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Hawaii, one of the most isolated populated land masses on the planet, was the last state to join the union, is the only state that is comprised of islands, the only state with a royal palace, and the only state that has never had a white majority population.

Yet Hawaii, home to about 1.3 million people, still has much in common with many sister states. Its governing structure is modeled after the federal government, it relies on a few key industries such as tourism, the military and government, it is multicultural and religiously diverse, it is part of American popular culture, and it has an indigenous population.

Hawaii also shares the challenges confronting many states, including a high cost of living, an aging population, poverty, inequality, crime, urban decay, environmental degradation and overdevelopment. In short, Hawaii and its people are part of the American experience in representative democracy.


Hawaii is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Eight main islands support a population of about 1.3 million people. To learn more about the land of Hawaii, see the Land page.


Until the arrival of English explorers in the late 18th century, Hawaii’s indigenous population dominated the islands. The arrival of foreigners brought diseases such as smallpox, measles and venereal diseases that decimated the Hawaiian population. The number of Native Hawaiians fell from estimates of between 300,000 and 700,000 people at the time of Kamehameha I, to as little as 40,000 a century later. The Hawaiian population has since rebounded and today numbers about 400,000, with the highest concentrations in Hawaii — about 60 percent — and the western United States. Only a small percentage of full-blooded Hawaiians remain, as Hawaiians have intermarried with other races in high numbers.

The farming of sugarcane, beginning on Kauai in 1840 and spreading to other major islands, and pineapple required a large, inexpensive labor force. Large numbers of Japanese, Koreans, Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, Portuguese and other nationalities were brought in to work the plantations, which were owned by white landowners. The earliest Chinese immigrants began arriving in the late 18th century, while others came later to work on the plantations.

The Big Five was the name given to five sugarcane and other companies — Alexander & Baldwin, Castle & Cooke, C. Brewer & Co., American Factors (now called Amfac), and Theo H. Davies & Co. — that wielded tremendous power in Hawaii beginning in the mid-19th century and continuing through the territorial period from 1900 until statehood in 1959. The Big Five were closely connected with Hawaii’s Republican Party.

The mixture of the races on and off the plantations was culturally rich and diverse, but also marked by harsh discrimination. The history includes the development of a creole language, Hawaiian Pidgin English, that helped form bonds between immigrant groups and build solidarity against the white landowners. This solidarity would help lead to the rise of labor unions and Hawaii’s Democratic Party, gradually altering the political landscape.

Today, Hawaii’s population is among the most diverse in the United States, with no single ethnic group constituting a majority. While the single-largest racial group is Asian, the group includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and others. Many are recent immigrants, and English is not always the first language used at home. And, while current Census numbers on Native Hawaiians are grouped with other Pacific Islanders, many Hawaiians — like many people in Hawaii — claim multiple ancestries.

There is also a sizable U.S. military presence in Hawaii, particularly on Oahu, which is home to a number of military bases. The military’s presence in Hawaii dates back well over a century. Since the Empire of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, the U.S. Department of Defense has had a large, influential, and near-permanent place in Hawaii history. Military personnel and their dependents include not only whites but many African Americans and Latinos, contributing to Hawaii’s diversity but also sometimes creating tensions between newcomers and locals.


The exact date Hawaii was settled by Polynesians is unknown. Archeological evidence suggests that the first Polynesian settlers arrived between 800-1000 A.D., though some scholars estimate it may have been as early as 400 A.D. The Polynesian Voyaging Society say first arrival was “around 400 A.D. or earlier.” The settlers traveled in double-hulled sailing canoes, using constellations to navigate 2,400 miles from the Marquesas to the Hawaiian Islands. Others sailed from Tahiti, Samoa and possibly Tonga. This form of transpacific voyaging was a risky, but common practice in Polynesia.

In January 1778, English explorer Captain James Cook became the first Westerner to visit Hawaii. He named Hawaii “The Sandwich Isles.” Cook and his crew landed in Kealakekua Bay on the island of Hawaii, the largest and most southerly of all the Hawaiian Islands, during the makahiki season. Native Hawaiians believed Cook to be the god Lono. After a lengthy stay, Cook and his crew left Hawaii only to come back a month later with a broken mast and in need of supplies. His return to Kealakekua Bay would lead to Cook’s demise. After a series of events that included a stolen boat from Cook’s ship and a kidnapping of Hawaiian royalty, Cook was killed in a battle at Kealakekua Bay. During this battle with Cook and his men, a young chief named Kamehameha witnessed the precision of Western firearms.

Kamehameha hailed from Kohala on Hawaii, and would eventually use this technology to conquer Hawaii. After a long and violent campaign that started on Hawaii and went north to Kauai, Kamehameha became the first to unite the Hawaiian Islands under one ruler. For this accomplishment he became known as Kamehameha The Great. He established diplomacy with Westerners, employing stranded sailors John Young and Isaac Davis to train his warriors in the use of firearms. Young and Davis fought alongside Kamehameha and his warriors, and were eventually made high chiefs. Kamehameha the Great is still widely regarded as Hawaii’s greatest monarch and is an icon of Hawaiian culture.

The sandalwood trade and the whaling industry brought more Westerners to Hawaii, but the coming of Protestant missionaries would be much more influential. The first group arrived in Hawaii from Boston on the SS Thaddeus in the spring of 1820. Their most noteworthy contribution was establishing of a written form of Hawaiian.


Hawaii’s governing structure has evolved from disconnected tribes to a monarchy to a republic to a U.S. territory to a state.

A series of rebellions against white control of the monarchy started in 1888. Twelve years later the U. S. government annexed Hawaii and ended the Kamehameha dynasty. The last monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, was sentenced for treason and imprisoned in her own home.

During World War II, it was also under martial law. That evolution can be traced through a series of governing documents and key events. Learn more on the Hawaii State Government page.

Federal Government in Hawaii

The federal government has a significant presence in Hawaii, in part because of its relative size to a small state like Hawaii but especially because of Hawaii’s military history and strategic presence for the United States.

Additional Facts and Figures

Nickname: Aloha State
State Song: Hawaii Ponoi
State Seal and Motto: Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)


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July 2017

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Kauai Man Gets 4 Years In Prison For Harassing Monk Seal

Emergency Meeting Held To Oppose Trump Weakening Marine Monuments

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Hawaii Soldier Pleads Not Guilty To Trying To Assist Islamic State

June 2017

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Hawaii Loses A Fishery Council Seat After Governor’s Fumble

Big Island Dairy Sued Over Water Pollution Concerns

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Deal Reached In Dispute Over Waimea River Water Diversion

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The Fight Over Papahanaumokuakea Just Escalated

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100,000 Pounds Of Debris Hauled Out Of Papahanaumokuakea

March 2017

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Maui Energy Conference: ‘What Type Of Place Are We Trying To Create?’

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In Search of Hawaii’s Mysterious False Killer Whales

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Counties To Track Equipment Used In Snorkeling Deaths

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How One Woman’s Snorkeling Death Might Help Save Lives

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State To Schools: Customize Your Hawaiian Education Approach

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Coast Guard, Navy Board 16 Ships To Enforce Fishing Laws

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Ban On Many Sunscreen Products Likely To Pass In Hawaii Senate

February 2017

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Safe Sleeping Rules Adopted 4 Years After Bill Required Them

Tuesday, February 21

How Hawaii Is Saving Whales From Fishermen And Tourists

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Hawaii Governor Appoints Former Campaign Manager To Be Judge

Report: Public Records Agency Slower Than Ever With Appeals

Thursday, February 2

Judge: Blacked-Out Health Department Reports Are Worthless

Environmental Council Wants Hawaii To Redefine Success

January 2017

Tuesday, January 31

Hawaiian Electric Revives Three Oahu Solar Projects

How A Big Island Family’s Tragedy Is Saving Lives Today

Thursday, January 26

Money Sought To Protect Watersheds And Grow More Food

Tuesday, January 24

Scientists See ‘Glimmer Of Hope’ For Hawaiian Monk Seals

Monday, January 23

Parents Turn Out In Force For Tougher Hawaii Day Care Rules

Friday, January 20

Efforts Underway To Rid Hawaii Of Coral-Damaging Sunscreen

Potholes, Lost Inmate Property, Falling Ceiling Cost Taxpayers

Tuesday, January 17

Fiji Is Showing Off Its Sharks — Should Hawaii Do The Same?

Tuesday, January 10

Hawaii Pension Fund Shortfall Hits $12 Billion

Thursday, January 5

Nurse Aide Slaps Dementia Patient

Legislature’s Financial Leaders To Ige: Give Us A ‘Real Budget’

Wednesday, January 4

Cinch Up The Belt: State Budget Forecast Drops By $155 Million

December 2016

Friday, December 30

Fifth Whale Carcass Washes Ashore

Thursday, December 29

Hawaii’s Public Records Agency Is Picking Up The Pace A Bit

Tuesday, December 27

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Attack On Albatrosses

Year Of The Tuna: A Quota Showdown Looms In 2017

Friday, December 23

Hawaiian Electric’s New Plan: 100 Percent Renewable By 2040

Wednesday, December 21

Hawaii Environmental Council Is Finally Playing With A Full Deck

Friday, December 16

Wespac Still Pushing Obama To Lift Marine Monument’s Fishing Ban

Friday, December 9

Fisheries Commission Takes Steps To Keep Observers Safe

Thursday, December 8

Tuna Commission’s ‘Glacial’ Pace Suits Some In Industry Just Fine

Wednesday, December 7

Uncertainty Over Trump Won’t Derail Palau’s Marine Reserve Plans

Tuesday, December 6

Bula! Pacific Tuna Commission Gets To Work On Fishing Policies

November 2016

Tuesday, November 22

Film Tax Credit Benefitting Hawaii?

Hawaii Environmental Leaders Worry About The Trump Years

Friday, November 18

Ige Taps New State Comptroller

Monday, November 14

Beware Of Big Brown Globs In The Waters Off Hawaii Beaches

Sunday, November 13

Anti-Trump Protest In Waikiki: Peace, Aloha And ‘Rebellion’

Thursday, November 10

Kauai Logs 12th Drowning Of 2016 — Twice As Many As Last Year

Tuesday, November 8

Voters Split On Making Changes To State Constitution

Kaimuki Is A Little Bit Vintage Hawaii, A Little Bit Hipster

Friday, November 4

Chang Raises, Spends 3 Times More Than Slom In Senate Race

Wednesday, November 2

What Should The State Do With Any Surplus Funds?

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Kenoi Found Not Guilty

October 2016

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Fishermen Catch 11% More Bigeye Tuna Despite Overfishing Status

Monday, October 24

69 Percent Of Voters Want Feral Cats Removed From Hawaii

Thursday, October 20

Feds: Foreign Fishermen Have No Complaints Working On US Boats

Why Pidgin Still Matters

Wednesday, October 19

Lawmakers: Hawaii Can Do More For Foreign Crews On US Boats

Tuesday, October 18

Briefing On Fishing Labor Issues

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Hawaii’s Longline Fishermen Pushing To Catch More Tuna

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Fishery Council Downplays Worker Abuses On Hawaii Ships

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Our New ‘Offshore’ Podcast: Hawaii’s Not Always Paradise

State May Reject Call For Reform After Report Of Fishing Abuses

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Hawaii May Finally Get An Accurate Count Of Its Bottomfish

Denby Fawcett: Hawaii Children’s Decaying Teeth Are A Disgrace

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Overfishing? Hawaii Longliners Want Even More Tuna

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There’s A Big Mess At The Papahanaumokuakea Monument

Tuesday, October 4

Hawaiian Honored For Sustainable Seafood

Monday, October 3

Kalihi: ‘The Last Working Class Neighborhood In Central Honolulu’

September 2016

Friday, September 30

Advocates Applaud Fed Ruling That Elderly Can Sue Care Homes

Monday, September 26

What Quota? Hawaii Longliners Are Fishing For Ahi Again

Thursday, September 22

State’s Fecal-Bacteria Testing To Close Kauai Beach

How Foreign Crews Are Able To Work Aboard US Fishing Boats

Tuesday, September 20

Fishing Industry Says It’s Working To Stop Abuse Of Foreign Crews

Monday, September 19

Hawaii’s Honeycreeper May Get Federal Protection

Thursday, September 15

Hawaii Rent Highest In Nation

Wednesday, September 14

Fishing Conditions Alarm Lawmakers

Tuesday, September 13

Hawaii Is A Paradise For Pay Phones

Friday, September 2

Climate Change: ‘If We Save Tuvalu, We Save The World’

Thursday, September 1

Ige On Water Protection: Don’t Stop At Papahanaumokuakea

Nationwide Construction Worker Shortage Is Even Worse In Hawaii

August 2016

Tuesday, August 30

Judge Rules Feds Properly Withheld Details Of UH Biolab Inspection

Election Reveals Limits Of Hawaii’s Biggest Labor Union

Thursday, August 25

Obama Creates World’s Largest Protected Marine Area Off Hawaii

Ige Backs Monument Expansion

War Of Words Escalates As Monument Decision Nears

Wednesday, August 24

Analysis: Airbnb’s Effect On Rents

Thursday, August 18

UH Preps For Conservation Event

Wednesday, August 17

IUCN Passes OK For Lawmakers

206 Cases Of Hepatitis A Confirmed

Hawaii’s State Of The Environment: Good, Bad And Ugly

How Cat Poop Is Killing Endangered Seals

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Voters Returning Most Incumbents To The Legislature

LIVE BLOG: Hawaii Primary Election 2016

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Hawaii Is Suing Itself Over New Benefits Law

Tuesday, August 2

$3.7M To Fight Diseases

Restaurant, Airline Hepatitis Cases

July 2016

Thursday, July 28

Can Late Senator’s Heir Hold Off Challengers In Big Island Race?

Wednesday, July 27

EPA Directs Hawaii To Warn Public About Polluted Beaches

Convention Delegate Doesn’t Regret Flipping The Bird In Philly

The Ghost In The Big Island’s Political Machine

Tuesday, July 26

‘That Ocean Belongs To Us,’ Former Governor Tells Feds

Monday, July 25

Advocates For Elderly Sue State Over Inspections Of Care Homes

Friday, July 22

Darby Moves On After Drenching Islands; Cleanup Begins

Wednesday, July 20

How Two Different People Could Win The Same US House Seat

School Cleared In Ethics Case

Tuesday, July 19

NextEra Opponents Take Victory Lap, Ponder Hawaii’s Energy Future

Hawaiian Electric Scraps LNG Plan

How We’re Hurting Endangered Monk Seals

Monday, July 18

Meetings Set On Marine Monument

Other Suitors For Hawaiian Electric

Labor Pains: Still No Deal On Bill To Assist Maui Hospital Workers

Friday, July 15

Former Governor, Chefs Protest Marine Monument Expansion

State Rejects Sale Of Hawaiian Electric to NextEra Energy

Thursday, July 14

Feds Want Public Input On Marine Monument Expansion

Wednesday, July 13

Longliners Have Nearly Pulled In Their 2016 Limit Of Bigeye Tuna

Tuesday, July 12

Investigation Sought After ‘Smear Complaint’ Against Utility Regulator

Lawmakers, Governor Seek Compromise On Maui Hospital Bill

Hawaii Governor Vetoes Airbnb Bill, Six Others

How Social Media Is Used To Fight Aloha Abuse

Friday, July 8

TMT ‘Seeking Alternatives’ To Hawaii

Thursday, July 7

Who’s Behind A Stealth Ad Against The Marine Monument Expansion?

Can 1,500 Scientists All Be Wrong?

Wednesday, July 6

Senate President Wants AG Opinion On Ige’s PUC Appointment

People Are Trashing Hawaii’s Public Places

Tuesday, July 5

Live Video From Deep In Marianas

Friday, July 1

Frustrated Champley ‘Considering Options’ After Removal From PUC

June 2016

Thursday, June 30

Ige Signs Act Prohibiting Most Ivory Sales in Hawaii

Wednesday, June 29

State Pulls Plug On Mbloom, But Still Wants To Help Tech Startups

Ige Replaces State Utility Regulator As NextEra Decision Looms

Tuesday, June 28

Ex-Maui Mayor Cravalho Dies At 90

Monday, June 27

Why UH Won’t Always Admit What Dangerous Viruses It’s Researching

Friday, June 24

Pot Dispensary Scores Released

Senator To Propose Oxybenzone Ban

1.5M Pacific Islanders In US

Why You Should Check Your Sunscreen Label Right Now

Thursday, June 23

Offshore Energy: Could Wind And Waves Power Oahu?

Tuesday, June 21

Should Scientists Researching Oceans Also Help Save Them?

Monday, June 20

HGEA’s Election Endorsements

Leader Makes Plea for Expanding Monument As Coral Symposium Starts

Homeless Emergency Extended, Again

Chief Justice: Hawaii Environmental Court ‘Very Successful’ In First Year

Wednesday, June 15

Hawaii’s New Ice Age: Meth And Regaining Motherhood

Tuesday, June 14

Why Is Hawaiian Electric Pulling The Plug On So Many Power Deals?

Monday, June 13

Coral Reefs In the Spotlight As Research Project, Symposium Loom

Wednesday, June 8

Environmental Report For Dairy Project

Tuesday, June 7

Djou Jumps Into Mayor’s Race; Aiona Opts Not To Run At All

Would Hawaii Marine Monument Expansion Hurt The Tuna Industry?

Monday, June 6

Shelter From The Storm: The Hokulea In New York City

Wednesday, June 1

Hawaii’s Ice Age Never Really Went Away

May 2016

Sunday, May 29

Bernie’s Backers Prevail At Democratic State Convention

Saturday, May 28

David Ige On Hawaii Democrats: ‘We Embrace Diversity’

Thursday, May 26

Pesticides In Hawaii: ‘There Is A Lot We Don’t Know’

Wednesday, May 25

Hawaii’s New Ice Age: Crystal Meth in the Islands

Tuesday, May 24

Analysts: NextEra Deal Less Likely

Hanabusa To Run For Takai’s Seat In Congress?

Monday, May 23

5 Die In Fiery Kauai Plane Crash

Friday, May 20

Study: Tiger Sharks Love Maui, But Rise In Bites May Be Random

Thursday, May 19

Hawaii Ethics Commission Picks Interim Director

Wednesday, May 18

Hawaiian Electric Proposes LNG Import Plan, But Big Hurdles Loom

Tuesday, May 17

Maui Hospitals’ Privatization Halted

Monday, May 16

State: Fires, Drought Threaten Hawaii

Future Of Hawaii Capitol’s Reflecting Pools Is As Murky As The Water

Pod Squad: Will 2017 Be The Breakthrough Year For Medical Aid in Dying?

Friday, May 13

Hawaii Sues Honda, Takata For Up To $700M Each Over Faulty Airbags

Blood Bank Tries To Prepare For Potential Zika Outbreak

Thursday, May 12

Hepatitis C Tests Offered For Kupuna

Hawaii Lawmakers To Obama: Don’t Grow Marine Monument

Wednesday, May 11

Maui’s Decision On Lifeguard Pay Raises May Scuttle A Statewide Deal

Friday, May 6

Three Visitors Die In One Week

Thursday, May 5

2016 Session: AC For Schools, Help For Housing And Homeless

Momentum Builds To Expand NW Islands Marine Monument

Cheech & Chong: Trump Is An ‘Aptitude Test’ For Voters

Wednesday, May 4

Legislature Passes Airbnb Bill, Others As Session Wanes

Hawaii Nurses May Soon Be Able To Certify Medical Marijuana Patients

Protests Don’t Overcome East Maui Water Diversion Bill

Tuesday, May 3

Environmental Law Group Threatens Suit Over Pesticides On Kauai

Hawaii News Media Access Bill Dies

Monday, May 2

Here’s A 360-Degree View Inside Honolulu Rapid Transit’s First Train Car

April 2016

Friday, April 29

Audit: Hawaiian Home Lands Improving

Tuesday, April 26

Hawaii Lawmakers Send ‘Ballot Selfie’ Bill To Governor

Monday, April 25

Visitor Drowns Swimming Off Kauai

Friday, April 22

Two Dozen More Lawsuits Alleging Child Sexual Abuse Expected

Wednesday, April 20

Housing Advocates Hope Lawmakers Will ‘Do The Right Thing’

Tuesday, April 19

Not So Public: Hey DLNR, We’re Still Waiting For That Info On Commercial Tours

Thursday, April 14

The Many Tongues Of Hawaii

Friday, April 8

How Did A Man Lose His Fingers And Feet To A Jailhouse Infection?

Thursday, April 7

Health Insurance Provider Liquidated

Tuesday, April 5

Bill Requiring Surprise Care Home Inspections Moves Ahead

Monday, April 4

Contaminated Water: When Should The Public Be Warned?

The Cost Of Keeping Hawaii Safe: State Defense Department Salaries

March 2016

Wednesday, March 30

Bogus Cancer Charity Leader Busted

Tuesday, March 29

Bill To Ban Hawaii’s Ivory Trade Heads To Full House

Is It Time To Decriminalize All Drugs?

Takai Says He’s Sticking With Clinton — For Now

Monday, March 28

Senate Panel Nixes Proposal To Ease Campaign-To-Campaign Donations

Thursday, March 24

Hawaii Superferry To Run In Canada

Thursday, March 17

Ferry Bill Clears First House Committee

Wednesday, March 16

House Kills Statewide Training Board For Law Enforcement Officers

Hawaii Lifeguards Get 16 Percent Raises Under New Union Contract

Why The Big Island Is So Unhealthy

Thursday, March 10

Lawmakers Lauded For Gun Bills

February 2016

Monday, February 29

Lawmakers To Agencies: Take Good Care Of Your Records

Friday, February 26

About Growing and Regulating Pakalolo

Thursday, February 25

The Other Aha: Hawaiian Independence Backers Make Their Case

Wednesday, February 24

Hawaii Lawmakers: No Guns For Stalkers

Friday, February 19

Hawaii Lawmakers To Debate Proposal For Ballots Behind Bars

Thursday, February 18

UH Manoa Has Failed To Cut Energy Use. So Now What?

Wednesday, February 17

Ian Lind: Hawaii Fights Against Regulating The Catching Of Reef Fish

Thursday, February 11

Peter Apo: Nai Aupuni – A Nation Rising

Monday, February 8

National Cancer Report Misleads On Native Hawaiian Health

January 2016

Thursday, January 21

Lawsuit: Police Actions Led To Informant’s Murder

December 2015

Wednesday, December 30

Finally, Positioning Hawaii As A Gay Wedding Destination

Friday, December 11

Meet The New Head of Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program

November 2015

Monday, November 23

Imua Hawaii: Native Hawaiians Must Speak Out On Self Governance

Friday, November 13

Living Hawaii: It’s The Land That Really Drives Up Honolulu’s Home Prices

Thursday, November 5

Hawaii Adult Care Homes Brace For New Licensing Fees

Tuesday, November 3

Hawaii Care Homes: Officials Seek More Money, Not Tougher Inspections

October 2015

Friday, October 30

Endless Infighting at OHA Starts To Cost Real Money

Thursday, October 15

Ige Taps Planner to Head Office of Environmental Quality Control

September 2015

Thursday, September 24

Are Hawaii Nursing Home Clients Coerced Into Arbitration Agreements?

May 2015

Friday, May 29

Farewell Horizon Lines, Hello Less Competition in Shipping for Hawaii

April 2015

Wednesday, April 29

Geothermal Developer Denies Fraud in Response to Whistleblower Lawsuit

January 2015

Friday, January 16

Health Department Flouts Law Calling for Online Access to Care Home Reports

Tuesday, January 6

There’s $53.7 Million More in Hawaii’s Revenue Growth Forecast

Hawaii Public Records Agency Continues to Struggle With Slim Budget

December 2014

Monday, December 29

Are Hawaiian Electric and NextEra Energy ‘Getting Married?’

Friday, December 26

Hawaii Media Outlets, Nonprofits Ask Ige to Improve Government Transparency

Monday, December 15

Prying Public Records from Government’s Grip: An Exercise in Patience

Monday, December 8

Is Hawaiian Electric Deal Good for Consumers?

Thursday, December 4

Millions in Funds Not Reported by State Agencies, Audit Finds

How Are Hawaii’s Millennials Doing These Days?

Wednesday, December 3

State, Kauai County Plan $100K Study of Pesticide Use on GMO Crops

November 2014

Wednesday, November 26

There’s Big Money in Offering Discounted or Free Cellular Phone Service in Hawaii

Wednesday, November 19

Hawaii Attorney General to Appeal Financial Disclosure Ruling

Abercrombie Fired Up About Climate Change

October 2014

Tuesday, October 14

State Warns Hawaii Landlords to Not Capitalize on Lava-Fleeing Tenants

Tuesday, October 7

Hawaii: The Worst U.S. State to Find a Home (We’re Also The Healthiest)

September 2014

Monday, September 15

County Councils Agree to Lobby State for More Hotel Tax Revenue

August 2014

Thursday, August 28

Odds Are Good for a Major Earthquake to Rock Big Island

October 2013

Thursday, October 3

Development Agency and Kakaako to Face Lawmakers’ Scrutiny

May 2013

Wednesday, May 8

Kaneohe Lab Gives Forgotten Texts Second Life Online

Tuesday, May 7

War In Waikiki? The Fight Over The Natatorium Is Far From Over

April 2013

Sunday, April 28

Hawaii Public Employee Misconduct Appears To Be In Check, Records Show

January 2013

Thursday, January 17

Waikele Blast: ‘They Should Be Alive Today,’ Chemical Board Says

May 2012

Wednesday, May 16

What’s Wrong With Hawaii Teens?

March 2012

Thursday, March 8

[VIDEO] The Launch of Hokule’a

February 2012

Friday, February 24

UH Law Professor Tapped for Land Trust Expertise in ‘The Descendants’

January 2012

Saturday, January 14

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Jan. 16-22

Tuesday, January 10

Volunteering for the Hawaiian-Language Newspaper Project

Saturday, January 7

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Jan. 9-15

December 2011

Saturday, December 31

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Jan. 2-8

Monday, December 26

2011 Year in Review — Civil Beat Tells Hawaii’s Story

Friday, December 23

Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 26-Jan. 1

2011 Year in Review — Hawaii

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Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 19-Dec. 25

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PHOTOS – Surfing’s 2011 Pipeline Masters: Barrels and Wipeouts

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Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 12-Dec. 18

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Capitol Watch — Hawaii Politics and Government — Dec. 5-Dec. 11

The Beat: Blogging Hawaii News and Opinion

November 2011

Tuesday, November 29

VIDEO & PHOTOS – Oahu’s North Shore Feels First Big Swell

October 2011

Friday, October 28

Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

Friday, October 14

VIDEO – KITV Week In Review: Oct. 14

Friday, October 7

Who Remembers the Hawaiian Renaissance?

September 2011

Friday, September 30

VIDEO – Civil Beat on KITV This Week

Tuesday, September 27

We’re On It – Why So Much Plastic Foam In Hawaii?

Sunday, September 25

Capitol Watch: Sept. 26

August 2011

Wednesday, August 24

VIDEO — Newsmaker: Hawaii and Innovation With Dan Leuck

July 2011

Saturday, July 23

Why Do We Use So Much Plastic Foam In Hawaii?

Thursday, July 21

East-West Center Threats Hit Obama Close To Home

Wednesday, July 20

A Lost Child of Kalaupapa

June 2011

Monday, June 27

Furor Over Fannie Mae’s Foreclosure Decision

 Abercrombie: Big Island Alternative Energy Potential Best on Earth

Friday, June 24

No More Alcohol at Kaneohe Sandbar on Holiday Weekends

Thursday, June 16

DISCUSSION: Race and Ethnicity in Hawaii

Friday, June 3

VIDEO – Hawaii’s Jack Johnson Touring For the Earth

May 2011

Tuesday, May 24

Infographic: Asians, Pacific Islanders in Hawaii

Monday, May 23

Hawaii Congressional Reps to Feds: Help Us Curb Micronesians

Saturday, May 21

Poi Pounder On Codifying A Cultural Art

Friday, May 20

Fewer Hawaii Residents Unemployed in April

Disagreement, not Kawaiaha‘o, Is Causing Anguish

Wednesday, May 18

CBS Renews ‘Hawaii Five-0’ For a Second Season

Tuesday, May 17

Fossils Show Hawaii Once Harbored Large Land Crabs

600-year-old Clues To Ancient Hawaiian Life

Tuesday, May 10

Help Civil Beat Choose a Community Project

Thursday, May 5

Passage of Poi Bill a Major Milestone for Hawaii

Tuesday, May 3

PHOTOS – Lightning Strikes Twice in Hawaii

April 2011

Tuesday, April 12

The Path To Obama’s Hawaii Birth Certificate

Monday, April 11

Trace Levels of Radiation Detected in Hawaii Milk

Saturday, April 9

PHOTOS – Hawaii’s Support for Japan

Friday, April 1

Capitol Watch: April 4

March 2011

Thursday, March 31

EPA: No Radiation Found in Hawaii Milk or Water

Connecting Hawaii and Japan Through Photos

Tuesday, March 29

SLIDESHOW: Tsunami Damages Northwest Hawaiian Islands Refuge

Friday, March 25

Hawaii Seeks $30M In Federal Aid For Big Island Tsunami Damage

Tuesday, March 22

Cops Crash Magic Island Spring Break Party

Saturday, March 19

Tsunami Damage Closes Hawaii Resort Indefinitely

Photo Contest Winner: Evoking Emotions

How To Access (Almost) Real-Time Hawaii Radiation Data From EPA

Friday, March 18

Photo Contest Winner: An Ocean-Minded Affair

Learning from Japan’s Nuclear Disaster: Lessons for Hawaii

Thursday, March 17

PHOTOS: Tsunami Leaves Hawaii Home On The Reef

Wednesday, March 16

EPA Deploys More Radiation Monitors In Hawaii and Guam

U.S. Nuclear Official: Radiation “Not Expected” To Reach Hawaii

Radiation Fears Spark Hawaii Advisory About Potassium Iodide

PHOTOS – Honolulu Festival Friendship Gala

Tuesday, March 15

On Tour of Hawaii Tsunami Damage, Abercrombie Finds Good News in Kona

Obama: Japan Radiation Won’t Reach Hawaii

Monday, March 14

Discussion: Hawaii Tsunami

US Nuclear Official: Low Likelihood Of Harmful Radiation Reaching Hawaii

Hawaii First In U.S. To Top $4-a-Gallon Gas

Friday, March 11

Japan Paralyzed, Hundreds of Bodies Found

Hawaii Tsunami Resource Center

A History of Tsunamis in Hawaii

Hawaii Tsunami Live Video

LIVE BLOG: Hawaii Tsunami

Thursday, March 10

Hawaii Artist and Historian Herb Kane Dies

Wednesday, March 9

The Hawaii Man Who Caught Lava — On Tape

Monday, March 7

VIDEO: Hot Lava! Volcano Erupts At Hawaii’s Kilauea

Friday, March 4

CONTEST: Vote For Your Favorite Beach Scene Photo

Tuesday, March 1

Hawaii, Like U.S., Getting Old and Turning Gray

February 2011

Monday, February 28

Photos of Hawaii Circa 1890 Hit Auction Block

Sunday, February 27

Kawaiahao Expansion Honors Our Kupuna

Thursday, February 24

Hawaii Puts on a Laser Lightning Show

Wednesday, February 23

Surprise! Hawaii Loves Obama, Latest Gallup Shows

Monday, February 21

Hawaiians Are the New Visionaries

The King’s Bed

Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future

Saturday, February 19

Jay Leno’s Hawaii Five-0

Friday, February 18

Island Style Valentines

Thursday, February 17

More Photos – Not Your Typical Hawaii Beach Scene

Tuesday, February 15

Getting back to Basics: The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Lava Lake Rises on Hawaii’s Kilauea

Monday, February 14

Photo Contest: Island Style Valentines

Friday, February 11

Photos: Not Your Typical Hawaii Beach Scene

Surf Champ Kelly Slater Speaks Out Against North Shore Development

Thursday, February 10

DNA Evidence Shows Polynesians Came From Papua New Guinea

Friday, February 4

Photo Contest: Not Your Typical Beach Scene

January 2011

Friday, January 21

We Need to Sacrifice for the Collective Good

Thursday, January 20

Equal Opportunity and Prosperity Focus of FACE Equity Summit

Opportunities and Challenges of Population Change

Wednesday, January 12

Snow Falls in 49 States — Including Hawaii

No Mulligan for Sony Open Pro-Am

UH, State Promise Action to Protect Private Info

Monday, January 3

Are Haoles Victimized?

December 2010

Friday, December 31

Nation, Get Ready for Kanani

Thursday, December 30

Stories From The Hawaii Beat – 2010 Recycled

Wednesday, December 29

Local Pride? Most Hawaii Towns Saw Decline in Hawaii-Born Residents

Friday, December 24

Discussion: Hawaii Census

Wednesday, December 22

The Big News From Hawaii: Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Ken and Barbie and President Obama

Friday, December 17

92-year-old May Be Oldest Woman in the World to Complete a Marathon

Thursday, December 16

McCain Mocks Polynesian Voyaging Society

Wednesday, December 15

Big Step for Southwest Hawaii Plans

Hawaii Loses Out to Fargo, North Dakota

November 2010

Wednesday, November 24

Acts of Aloha: Help With a Tire at Honolulu Hale

Monday, November 15

Share Your Own Stories of Aloha for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 3

Andy Irons Remembered

October 2010

Monday, October 25

Separation of Mosque and State

September 2010

Wednesday, September 29

Community Survey Describes Life In Hawaii

Friday, September 3

Our Hawaiian Manhattan

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Doctor’s Orders: Get More Sun?

Friday, August 13

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss: Aug. 14

Monday, August 9

The Civil Beat Imaginarium

July 2010

Tuesday, July 27

On Being Local

Thursday, July 1

Discussion: Independence Day Essays

A Hawaiian National on Independence Day

June 2010

Sunday, June 27

Numbers Don’t Add Up at New Star-Advertiser

Thursday, June 24

What it Means to be a One-Newspaper Town

Monday, June 21

Discussion: Live Aloha

Reflections on Live Aloha Day 2010

Thursday, June 10

Day 3 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Tuesday, June 8

UPDATE: New Auditor’s Report Finds Inefficiencies in State’s pCard Program

May 2010

Thursday, May 20

Land Limits Hawaii’s Quest For Food, Energy Independence

Thursday, May 13

Was Israel Kamakawiwo’ole a Native Hawaiian Activist?

Friday, May 7

Do charities cross the line to help donors?

Wednesday, May 5

UPDATE: Postal Workers Assisting Rising Ranks of Hawaii’s Hungry

Monday, May 3

UPDATE: GOP Star Scott Brown Endorses Djou

Bringing Understanding to the Civil Unions Issue

Sunday, May 2

Discussion: Hawaii

Hirono: ‘Never Take Anything For Granted’

Hawaii Takes Ad Hoc Approach to Preserving Farmland

News Flash: Rep. Hirono Elected to Third Term

April 2010

Thursday, April 22

Unknown candidates for No. 2 no help for Aiona

Wednesday, April 21

Wasting away again at the Ala Wai

Coming Soon? The Aloha Stadium Mall