To Help Dems Retake The US Senate

Saturday, May 7

Rep. Rhoads Running For Senate

Friday, May 6

Caldwell Gets Ethics Complaints

April 2016

Tuesday, April 19

Martin Pulls Papers For Mayoral Bid

Thursday, April 7

Race Shaping Up For Empty House Seat

Friday, April 1

Hawaii Gets Another Superdelegate For Democratic Convention

March 2016

Tuesday, March 29

Caucus ‘Chaos’: Complaints Follow Hawaii Democrats’ Presidential Preference Poll

Monday, March 28

Senate Panel Nixes Proposal To Ease Campaign-To-Campaign Donations

Saturday, March 26

Weekend At Bernie’s: Hawaii Democrats Embrace Sanders

Friday, March 25

The Projector: Politics And Police

Tuesday, March 22

More Fundraising For Kirk Caldwell

Ad Watch: Bernie Sanders Introduces Himself To Hawaii

Monday, March 21

Ruderman Raises Funds During Session

Pod Squad: Who’s The Best Democratic Presidential Candidate?

Sunday, March 20

Honolulu ‘Feels The Bern’

Thursday, March 17

Schatz To GOP: ‘Do Your Job’

A Civil Beat Panel Discussion On Good Government Bills (Video)

Tuesday, March 15

Let’s Raise Some Cash During Session!

Passing The Buck: When Hawaii Politicians Give To Each Other

Ad Watch: Spots Use Trump’s Shocking Words Against Him

Sunday, March 13

Hillary For Hawaii Gears Up

Friday, March 11

Fundraiser For Rep. Chris Lee

Thursday, March 10

Two House Reps Raise Cash

Another Ernie Martin Fundraiser

Tempers Flared At GOP Poll Site

‘Shake It Up!’ Why Hawaii Republicans Voted For Donald Trump

Tuesday, March 8

Hawaii Republicans Hand Donald Trump Another Victory

Rubio Camp: Local Cruz Team Lies

Duke Aiona Endorses Marco Rubio

Monday, March 7

Pod Squad: Donald Trump And The Hawaii GOP

Sunday, March 6

Hawaii GOP Senator Likes Cruz

Who’s Raising Cash During Session?

Friday, March 4

Harry Kim For Big Isle Mayor?

Hawaii Voters Will Soon Get Their Say On Presidential Races

Hawaii Elections 2016: Primary Election Ballot

February 2016

Monday, February 29

Pod Squad: Trump’s Appeal In The Aloha State

Sunday, February 28

Tulsi Gabbard Backs Bernie Sanders

Friday, February 26

Hillary For Hawaii Office Opens

Wednesday, February 24

Kidani, Dela Cruz Hold Fundraisers

My Mayor, My Boss: Employees Contribute To Caldwell Campaign

Monday, February 22

Still In Session? Let’s Raise Cash!

Bob McDermott Backs Ted Cruz

Sen. Josh Green Is Sitting On A Half-Million Dollars Of Campaign Cash

Sunday, February 21

Rubio, Carson On GOP Hawaii Ballot

Friday, February 19

Some Hawaii House Members Are Awash In Campaign Cash

Thursday, February 18

Will Hawaii Ever Join Rest Of West By Allowing Citizen Initiatives?

Wednesday, February 17

Takai Makes Official His Bid For A Second Term

Stanley Chang Vs. Sam Slom?

Tuesday, February 16

Lawmakers Hope To Resuscitate Voter Turnout With All-Mail Elections

Monday, February 15

Hawaii PACs Already Busy Raising And Spending Cash

Pod Squad: The People Need A Stronger Voice In Hawaii Policy

Saturday, February 13

Wasserman Schultz Leads Local Fundraiser

Thursday, February 11

Monsanto Among Top Hawaii Lobbyists

Wednesday, February 10

Civil Beat Poll — Full Questionnaire And Results — January 2016

Tuesday, February 9

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Love Obama But Ige, Caldwell? Not So Much

Monday, February 8

Civil Beat Poll: More Voters Call For More Police Oversight

Friday, February 5

Civil Beat Poll: Only 16 Percent Of Voters Feel Good About Honolulu Rail

Thursday, February 4

$2.6M In Schatz’s War Chest

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Think Ige, Caldwell Failing On Homelessness

Wednesday, February 3

Civil Beat Poll: Majority Oppose NextEra-HEI Merger

Tuesday, February 2

Caldwell Has $1.6M For Re-Election

Monday, February 1

Undeterred By Cancer, Takai Wants A Second Term In Congress

January 2016

Wednesday, January 27

Rod Tam For State Senate?

Tuesday, January 26

Who’s Raising Cash During Session?

Should Hawaii Elect Its Judges And AG?

Hawaii Senator Wins Residency Appeal

Sunday, January 24

Bills: Campaigns, Ballots, Open Gov’t

Wednesday, January 20

Money In Elections Is Not Free Speech

Tuesday, January 19

House Dems Hold Campaign Fundraiser

Hawaii Councilman Uses Tinder In Senate Campaign

How Does Social Media Affect Our Political Decisions?

Friday, January 15

Ted Cruz On Hawaii GOP Ballot

Thursday, January 14

A Fundraiser For Ernie Martin

Session Time? Campaign Fundraisers Abound!

Monday, January 11

Hirono Stumping For Clinton In Iowa

Sunday, January 10

Challenger For Rep. Gregg Takayama

Sunday, January 3

Josh Green May Run For LG Or Gov

December 2015

Monday, December 28

Hawaii GOP Keynoter: Scott Walker

April 2015

Monday, April 6

Election Problems: The Solutions Are Coming

Wednesday, April 1

Hawaii Elections Commission to Hold 1st Videoconference Meeting

March 2015

Monday, March 23

Voting By Mail In Hawaii: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

November 2014

Friday, November 7

What Do the Election Results Mean for the Neighbor Islands?

Tuesday, November 4

Hawaii 2nd Congressional District: Gabbard Cruises to Re-election

Hawaii 1st Congressional District: Takai Defeats Djou

Monday, November 3

Schatz Helps Fellow Dems as Republican Underdog Tries to Unseat Him

Tulsi Gabbard Emails Thoughts on D.C. and Why She Wants 2nd Term

John Oliver Blasts Hawaii Legislature Over ‘No Conflict’

October 2014

Thursday, October 30

James Pflueger Donates $4,000 to Libertarian Jeff Davis’ Campaign

Monday, October 27

Outside Money Having Outsized Influence on Hawaii Governors Race

Which Hawaii Candidate Spent the Most Money Per Vote?

Friday, October 24

Hawaii Candidates for Congress Fundraise to the Finish Line

Thursday, October 23

Is Cayetano’s Complaint Against Super PAC a Criminal Matter?

Monday, October 20

Should Hawaii Purge More People from List of Registered Voters?

Chad Blair: Too Many Forums for Gubernatorial Candidates?

Wednesday, October 15

Takai Campaign Raises More Money, But Djou Has More Cash on Hand

Tuesday, October 14

Super PACs Wade Into Local Races, and Voters Are Left in the Dark

Thursday, October 9

Fightland Features Kauai Mayoral Candidate’s Fight Against GMOs

Djou Says He’s a ‘Pragmatist’ Ready to ‘Get Things Done’ for Hawaii

Friday, October 3

GMO? Pesticides? Labeling? Hawaii Gov Candidates Have This to Say

Thursday, October 2

Do You ‘Care Like Crazy’ About Women’s Rights, War, Student Loans?

Have Illegal Drugs Lost Their Sex Appeal as a Campaign Issue?

What Happened to the Hawaii Teachers Union Preschool Ballot Campaign?

Wednesday, October 1

Honolulu Mayor Lends Support to Democratic Candidates

Hawaii Candidates for Governor Debate the Future — and the Past

September 2014

Tuesday, September 30

Hawaii Candidates for Congress Seek More Money as Election Nears

Friday, September 26

No More PLDCs: Hawaii’s Top Gov Candidates Talk Development

Wednesday, September 17

Donations Flow Into Hannemann Campaign, But Debts Still Unpaid

Monday, September 15

Three Candidates, Three Views on Future of Fast-Growing Kakaako

Tuesday, September 9

Takai Says He Wants to ‘Knock Some Sense’ into Congress

Denby Fawcett: What Makes Cam Cavasso Keep Running for U.S. Senate?

Monday, September 8

Hawaii Candidates, PACs Could Soon Be Writing Checks for Campaign Violations

Tuesday, September 2

Denby Fawcett: Who the Heck Is David Ige?

August 2014

Friday, August 29

Ige Loans Himself $50K in Final Days Leading Up to Primary Win

Wednesday, August 27

Hawaii Monitor: Puna Voters Had Practical Problems, Not Legal Defects

Monday, August 25

Chad Blair: Republicans on Parade

Friday, August 22

Another Day in the Life of Hawaii’s Election Chief

Thursday, August 21

ACLU Files Election Challenge on Behalf of Puna Voters

Djou vs. Takai: An Early Look at the 1st Congressional District Race

Tuesday, August 19

Hanabusa Won’t Challenge US Senate Election Results

Friday, August 15

Hawaii Primary: Schatz Hangs On To Win US Senate Race

Wednesday, August 13

Hawaii Governor Makes Landfall in Storm-Ravaged Puna

Hanabusa Files Motion to Delay Friday’s Election on Big Island

Monday, August 11

Pod Squad on Hawaii’s Historic Primary Night

Sunday, August 10

Will Hanabusa’s Push in Puna Be Enough?

After the Storm, Bruised Democrats Pull Together

Hawaii’s Primary Election Turnout Likely Near All-Time Low This Year

Saturday, August 9

Hawaii Lieutenant Governor: Tsutsui Enjoys Big Victory

Hawaii Legislature: Most Incumbents Win, But There Are Exceptions

Hawaii Congressional Districts: Takai Triumphs

Hawaii US Senate: Schatz Leads Hanabusa — Slightly

Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big!

Wednesday, August 6

Hawaii Congressional Candidates Haul in More Money

Tuesday, August 5

GMO Issue Spurs Candidates to Seek Election, But It’s Ugly Out There

Monday, August 4

Hawaii Candidates for Congress Announce Last-Minute Endorsements

July 2014

Monday, July 28

Republican Djou Leads CD1 Money Race as Democrats Slug It Out

May 2014

Saturday, May 24

Ad Watch: Hanabusa Hits the TV Airwaves, Touts Local Upbringing

Thursday, May 22

Ad Watch: Hanabusa Airs First Ad, Highlighting her Hawaii Roots

Friday, May 16

The Public File: Kim and Chang Make Their Debut

April 2014

Friday, April 25

Campaign Cash Advantage: Schatz’s Edge Over Hanabusa Is Paying Off

Thursday, April 17

Did Sen. Brian Schatz Score Big Political Points With Climate Summit?

Wednesday, April 9

Hanabusa Vs. Schatz — Will Voting Records Matter to Hawaii?

January 2014

Wednesday, January 22

Ad Watch: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s Re-election Video

November 2013

Tuesday, November 26

Underage Voters?

May 2013

Friday, May 10

Lawmakers Balk At Bills Targeting 2012 Hawaii Election Flubs

March 2013

Thursday, March 21

Hawaii Elections May Soon Get Public Funding, More Transparency

January 2013

Saturday, January 26

Elections Commission Short on Answers for Election Day Snafus

Wednesday, January 9

Hawaii Elections Fiascos Prompt Calls For New Legislative Action

December 2012

Tuesday, December 11

Green Party Sues Hawaii Elections Chief Over Ballot Shortages

November 2012

Wednesday, November 28

Elections Commission Demands Answers for Ballot Shortages

Monday, November 26

Abercrombie Will Ask Legislature To Consider All-Mail Voting

Thursday, November 8

Hawaii Election Analysis: Where They Won

PRP’s Campaign Push Prevails in Hawaii

Monday, November 5

Mail-In Ballots Help Boost Early Voting Numbers

Hawaii County: Kenoi Narrowly Beats Kim In Mayor’s Race

October 2012

Monday, October 29

Civil Beat Poll – Full Questionnaire and Results — October 2012

Civil Beat Poll – Obama Lead Narrows, But Hawaii Still Very Safe

Civil Beat Poll – Hanabusa Expands Lead Over Djou In Race for Congress

Civil Beat Poll – Hirono’s Double-Digit Lead Over Lingle Holding

Civil Beat Poll – Cayetano Peaks, Caldwell Surges

Friday, October 26

Djou: Hanabusa Voted Against Small Business Tax Relief

Thursday, October 25

Hanabusa: Djou Formed Political Lobbying Firm

Wednesday, October 24

Case Loaned Campaign $50K In Final Days

Thursday, October 18

Hawaii’s ‘Most Sophisticated Grassroots Attack Operation’

Wednesday, October 17

Hirono: Lingle Co-Chairs Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Friday, October 5

Hawaii Campaigning In The 21st Century

Civil Beat Poll – Full Questionnaire and Results — September 2012

Thursday, October 4

Cayetano: Caldwell Raised Property Taxes, Zoo Fee for Keiki

Tuesday, October 2

Civil Beat Poll – Obama Gets Aloha in Hawaii

Monday, October 1

Hanabusa: Djou Voted Against Military Funding

Civil Beat Poll – Unwavering Rail Opposition Gives Cayetano Lead

September 2012

Sunday, September 30

Civil Beat Poll – Hirono Up Big On Lingle

Friday, September 28

Djou: I Was Hawaii’s Most Moderate Congressman

New PRP Ad Clouds Caldwell’s Campaign

Thursday, September 20

Caldwell: Honolulu On Cutting Edge Of Driverless Rail Systems

Tuesday, September 18

Nonprofits Work to Get Hawaii’s Youth to the Polls

Thursday, September 13

Lingle: Hirono Votes with Dems 96 Percent of the Time

Tuesday, September 11

Hirono: Paul Ryan Passed Only Two Bills In Congress

August 2012

Tuesday, August 28

Pacific Islands Lose an Advocate in Akaka

Thursday, August 23

Akaka’s Granddaughter Files Election Protest

Elections Officials Grapple With Uncooperative Hawaii County Clerk

Tuesday, August 21

Big Island Elections Chief Short on Experience, Long on Problems

Saturday, August 18

At Last, Rail Lawsuit Is Getting Its Day in Court

Sunday, August 12

Where They Won: Breakdown of Senate, Congress, Mayor Races

Friday, August 10

Walk-In Voting Down, Mail Voting Up From 2010

Thursday, August 9

2012 Hawaii Primary Election Results

Primary Turnout Still Low Despite Hot Races

What Aloha Spirit? It’s Election Season

Wednesday, August 8

Civil Beat Poll – Full Questionnaire and Results — August 2012

Friday, August 3

Coincidence? Two Commercials Feature Dice, Cash And Corruption

Thursday, August 2

Civil Beat Poll – Cayetano On Track To Win In Primary and Avoid Runoff

Civil Beat Poll – Case-Hirono Too Close To Call

Wednesday, August 1

‘Pay-to-Play’ Corruption a Hawaii Campaign Theme

Hawaii County Elections Clerk: No FBI Investigation Into Voter Fraud

July 2012

Monday, July 30

Lorraine Inouye’s State Senate District 4 Survey

Thursday, July 19

Roy “Sky” Wyttenbach Answers Congressional District 1 Survey

John Raghu Giuffre Answers Congressional District 1 Survey

Wednesday, July 18

C. Kaui Jochanan Amsterdam Answers Congressional District 1 Survey

Charles Djou Answers Congressional District 1 Survey

Colleen Hanabusa Answers Congressional District 1 Survey

Hanabusa Raises — and Spends — More Than Djou

Tuesday, July 17

Eddie Pirkowski Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

John Roco Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Antonio Gimbernat Answers U.S. Senate Survey

Monday, July 16

Heath Beasley Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Saturday, July 14

Rafael Del Castillo Answers Congressional District 2 Survey

Friday, July 13

Social Issues Center In First Televised Hawaii Congress Debate

Linda Lingle Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Ed Case Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Thursday, July 12

Mazie Hirono Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Carlisle, Cayetano Both Aim Fire At Caldwell in KITV-Civil Beat Debate

John Carroll Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Wednesday, July 11

Kawika Crowley Answers Congressional District 2 Survey

Esther Kiaaina Answers Congressional District 2 Survey

Tulsi Gabbard Answers Congressional District 2 Survey

Mufi Hannemann Answers Congressional District 2 Survey

June 2012

Monday, June 18

Civil Beat Poll – Questionnaires and Toplines — June 2012

Monday, June 11

Civil Beat Poll – Cayetano’s Grip On Honolulu Mayor’s Race Is Slipping

Civil Beat Poll – Stunning Turnaround In Hawaii’s CD2 Race

Civil Beat Poll – Case, Hirono Tied In Hawaii U.S. Senate Race

May 2012

Thursday, May 31

The Public File: Pro-Rail Group Steps Up Offensive

Thursday, May 17

The Public File: Mainland Super PACs Spend $152K on Congressional Races

Friday, May 4

Civil Beat Poll: Questionnaire, Toplines and Crosstabs — April 2012

Thursday, May 3

Playing To Type In First Honolulu Mayoral Debate

April 2012

Friday, April 27

Civil Beat Poll – Hawaii Opposes Gay Marriage, Marijuana, Rail

Civil Beat Poll – Can Gov’t Solve Challenges?

Civil Beat Poll – Is Voting a Duty Or a Choice?

Saturday, April 7

Military Plaintiffs Take Hawaii Redistricting Plan To Federal Court

March 2012

Tuesday, March 13

Hawaii Republican Caucuses: Ewa Beach

Friday, March 2

Off the Beat: Why Do U.S. Senate Candidates File Paper in Digital Age?

February 2012

Thursday, February 16

Caldwell: With More Time, I’ll Win Mayor’s Race

Monday, February 6

Profs Like Cayetano On Rail, But Not Ready To ‘Forgive and Forget’?

January 2012

Friday, January 27

Civil Beat Poll – Lingle Trails Both Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates

Civil Beat Poll – Case, Hirono Neck-and-Neck for U.S. Senate Nomination

Friday, January 20

Cayetano: Rail A Wall of Concrete Snaking Along Honolulu’s Waterfront

Thursday, January 19

Cayetano: I’m Not a One-Issue Anti-Rail Candidate

Thursday, January 12

Caldwell’s First Promise: Soap In Bus Stop Bathroom

Wednesday, January 11

Could Honolulu’s Mayor Stop Rail Project?

Thursday, January 5

Hawaii Supreme Court Rejects Redistricting Plan

December 2011

Thursday, December 15

Hawaii 2010 Legislative Campaigns Raked in $5M in Total Contributions

Friday, December 9

Super PACs Launched to Influence Hawaii Races

Tuesday, December 6

Saturdays in the Park, But Not the Precinct

November 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Inouye: Gingrich as GOP Nominee ‘Frightens Me’

Thursday, November 3

Off the Beat: When Is a Candidate a Candidate?

October 2011

Friday, October 21

Hooser Walking Fine Line Toward Congress

Tuesday, October 18

Hawaii’s Early 2012 Donors Still Like Obama

Friday, October 14

GOP, Dems Benefit Equally From Hawaii’s Big Donors

Monday, October 3

Daniel Inouye’s Guide To Getting Elected

July 2011

Sunday, July 31

Hawaii Women and Politics — A Sore Subject

Friday, July 22

Even Without Challenger, Carlisle Rakes In Cash

April 2011

Thursday, April 21

Redistricting Chair Now in Supreme Court’s Hands

Honolulu City Council: No Instant Runoff Voting

Monday, April 18

Politics Divides Hawaii Reapportionment Panel

Monday, April 4

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Nader-Hawaii Case

March 2011

Tuesday, March 22

Eight Named to Redraw Hawaii Political Lines

Thursday, March 17

U.S. Supreme Court To Discuss Nader v. Hawaii

Thursday, March 10

Hawaii Responds in Supreme Court Ralph Nader Case

Monday, March 7

Hawaii Senate Should Reject SB 1195, SD1

February 2011

Wednesday, February 16

Instant Runoff Voting in Hawaii Gains Traction

Friday, February 11

Ralph Nader’s Lawyer: Hawaii Election Law Fight About Free Speech Rights

Monday, February 7

SCOTUS Looking Into Hawaii Election Law

November 2010

Tuesday, November 16

Fact Check Report Card: Winning Candidates Spoke Most Truthfully

Thursday, November 11

Redrawing District Boundaries One Consequence of Election

Saturday, November 6

I Spent More Than My Opponent and Still Came Up Short

Friday, November 5

High Early Voting Doesn’t Help Turnout

Running the Numbers on General Election Results

Thursday, November 4

Opposition to Appointed BOE Grew in Final Days

Wednesday, November 3

Aina Haina Has Highest Income, Highest Turnout (Again)

Tuesday, November 2

150,000 Votes Already Cast

Slideshow: 2010 Hawaii General Election Day

Election Day and Three Free Content Days

Monday, November 1

Big Election Year, but Small Turnout

Live Blog: 2010 Hawaii General Election

Civil Beat Gives Candidates/Campaigns The Last Word

October 2010

Saturday, October 30

Week 26: Looking Ahead to Election

Thursday, October 28

A Prayer Night for Politicians

What’s at Stake on Nov. 2

Wednesday, October 27

The Election Is a Third Over

No Clear Winner in Money Race for OHA Trustees

Friday, October 22

Week 25: Inside Stories

Tuesday, October 19

Election Office Breaches Confidentiality of Voters

Monday, October 18

Absentee Ballot Requests for General Election Already Eclipse Primary

Surprise! Equality Hawaii Likes Pro-Civil Union Candidates

Thursday, October 14

News Flash: Sam Slom Endorses Sam Slom

Corporate Donations go Mostly Unnoticed in Hawaii

Thursday, October 7

Furlough Friday Delays Campaign Spending Reports

Monday, October 4

Confessions of a Political Virgin — The State’s Youngest Candidate on Running for Public Office

September 2010

Tuesday, September 28

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Tuesday, September 21

High Income = High Turnout

Why Is A Blank Vote A “No” Vote?

Mazie Hirono Against John Who? In 2nd Congressional District

Monday, September 20

Running the Numbers on Conventional Thinking

Aina Haina Had Highest Turnout, West Maui the Lowest

Sunday, September 19

Local TV and Newspaper Coverage of Primary Election Gets a Grade

Civil Beat Poll Had it Right — Again

Hawaii 2010 Primary Election Day in Pictures

Saturday, September 18

Can’t Miss Comments, Sept. 18 – Rock the Vote

Friday, September 17

Absentee Voting Sets Record

2010 Hawaii Primary Election Results

Civil Beat Gives Leading Governor and Mayoral Candidates ‘The Last Word’

Thursday, September 16

Follow the Election on Civil Beat

The Sept. 18 Election – What’s at Stake

Wednesday, September 15

Fewer Candidates Using Public Campaign Funds

Tuesday, September 14

Voters Snooze Through Gov Primary, Mayor Race

Monday, September 6

Discussion: Voting in Hawaii

Saturday, September 4

Absentee Ballots Confusing on Their Face

August 2010

Friday, August 27

Week 17: Heard About the Election?

Monday, August 23

Scenes From Sen. Inouye’s Community Celebration

Friday, August 20

Hannemann = Aiona in Hawaii Family Forum Survey

Monday, August 16

Civil Beat Editorials Will Take Positions on Issues, But We Won’t Be Endorsing Candidates

Friday, August 13

Week 15: A Place to Learn

Thursday, August 12

Share Your Expertise on Fact Checks

Wednesday, August 11

Education and the Elections

July 2010

Thursday, July 29

What Happens to Vacated Board of Education Seat?

Wednesday, July 28

Fact Check: The Truth About Election Claims

Thursday, July 15

Federal Campaign Finance Reports for 2nd Quarter

June 2010

Friday, June 18

Hawaii Links For Friday, June 18

Friday, June 4

Resign To Run Law Was Designed to Stop One Man